Nadja Benaissa Crying in Court, Admitting She Infected Her Ex-Lovers With HIV

August 17, 2010 02:58:06 GMT

Crying in the courtroom, Nadja Benaissa says she didn't tell her lovers she was infected because she wanted to protect her career.

Nadja Benaissa
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German pop star Nadja Benaissa wept on Monday, August 16 as she admitted deliberately keeping her HIV infection a secret from three lovers. The "No Angels" singer is accused of having unprotected sex with the men without warning them she had caught the deadly virus. One of them was allegedly infected by Benaissa.

She was arrested in April last year and spent 10 days behind bars before being released. She was later charged with aggravated assault, and attended a court in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt on Monday to stand trial. As Benaissa wept in the courtroom, the judge heard a written statement from the singer in which she admitted sleeping with the men without telling them she was infected - because she wanted to protect her career with the girlband.

Her statement read: "I was told that the chance of the infection breaking out in my case is almost zero... Same low is the risk (sic) that I could infect somebody else with HIV. That was the reason why I did not tell anybody at first because I did not want my daughter to be punished for my behaviour and my infection. I have never told the public before, because I have had fear that this would be the end for our band."

The trial is expected to last for five days.


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posted by Dlez on Nov 03, 2010
Benny, you have a point, he made a stupiud risk ( a risk many make and are lucky not to be punished) however, the woman still should have told him. It appears the sex was consensual, therefore it is unfair that she would not tell him something so vital. As for whether or not the man got it from her..well, it is unlikely (from my understanding of the ways to catch the virus).
posted by benny on Aug 23, 2010
First of all, it seems that the whole world has forgotten that old fashioned thing called "taking responsibility for one's own actions" - unless she held a gun to his head and forced him to have sex with her, she isn't guilty of anything. He knows of HIV risk but made a decision on his own to have unprotected sex, ergo he took a chance that he know have to accept the consequences of. Secondly, as several has mentioned, it is very unlikely he got it from her; and even so in order to win the case, should he not PROVE that he got it from her? And how can he possibly do that? - We unfortunately live in a world with many dangers and very few people being realistic and or accepting this. YOU are responsible for YOURSELF!
posted by Clever on Aug 21, 2010
If this man had a short time sex with Nadja, that means they were both in prostitution business. And did that man did not prove to her that he was HIV negative before they made sex? Does he make HIV test every time after having sex with his girlfriends? Nadja is totally wrong to have had unprotected sex with men, but there is no proof that she is really the one who inffected him because he did not make HIV test infront of Nadja. In this case they are both to be blamed.
posted by ptb on Aug 21, 2010
As a man it is virtually impossible to get hiv even unprotected through vaginal sex. This is very true. Look it up. Over the years it has been close to proven that the media has misinformed on purpose the public to scare people into ratings. HIV= receipiants of anal sex, IV drug users, and sometimes through blood transfusions, and very rarely man to woman vaginally if there is mass vaginal and penile bleeding going on. On a very very lottery chance winning occasion if the man has untreated open sores or numerous other stds then possibly the virus can be transmitted to him vaginally. Do your research folks. Do not listen to Oprah. Or any journalism. You cannot let your compassion get in the way of the facts.
posted by Phoenix on Aug 20, 2010
I feel really sorry for both people affected. I understand what it's like living with an STD and how difficult it is telling a partner about it. Although I have always been honest about what I have that strength comes only because I have a relationship with God and believe that he will send me someone to love at some point in my life. We all have to take responsibility for our actions. Nadja has made very poor choices in her life and has paid handsomely for them, however it is not fair for her to act with such disregard toward someone who she was with sexually. The man who she was with should have been more careful and protected himself, I hope that at some point both of them can be made whole. She should pay for what she did but I pray that she, at some point is given the opportunity to go on with her life and seek forgiveness from the man whose life she's so drastically affected.
posted by nath on Aug 20, 2010
piss off all you do gooders,she knew she had the virus and didnt tell the person she had sex with,that is very wrong,it aint that she has herpies,its fuckn hiv,hope she goes to jail for a longtime
posted by Naomi on Aug 20, 2010
Thats gross well at least I talked to the owner of STD Carriers and he assures me that convicted or not she will always be on his HIV arrest list.
posted by feifei on Aug 19, 2010
it is hard to understand why you should kill the other person because yuo want to have sex with them .any many women do it not because they donot want to tell they think they will not die alone by infecting more people She actually felt good that it why you see no regret in her .that is common she should be purnished that is first degree mudder slow and painfull for the one she infected .let her serve as a celeberity example life in jail or killed by firing at once Any way that is modernization and women empowerment very few women like condoms for sure
posted by tony on Aug 18, 2010
Fresita23. Educate yourself. Your an idiot. The chances of her passing on hiv to a man vaginally is virtually no chance. Even unprotected. Yeah she should of told him but your statement about getting hiv through vaginal sex with a condom is now a myth if you bother doing your research. This is an old scared tactic for ratings.
