Justin Bieber Thanks Will Smith for Guiding His Movie Career

February 09, 2011 09:29:04 GMT

Crediting Will Smith as his acting mentor, Justin Bieber praises the Smith family as 'just really nice and really good people.'

Justin Bieber Thanks Will Smith for Guiding His Movie Career
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Justin Bieber has credited Will Smith with guiding his movie career, revealing the "Men in Black" star is helping him find his next big screen project. The Canadian sensation's tour documentary "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" hits theaters this month, but the "Baby" hitmaker admits he's ready to show off his acting skills in a feature film.

And the 16 year old has found a mentor in Smith. Bieber tells Access Hollywood, "The Smith family's been really amazing to me and really supportive in everything I'm doing. Their family's just really nice and really good people."

"He's definitely looking at different scripts for me and trying to develop stuff... I would definitely love to get more into acting and explore that area. I just want to be an all around entertainer and... be the ultimate entertainer, whether that's singing, acting, dancing or performing."

Recent reports suggested Bieber had already signed a movie deal with Smith's production company Overbrook, but the singer insists there are no official plans in the works, adding: "No, not at the moment. We're just kind of looking at stuff."


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posted by Ohdear on Feb 09, 2011
I don't understand what's wrong with society. Someone's found on youtube and all of a sudden they know how to sing, dance, and act? What the shit!? Seriously. This screws up any poor fuck who got into drama school because they thought they had to. Shame on YOU. All of you. Bieber's just another person that'll come out of the closet like Lance Bass did after his career went down the tubes in the hopes of getting some sort of publicity. That was not a gay joke. I love gay. Seriously. Either that or he'll grow up and realize he's not cute anymore and start pulling off some Michael Jackson moves in a desperate attempt to get some publicity. You watch.
posted by Handodo The Great on Feb 09, 2011
Thanks to Smith for the help. Justin needs more mentorship from the "Big" people in the industry, its important. If you don't know more about Justin DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT HIM! Jealous bleedingPussyHead!!!
posted by Tedwardo on Feb 09, 2011
I'm sorry but I just don't get the Justin Bieber phenominon.First off, I've never really heard him sing ,so I can't really judge him on that.Second,I don't make it a habit to look at other guys, but in my opinion I don't think he's all that much to look at. He looks like millions of other guys. He and Oprah should get together and buy their own planet.Am I jealous? Just of the money-they can keep the fame.

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