Ian Somerhalder's Damon Voted Sexiest Beast, Beating Robert Pattinson's Edward

August 27, 2010 07:43:30 GMT

The Damon Salvatore of 'The Vampire Diaries' finished just ahead of Edward Cullen of the 'Twilight' movie franchise in the new poll of favorite TV movie monsters.

Ian Somerhalder's Damon Voted Sexiest Beast, Beating Robert Pattinson's Edward
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Former "Lost" star Ian Somerhalder's vampire character in "The Vampire Diaries" has beaten "Twilight" 's Edward Cullen to be crowned America's Sexiest Beast. The actor's Damon Salvatore finished just ahead of Robert Pattinson's movie bloodsucker in Entertainment Weekly magazine's new poll of favorite TV movie monsters.

Cullen beat Cameron from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", played by Summer Glau, and Salvatore beat Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to make it to the final vote. Morena Baccarin's "V" character Anna, Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black, Halle Berry's Storm and Alexander Skarsgard's "True Blood" character Eric Northman all made the quarterfinals.

In another news, "Twilight" patriarch Peter Facinelli has laughed off a leading critic's dishonor - the actor has landed at the top of Rolling Stone magazine film buff Peter Travers' Worst Movie Vampires list. Facinelli's Carlisle Cullen in the film franchise 'beat' Eddie Murphy's monstrous performance in "Vampire in Brooklyn" and Gerard Butler's turn in "Dracula 2000" to land at the top of the dis-list.

But he refuses to feel sorry for himself. In a tweet to fans, he writes, "YES! I finally came in Number 1 in something! Thank you Mr. Travers. As Carlisle is a compassionate humanitarian, and anti-vampire in nature, being the worst Vampire was quite the compliment." Bela Lugosi was named the Best Vampire for 1931's "Dracula" in Travers' list.


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posted by guest on Oct 30, 2010
Ian Somerhalder definitely wins on the sexy factor. Robert Pattinson's the boy while Ian Somerhalder is the man. Those steamy eyes win me over greasy hair any day
posted by jenny on Sep 10, 2010
did u know that twilight is one big thing after beatles? well forget the other copycats.
posted by .avibrauu on Sep 08, 2010
nah idnk that Ian is way hotter then Robert....
posted by Danii on Sep 06, 2010
Of course Ian will obviously win because he's an American. And Robert is British.Love your own countryman as the saying goes.Remember that they're picking the "American Sexiest Beast". So Rob is out of the least automatically. There's a bias in there. He will not really win.But in every entertainment and celebrity magazines and polls such as Glamour, Summer 2010 Sexiest Man, Teen Choice Hottie,Vouge, Cosmopolitan,and sorts of competition, the name of Rob prevails! That's a fact!!! Nobody can change the verdict of the Fashion Gurus and Juries.Being sexy is not only basing on physical looks and acting.Its armed with bankability and enormous popularity. I guess Ian is not as famous as Rob. He only exist in Vampire Diaries which is a copycat of Twilight. No matter how Rob appears grossed and neglected, it cannot be denied that he's the reigning Sexiest Man and Vampire of all time!
posted by Sarah on Sep 06, 2010
Ian is wayyy better than Rob and he did deserve to beat him in this competition.
posted by tanha on Sep 05, 2010
damon is a fu''er not hotter........edward is the hottest ever..........
posted by Terex007 on Sep 05, 2010
No way Ian Somerhalder beats Rob's charm! He deserves the title! The rest that followed him are not worthy of the throne in ranking.Rob is not only charismatic but exudes intensity.Thats why he's sexy. Ian might be a good actor, but when it comes to face and projection on screen,he's very far from Rob.The sexiest man of 2010 is the only vampire I've seen with an alluring look and a magnetic aura.He got an angelic, nostalgic, gothic but gorgeous face on screen.He is really a pretty boy if cared well.Not like other Stars who will waste their time in Spa and scrubbing their faces 3x a week just to look good and attractive.Rob is gifted with that manly look armed with versatile talent and sexiness.He needs to be molded further to boost his acting talent.
posted by aliena ali on Sep 01, 2010
Assholes, Robert is way hotter than Ian. I'm not saying Ian isn't hot too but - lets just say Rob is hottt......
posted by andreas on Aug 29, 2010
Summer glau wins and that is so true everybody should now that. thats not possible to change
posted by yamini on Aug 29, 2010
wow!! .. how stupid, very recently,like in last couple of weeks robert topped world's sexiest male list.IAN WAS IN THE 3rd POSITION AFTER TAYLOR,followed by xavier- riley n kellen- emmet. this shows popularity of twilight saga and that robert is the no.1. this new poll result is rubbish,quite stupid I wud say robert is like the sexiest male alive in the universe
posted by Sophie on Aug 28, 2010
I must be getting old. I still love Wolverine best.
posted by Guest on Aug 27, 2010
Mag states by 200 votes. It was close.
posted by nicole! on Aug 27, 2010
Edward. forget about him, Damon is so much hotter. I do like Stefan better, but he was not in the vote, so all about Damon
posted by nicole on Aug 27, 2010
Edward Cullen would have won this. Not saying he would have been my choice, but it took Ian Somerhalder a hell lot of effort to get his votes together for his character, and he barely made it.
posted by guest on Aug 27, 2010
I disagree. Edward Cullen is way hotter Than Damon. We just get to see alot more of him so he is fresher in our minds.

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