Justin Bieber Caught Sneaking Into Adult-Only Section Cinema

June 10, 2010 03:48:02 GMT

During a screening of new movie 'Get Him to the Greek' in Massachusetts at the weekend, Justin Bieber was caught sneaking into the adult-only section of the cinema.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: Theo/WENN

Teen sensation Justin Bieber was left red-faced during a screening of new movie "Get Him to the Greek" in Massachusetts at the weekend after he was caught sneaking into the adult-only section of the cinema. The 16-year-old singer went to see the film at the Showcase Cinemamovie theater in Foxborough with an entourage including his manager and a bodyguard.

The "Baby" hitmaker was seated in the general admission area, but was given a warning from the cinema manager when he reportedly switched seats and headed to the premium section, which is reserved for adults over the age of 21, according to the Boston Herald.

The official is said to have booted the singer out of the grown-up seats and steered him back towards the main auditorium. A source tells the newspaper, "He sulked and said to the manager 'Chuck E. Cheese sells alcohol and I have no problem getting in there.'"

While a representative for the Showcase Cinema says, "We will be happy to invite Mr. Bieber back when he is of legal age to enjoy our premium seating."


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posted by Ian Moone on Jul 28, 2011
you idiots he wasnt trying to get in the adult section to see porn he was trying to get in because its better and they have alcohol there is a place like that where i live and its got a 21 plus section and they serve steaks in there and the seats are huge and reclining and theres alcohol tried to sneak in and got booted out just like biebs
posted by boo boo on Jan 25, 2011
yeah hes hot u faggets so leave him alone he wants to try something new and if it wasnt for that hole in the field u wouldnt be a virgen
posted by ex-addict on Jan 21, 2011
Hey, some say that is normal to watch Porn... with all respect, that's nothing normal into that.. But famous people should keep in mind to these things when you are about to do something that the media can catch you out.. and then lil innocents will fallow your steps.. I recongnized that's how I got addicted
posted by fucker crush jb on Jan 01, 2011
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posted by wow on Nov 22, 2010
Justin Bieber got pwned
posted by whocares on Aug 18, 2010
777 not every guy WANTS to just get laid all them time! maybe he's not a total douche bag like you!! you apparently don't have the brains which makes u stupid AND a liar so no one cares what the hell u look like your personality is shit
posted by blah on Aug 18, 2010
wow 777 u have some serious issues u need to work on...get some therapy and stop threatening innocent celebrities who u dont even know, WHO DID NOTHING TO YOU, saying you're going to fuckin HURT THEM! violent bitch
posted by HA! on Aug 18, 2010
hahahahaha this is such bull shit!!!! XD that so did NOT happen!! it was believable until it said what he told the manager....only a dumbass would believe that. those damn newspaper reporters are so full of crap
posted by hahaha on Aug 06, 2010
did he know something called internet? is he that dumb?
posted by Anon on Jul 11, 2010
I'm glad that retarded kid got kicked the hell out of our Lux Level. Kid doesn't have any talent what so ever and the retard 16 year old girls that made him "famous" need to be shot.
posted by awesome3421 on Jun 12, 2010
he's a regular guy to and he's trying to see porn leave him alone
posted by katy on Jun 09, 2010
My friends and me like you,and whats your favorite song!!!!!!!!!
posted by 777 on Jun 09, 2010
I want fuck face justin to take a step back and literally fuck his own face. By the way I fuck his mom tongue action too. So polish my nuts and serve me a milk shake.
posted by 777 on Jun 09, 2010
If I ever see Justin Fag it ass Biber, I will punch him in his fucking face. And the fans are lozers that are retarded, ugly, or just flat out gay like your idol. I got the looks, the brains, great ability to even kick the holy crap out of that dumb son of a bitch.
posted by katy on Jun 09, 2010
Did u really get arrested?
posted by 777 on Jun 09, 2010
Justin Biber is one damn stupid fag. He hasnt hit puberty yet. And I can get laid more than him. A 100% grante. Fucking fans and him.
posted by britneyrules16 on Jun 09, 2010
ow they should have let him stay that chuckie chesse stament was a good reason why!!!!

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