Bella Thorne Identifies Herself As Pansexual During TV Interview

During an interview with 'Good Morning America', the 'Assassination Nation' actress opens up further about being a victim of molestation, claiming that she was a classic example of Stockholm syndrome.

AceShowbiz - Actress Bella Thorne has revealed she is attracted to all types of people after coming out on TV as pansexual.

The "Blended" star opened up about her open sexuality during a recent chat with "Good Morning America", explaining for years she had no idea what she was after falling for men and women, gay and straight.

"I'm actually a pansexual, and I didn't know that. Somebody explained that to me...," she said. "You like what you like. Doesn't have to be a girl or a guy or... you know, a he, a she, a this, or that. It's literally, you like personality, like you just like a being."

Bella made the sexual orientation revelation months after a messy split with rapper boyfriend Mod Sun in April, which came two months after another breakup with YouTube celebrity Tana Mongeau.

The actress and singer is currently dating Italian musician Benjamin Mascolo.

Bella has joined a string of other celebrities who have also openly identified as pansexual, including Sia Furler, Janelle Monae, Amber Heard, Ke$ha, and Miley Cyrus.

During the interview, the Instagram sensation also opened up about being molested from the age of six to adolescence, revealing she was a classic study for "Stockholm syndrome" experts, explaining, "When you're raised with someone and you don't know that it's wrong, it's an every day occurrence, no big deal."

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