Luther Campbell Running for Mayor of Miami

February 05, 2011 05:55:40 GMT

If he's elected, Luther Campbell wants to start taxing strippers and use the money into 'a fund where it supports youth athletics for girls.'

Luther Campbell
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Veteran hip-hop star Luther Campbell is turning his political dreams into reality - he's officially announced his candidacy for Mayor of Miami-Dade, Florida. The former 2 Live Crew member recently expressed his disappointment with the current mayor, Carlos Alvarez, who has come under fire by local residents for handing out salary increases to his employees during the state's economic crisis.

Last month, he admitted he was "seriously" considering running for office - and now he's stepping up as an official candidate. Campbell will be focusing on job creation, affordable housing and taxation issues as part of his mayoral campaign in the run up to the elections later this year.

But one proposal is sure to cause controversy - if elected, the star wants to start taxing strippers. He says, "Even though all my stripper friends are gonna be mad at me, I think we can stimulate the economy with a tax on strippers. They make all this money and don't pay taxes."

"I'd take that cash and put it into a fund where it supports youth athletics for girls, like cheerleading or softball. Or it can go to help pay for existing little girls programs that are struggling to get government assistance."

Campbell isn't the only rapper to pursue political aspirations recently - Wyclef Jean attempted to run for president of Haiti last year and Rhymefest is currently bidding to become a councilman in his native Chicago, Illinois.


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posted by hah on Feb 08, 2011
what a moron...nobody gets taxed on their income to generate money for the county or state.
posted by chad28 on Feb 05, 2011
Has anyone ever heard this guy's music.And how much he is against the government.WOW and he has the nerve to run for Mayor.What a joke .LOL.I just thought this country was in trouble now i no we are.

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