posted by Richard Noel on Aug 18, 2010
I read each of your message. It touched me sadly because you haven't seen yourself as a sinner. You judged on her for getting men HIV. Please be careful what you are saying to others because God watches over your mouth. I've got to admit that I've made a mistake at judging people's worldly action because I didn't see myself as a sinner like PRIDE, and I fell into sins. I apologized to God for my poor conducts and judgments against people. Please remember that we all are God's children. God loves seeing us to love each other like brothers and sisters. There is nothing better in us as much as God see us equally. It's our responsibility to help others rather than judge people!
posted by Fresita23 on Aug 18, 2010
Stop being ignorant people they should panish her for not telling her lover that she did have HIV and sometime you could get the HIV even with the condom on so people have to be realy careful with who they sleeping around, What about if they had a relationship for a year of course they not going to used condom beliving that they gonned be together and have a family together the only way that the parner is going to know if the person is infect is telling them the true that way the other person who is not inffect can acept the other person how it is. People have to stop being ignorant and selfish and start telling they lover the true and let them decide if they still want to be with them knowing that the other person is sick, don't take other life oway being selfish with you lover is not right.
posted by Noni on Aug 18, 2010
I realy sympathize with her, her childhood was misarable and getting a baby at very tender age, not forgetting what came along with the liitle bundle of joy, I admire her strength, she never gave up, instead she fought with Hiv and was also able to finish school and pursue her carrier, we should not ignore that strength of a woman, she rose up and bacame a public figure, the only mistake she made is to sleep with this men without using protection, come to think of this cassanova who is used of sleeping with women without protection, who can really prove he hadn´t slept with other women after he broke up with her? This man is a gold digger and got a golden chance to make quick money using Nadja. If it´s like that then, Nadja should also look for the person or object that infected her, the bottom line is, the only person to blame is the inventor of Hiv, nobody really would like to have it, look the stigma that this illness carries with it, it has robbed this mother of one her everything, her daughters life must be a misery now, her carrier, her reputation, her strength to fight and not forgetting her face to the world. Lets not be selfish, whoever has never had sex should be the only one to point fingers on her, she is a young Hiv woman with libido and having Hiv doesn´t stop you from having feelings,this guy should have insisted on using a condom, he used the short cut, now he should live with the consequencies and stop blaming others for his irresponsile behaviour. I fully understand Nadja, after I have seen the way the world is hanling this case, I think the next time they will start killing people with Hiv, what a pity, lets all of us put ourselves in the shoes of this sick people, how would we feel if the world was so harsh to us just because of carrying some deadly viruses that we didn´t invent, this gal needs love and support and nobody should dictate her life coz we are all no Angels.
posted by erica on Aug 18, 2010
This is once again propaganda and dirty journalism. The liberal media loves a story like this. Do not believe everything you read. We really have no way of knowing how this guy was infected. It's alleged, remember. We don't even know who he is. Don't jump to conclusions. Did he get it from her? Possibly. But very unlikely. Like a couple of posts said and even she was told. Its a very difficult virus to transmit from vaginal intercourse.
posted by taylor on Aug 18, 2010
Its funny how after all these years people still believe that hiv is simply passed easily through heterosexual unprotected sex. Wow! Naïve. Does anyone know how nadja got it? I'm willing to bet 3 ways. Blood transfusion, iv drug use, or receipient of anal sex. Its pretty hard for even a woman to get it from regular sex even though there are some cases. But woman to man? virtually impossible. Like the other blog says. You wonder where all the straight promiscuous folks in hollywood are? Mmmmmm. Do not even start with magic johnson. He had been rumored for years to have experimented with men. So people, stop being ignorant. Its sad but we should be more honest with the public about the facts and not be biased. They did a prostitute study in the us and overseas and interestingly the few that were hiv positive admitted to using needles.
posted by taylor on Aug 18, 2010
I agree. Coincidence here. The man was most certainly an iv drug user or perhaps lived a gay lifestyle. I recommend you all read the book, the myth of heterosexual aids. Not that we play with fire but they say you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 3 times in a year than geeting hiv from a women even if infected through vaginal sex. The book also dicusses and entire chapter on africa. Don't be fooled. Africa is not europe or the us. Its a whoie another world with a lot of other diseases and very poor health care where dirty needles are used often which may explain the higher heterosexual hiv rate. Do your own research. Do not listen to oprah or other nonsense. Of course strap up cause you can get other stds
posted by pb on Aug 18, 2010
I doubt the guy got hiv from her. Your all morons. There is no scientific evidence that hiv is passed from women to men vaginally. Virtually 0 cases. Its propaganda if you idiots do your research and don't buy into the medias liberal lies. Ever wonder why charlie sheen, hugh hefner are still around? Please
posted by that girl know\'s to on Aug 17, 2010
she is just one women that admited to doing that when we all know thousands of guys do it all the time and nobody commenting about that. What she did was as good as murder but we all know about abstinance and safe sex so nobody is to blame!
