Nicki Minaj Lost Her Childhood Home After Her Dad Burned It Down

November 18, 2010 07:44:33 GMT

When she was just a kid, Nicki Minaj lost her home after it was burned to the ground by her dad who turned into a fiery rage following a fight with her mother.

Nicki Minaj
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Rapper Nicki Minaj was briefly left homeless as a child when her father set her family home on fire. The "Your Love" hitmaker was born in Trinidad and lived there until the age of five. She reveals her childhood home was burned to the ground after a fight between her parents sent her dad into a fiery rage.

Luckily the hip-hop star and her brother had been sent to live with a family friend the day before the incident - because her mum had had a vision about the blaze. She says, "He did burn the house down. It wasn't an attempt, he did! My mother was in the house and she had to run out at the last minute."

"She had a dream the night before that the house was going to be burned down so she had me and my brother sleep at a friend's house. And at three in the morning they woke us up and said, 'You have to go to your house, something's happened.' We ran four or five blocks (home) and we just saw smoke."

Minaj's family soon relocated to Queens, New York.


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posted by taylor on May 22, 2013
I love Nicki I am your number l fan and I always got your back love you always Nicki and know will Apreseate y'all for supporting her I do to
posted by taylor on May 22, 2013
I love you Nicki and I'm in the 3rd grade I wish you were my mom because you are rich and I would get anything I want
posted by missy on Mar 27, 2012
I am so sorry that happened to you it must have bean terrible ):
posted by So Awesome on Jan 09, 2012
posted by So Awesome on Jan 09, 2012
posted by baby on Jun 03, 2011
ohhh i feel bad but i am your #1 fan know one can top me ............ I LOVE YOU NICKI MINAJ YOUR BETTER THAN TRINA AND LIL KIM
posted by alexas mccoy on May 04, 2011
hi girl i love you but i know how you feel when all of that sufe was going on don't were am in the 4th grade so i love so much i wish you were my mommmy
posted by HARAJUKU on Apr 01, 2011
Love you nicki
posted by meme on Feb 14, 2011
thats so sad awwww.....
posted by vicky castro on Jan 04, 2011
awww..dat made tears in my eyes its so sad:(if dat happened to me idk wat i wld do
posted by Antonio calderon on Nov 27, 2010
That is so sad....lol

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