Tim Anderson and Wife Bria Go to Therapy After Cheating Scandal

Openly talking about his infidelity in detail for the first time, the MLB star admits that he 'made a couple decisions that probably shouldn't have been made along the way.'

AceShowbiz - Tim Anderson is owning up to his mistake following his cheating scandal. After making headlines with his infidelity during his marriage to Bria Anderson, the athlete admitted that he "made a couple decisions that probably shouldn't have been made along the way," but he's ready to right a wrong.

"I never really wanted to play the internet game, and I never did," the MBL star said in an in-depth interview on "The Pivot Podcast" released on Tuesday, June 13. "I wanted to stay into like the real life, the real life phase of what I've created and try to handle it the best way I can and kind of more so keeping people out of the business. Because nobody really ever understood what I was going through when I was making those decisions or where my heart was or what was on my mind or how hurt I was or how lonely I felt."

"But ultimately, the goal was never to really play with anybody's feelings. It was more so, I was just trying to find who I am and continue to keep going and identify myself," the 29-year-old divulged. "I made a couple decisions that probably shouldn't have been made along the way, but I'm open to dealing with them and growing with them. This is what it is. I'm willing to take whatever smoke comes with it, and I just really want to be honest. Really, the most honest I can be with the world, with the people around me and the people I love and just continue to keep stepping by faith, having faith in everything I do and just knowing that all this is going to get better at the end of the day."

Tim went on revealing that he and his wife Bria have been working on their issue by attending therapy, but admitted, "It's a tough situation." He said, "It was a lot of work behind the scenes," before elaborating, "We went to therapy, just digging into what was it, what caused me to go into these spaces or even that space to even create that. It's a tough conversation. It's a tough situation."

Remaining hopeful that they will work through it, the Chicago White Sox star continued, "I feel like we did a lot of work as far as understanding it and showing my love to my wife and to my kids. But it's something that I'm still going through, trying to master it to get to the point to where I'm OK with walking it and stepping in it, 1,000% for sure."

Tim also stated that he will step up as a father to his son with his ex-mistress Dejah Lanee. "This is my son, for sure. I never once denied it," he confirmed it. "I'm gonna step up to the plate with what's mine. That goes back to when I was a kid, my dad, I know what it feels like not having your dad around. So 1,000%, I was there, been there, will always be there. And I'm always going to do what's right for my kids."

During the conversation, the shortstop admitted that his personal struggles affected his play on the field. "Even just to be right here to talk to y'all, it's crazy," he said. "Because when I was first going through it, I didn't want to be seen. I didn't want to be talked to, but I still had to go out and play. So that even made it a whole lot tougher on me."

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