posted by ColdHearted on Aug 17, 2010
Janjosh: She sentenced at least ONE MAN to DEATH. She, in effect, murdered him. Oh...but that's HIS fault, too. Right? So I guess it's the fault of the victim who gets robbed and beaten to death when he goes out at night to pick up cigarettes. After all, HE has to take responsibility for being OUT, at NIGHT, and tempting a freakin' criminal to rob him, doesn't he? Are you SERIOUS? bleeding heart types are disgusting and DANGEROUS!
posted by ColdHearted on Aug 17, 2010
Man...all you crazed nutjobs who are painting HER as the victim are pathetic. This is a woman who casually, knowingly, and with NO REGARD for anyone but herself, put others at risk of a slow, painful, wasting, DEATH. She deserves NO sympathy. She didn't want to "ruin" her career? She felt "isolated"? She didn't contract HIV from blowing SOAP BUBBLES, for God's sake. This woman is not only SICK, she's a menace to society, and should be locked up.
posted by calkik on Aug 17, 2010
Can you blame her for not wanting to come out about her HIV diagnoses when most of the world is terrified of it. Who wants to be completely isolated and looked at as though they are a piece of filth on the bottom of your shoe! It's peoples attitudes on here that make people not want to come out about their status! If people want other people to be honest then they need to wake up and learn compassion and kindness. The man infected must have known the risks of sleepping with someone without a condom and he is equally guilty. Yes she is in the wrong but any humane being can see why she would be reluctant to disclose her status in this crazy world. The stigma around HIV and AIDS needs to be removed and then people will start being honest and the world will start healing from this epidemic..
posted by ZONA on Aug 17, 2010
Why would any man have sex with a woman with no condom.. & knowing that she is HIV+.. that is JUST STUPID.. that would be the time to for sure use something!
posted by ZONA on Aug 17, 2010
HIV .. IS HIV.. what difference does it make.. "HIGH, RISK".. "LOW RISK".. what does that have anything to do with anything.. Once you have tested +. for HIV.. that is that you have it... You should consider yourself contagious.. REGARDLESS.. on how powerful of a strain that you may carry.. you are ALWAYS PUTTING ANOTHER PERSON AT RISK BY HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX WITH THEM.. NO GLOVE NO LOVE!!!! PERIOD
posted by the voice of reason on Aug 17, 2010
She is more to blame because she knew had HIV and did not tell them. If you didn't want everyone to know then use a condom (to late now). As for the person who told her there was a zero chance she would get it should also be locked up. Somehow I don't think the whole truth has been tolded.
posted by mino on Aug 17, 2010
shame on you naadia bhdaltina a kafira billah rabi yal3nk f dnya o akhira amin .
posted by maisha on Aug 17, 2010
the two sides are to blame why go shag without a condom???
posted by Kaddu Mike on Aug 17, 2010
Let she come to me in Uganda and i shag her live or without a condom, here we live with HIV, ours is the Headquarter of HIV in Africa, Actually we wrestled with South Africa and we now have the HIV Cup, please call me +256701020448
posted by jossy on Aug 17, 2010
What she did was wrong, but i nstead of locking her up,I think she should do community service where by she should encourage people aspecially the youth to come out publicly with there HIV statuers
posted by narawadee on Aug 17, 2010
Since I've heard about this,I was angry with her to not tell her lovers about HIV that she had it and unprotected..but now who really have to care? is her daughter she just a little girl,but will have painful with her in a whole life and her mother she's public person!!! damn!! if she use condom and want to keep this secret till her die still no one knows..and her daughter she might grow enough to fight with this problem :'(
posted by Saeed on Aug 17, 2010
Prostitutes life, from both side she and her fuckers are the same
posted by seraser on Aug 17, 2010
Painting her ex-lovers as entirely innocent victims is misleading - they should have taken responsibility for themselves. And for a young woman she doesn't seem to have had many lovers at all - talking about a "string of lovers" (- three very short-term lovers equals a string??) is a bit of an exaggeration!! I have a lot of sympathy with her, must have been tough feeling she had to keep her situation secret and she's clearly suffering now. God bless her.
posted by Max on Aug 17, 2010
I wonder why should she be held responsible for the men's desires.Did the men declare to her that they were not infected with HIV.They should have known the dangers of playing that game without protection.This is just like asking Rooney to play soccer without boots on. Those men actually should be charged ror risking their lives and let her only receive a warning for the reason that she had fears of going public. She should be given an expert councelling.
posted by Phuz on Aug 17, 2010
Never heard of a condom you sick bitch. As if you shag unprotected when you know you're infected. You should go and fucking die.
posted by KINGSLEY FROM NIGERI on Aug 17, 2010
posted by Maria on Aug 17, 2010
Easy for anybody to assume-selfish people will always find someone else to blame. It all came out anyway and now the whole world knows about HER dirty secret. Her daughter will have to live with this now. She could have handled this much better. But that is all water under the bridge. She is going to DIE from this. I feel sorry for her misguided thinking. I don't think she has truly grasped the total extent of this. Her career is OVER!!!!!
posted by Jan josh on Aug 17, 2010
correct: All of you are hypocrites and know it.
posted by Janjosh on Aug 17, 2010
Those without sin cast the first stone. All of you are hypocrites and no kit. Leave her alone she was irresponsible but the men were too. Take two to tango, people use protection! Let her do community service by talking about protective sex and HIV awareness.

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