Pal: Alex Higgins Died of Malnutrition, Not Cancer

July 26, 2010 08:51:43 GMT

The snooker player was found dead at his home and his pal said he was weighing a dangerously 84 pounds when doing treatment for his throat cancer.

Alex Higgins
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Snooker legend Alex Higgins died from malnutrition after refusing to eat, according to pal and fellow hellraiser Jimmy White. The former world champion was found dead at his home in his native Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday, July 24. He was 61.

Higgins had appeared in public earlier this year looking a shadow of his former self following a lengthy battle with throat cancer. But fellow snooker star White insists the heavy smoker and boozer did not die because of the illness but because he wouldn't eat and kept himself alive by drinking Guinness.

He explains to Britain's Daily Mirror, "He died from lack of nourishment. We've lost a genius and one of the greatest champions of the game." White claims Higgins weighed a dangerously low 84 pounds (38.1 kilograms) after losing his appetite and teeth through cancer treatment.

He adds, "In the end it wasn't cancer that killed him, the cancer had gone, he died from lack of nourishment, how sickening is that? Unfortunately Alex was his own man and he just wouldn't listen to anyone. He was a very picky eater, one sandwich a day, he never ate much."

"His sister Jean would bring food round, make a roast dinner and put it in a blender, but it was hard work to get him to eat anything. Higgins was in a catch 22, he didn't like food very much and couldn't eat because he had no teeth."


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posted by dylan campbell on May 10, 2011
RIP hurricane higgi 18th march 1949 . 24th july 2010
posted by dylan campbell on Apr 13, 2011
rip hurricane alex you made the snooker as popular as it is today. you were your own enemy .but you won.t be forgotten.alcholism and smoking and blowing a £4 millon when you needed is most was your sentence . RIP to a true legend
posted by Marie on Jul 26, 2010
RIP Alex.Much loved hero of mine.Will be much missed.

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