Benjamin McKenzie Confused Why He's Still Single

August 13, 2010 03:21:56 GMT

Self-proclaiming a 'sexy, smart and sensitive' guy, the actor thought there must be something wrong with they way he handles relationships.

Benjamin McKenzie Confused Why He's Still Single
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Actor Benjamin McKenzie is baffled as to why he hasn't settled down with a girlfriend yet - because he's always been a "romantic" guy. The former "The O.C." star has always kept quiet about his private life, but is rumored to have dated actresses Zooey Deschanel and Rachel Nichols in the past.

The 31 year old is currently single - and McKenzie admits he can't understand why he isn't yet married. He tells Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, "What makes a man a keeper? Well, let me talk about myself here: I'm so amazing on so many levels. Honestly! I'm romantic, sexy, smart and sensitive - but not too sensitive. I'll listen but I'm still tough."

"Although I'm clearly not doing it completely right - I'm sure if I were I'd be married already."


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posted by Hannah on Aug 20, 2014
are you avalible. my name is Hannah Rehfeldt and i am single. i am from wisconsin i am 24 yrs. old and i am sooooo obsessed with your show the oc. and i always dreamed about you a lot. you are the perfect guy for me. i always wanted to go to Califorina because thats my dream vacation. and no i have not been there before, not even more thing i always think about you in my dreams all lot.
posted by ilovehim on Dec 19, 2010
he should marry me, hes so sexy
posted by Valiantess on Sep 28, 2010
He isn't married because hollywood girls aren't really marriage material. I would marry someone like him but that's impossible to find where I live.

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