Greg Puciato Bursts Into Internet Rant to Insult Jared Leto

March 08, 2011 06:51:26 GMT

Puciato has hit Leto with a number of angry messages on Twitter, accusing the 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist as a poser and pushing him to go 'back to acting'.

Jared Leto
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Photo credit: Lia Toby/WENN

The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato has aimed a scathing internet rant at 30 Seconds to Mars star Jared Leto, branding the rocker "a poser" and urging him to go "back to acting". Puciato took to his page and fired off a number of angry messages aimed at the "American Psycho" star, ranting about Leto's former career as an actor and even his outlandish hairstyles.

He writes, "How much of a f**king dork is Jared Leto? That guy's shtick is revolting. Biggest f**king poser. Makes Fred Durst seem like Jim Morrison. Anyone in this industry who has any pride should be ashamed if they work with in any way that absolute f**king poser. Get out of here, dork... Stop acting, This isn't a movie... Stop feeding & paying attention to this monstrosity so it will go away... Hey Jared Leto f**k off & take your pink Mohawk haircut poser bulls**t back to acting."

Puciato later pretended to apologize for the insults, adding, "Hey everyone, someone hacked into my account last night and made all those Tweets. I apologist to Jare... NOT! Ahahahahahahah."


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posted by aqualech on Feb 20, 2012
It doesn't matter that he can't actually play or sing (unassisted by autotune)...if you are as pretty as Jared, there will always be lots desperate, shallow girls dumb enough to think that his music is good. But why does he push S&M vids on girls half his age? Add "twisted fuck" to "poser" and we're on the same track.
posted by Jared Leto on Jan 21, 2012
No no guys it's ok, I actually do suck cock and my band sucks cock too. The dillinger escape plan is better than I will ever be. I'm quitting music to pursue a career in gay porn.
posted by double t on May 27, 2011
that fucking bastard how does he dare to talk about Jared like that!!!!!
posted by cake on Apr 14, 2011
lulz @ everyone who has any sort of apreciation for Jared Loleto how the fuck could you possibly admire that guy? You never learned ANYTHING from him.. wtf!?
posted by GenitalGrinder on Apr 06, 2011
Greg's not in showbusiness you stupid fucking cunt. Hes a legitimate musician. Even if jared wasnt being bent over a dumpster by faceless corporations (he is), he still makes the gayest, shittest music imaginable. Why dont you and him go have a cry and a circle jerk while you listen to his emo bullshit?!
posted by Emmznator on Mar 17, 2011
What the hell are you talking about greg, Jareds so much better than you, why dont you piss of out of showbuisness you little bullshiting twat! JARED RULES!!!
posted by reaperx on Mar 15, 2011
Your a fucking cunt greg you cant even sing for shit how bout you stop fucking singing..

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