Tim Anderson's Wife Bria Pens Sweet Tribute to Celebrate His 30th Birthday After Cheating Scandal

Bria Anderson publicly shows love to her athlete husband on his special day after revealing in late May that they are currently 'working' on their marriage following his alleged infidelity.

AceShowbiz - Tim Anderson's wife proved that things remain strong between the two following his cheating scandal. When celebrating the athlete's 30th birthday, Bria Anderson took to social media to offer a sweet tribute to him.

Sharing a photo of the two on Instagram Story, Bria wrote, "Happy birthday, baby! I love you more than words could express." She further gushed, "I'm grateful for your leadership and your unconditional love. You are my person. Cheers to more life together. I'm riding forever."

Bria previously revealed in late May that she and Tim are "working" on their marriage after he allegedly cheated on her with Dejah Lanee. "Moment of authenticity- I know we're all on social media, but there's a distinction between the internet and real life," she penned at that time. "In REAL life, I am a mother and a WIFE that cares about my FAMILY above anything else."

"My truth is that my husband and I are working on our marriage, and I'm not interested in the internet games," she stated, before adding, "I ask for everyone to respect my family's privacy."

Tim, for his part, has admitted that he "made a couple decisions that probably shouldn't have been made along the way." He said on "The Pivot Podcast", "I never really wanted to play the internet game, and I never did."

"I wanted to stay into like the real life, the real life phase of what I've created and try to handle it the best way I can and kind of more so keeping people out of the business," he explained further. "Because nobody really ever understood what I was going through when I was making those decisions or where my heart was or what was on my mind or how hurt I was or how lonely I felt."

"But ultimately, the goal was never to really play with anybody's feelings. It was more so, I was just trying to find who I am and continue to keep going and identify myself," the MLB star continued. "I made a couple decisions that probably shouldn't have been made along the way, but I'm open to dealing with them and growing with them. This is what it is. I'm willing to take whatever smoke comes with it, and I just really want to be honest."

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