'Terra Nova' Close to Sign Key Actors for Season 2 While Awaiting Renewal

December 21, 2011 07:57:53 GMT

Producers are reportedly also looking for high-level writers to join the production should the drama series be picked up for a second season, which likely consists of 13 episodes.

'Terra Nova' Close to Sign Key Actors for Season 2 While Awaiting Renewal
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Producers of "Terra Nova" are leaning towards a possibility of renewal. Although FOX has not picked up the show for a new season, people behind it are reported to have been moving to secure key actors, including Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, in preparation for production of season 2.

In addition, the producers are said to be in the hunt for high-level writers, who will join executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria, as they are working on to improve the story. Meanwhile, the network's decision on whether or not it renews the series is expected to be announced in mid-January.

The prehistoric-set drama series' first season finale aired last Monday, December 19. The two-hour outing posted a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 demo (up 5% from last week) and 7.2 million viewers (up 4%). It is believed that the show, which requires extensive post-production, might be ordered for 13 episodes in its second season, not 22 episodes like most other shows.


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posted by carole 59 on Aug 29, 2012
i'm with js1969 terra nova much better than reality tv
posted by js1969 on Apr 29, 2012
Great show. I agree that this is alot better than watching reality shows.Bring on season 2 FOX.
posted by cabcaster on Jan 19, 2012
I have to agree with the previous writers when I say everyone I know loves Terra Nova and whats the point of selling us the boxed set if you are going to leave the story hanging in mid air. I think it would be very small minded of Fox to cut this series before the story is allowed to unfold. Also Fox must be aware of the revenue they will get from international sales of Terra Nova. We are waiting to see if this great show will return or will the wallets at Fox hide their money again. Go on fox take a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised.
posted by Emwyn on Jan 09, 2012
From the UK also. I watch this with my two sons. They love it, I love it. PLEASE bring it back.
posted by Eddie on Jan 08, 2012
we got into watching stargate universe, journey man, flash forward, no ordinary family and they cancelled them so agreeing with all brits on here take into account what we in UK watch before cancelling a show Fox, after all its a spielburg.
posted by talon dad on Jan 04, 2012
Good show. Beats X Factor and all the dumb reality shows.. Looking forward to Season 3.
posted by MtnMiss on Dec 28, 2011
Love this show! Please bring it back! Quality plot, great actors, and it's clean! This and SyFy's Merlin are my favorite shows on TV!
posted by Cazz on Dec 27, 2011
Totally love this show we need a second series to find out all the unanswered questions... Where did Lucas go? What's in the bad land? Another time fracture back to another era like 18 century and not 2149? How will the people cope - the stories of these people can be fantastic.... And we know what supposedly happened to the dinosaurs can the human being survive it - can we build a better future!!! Keep it going it could be extraordinary!
posted by Carson J Gallo on Dec 26, 2011
Please renew it FOX!
posted by UK Dug on Dec 26, 2011
I'm with "UK- GIRL" on this, I wish FOX and the like would take into account the viewing figures of us Brits who avidly watch a lot of USA series like Terra', Stargate Uni', Flashforward, the Event..........etc etc. I DEMAND A 2nd season of Terra Nova......please:-D
posted by Brian on Dec 22, 2011
Definitely want to see a Season 2. This is a cast that can grow together; can't wait to see how the 2 sides deal with being "on their own".
posted by Panamajack on Dec 22, 2011
This show is fantastic. I really hope they put on a second season. This series is so unique. I thought it was going to be like Jurassic Park and was kind of like "whatever." But the show has great acting and the FX bring everything together in a realistic environment where you can grow to love the actors. "Excellent writing and production" Cant wait for SEASON 2
posted by UK_Girls on Dec 22, 2011
I am from the UK and Absolutely love this show!! I wish that America took into account the viewings overseas when deciding to renew a show or not. Loved Stargate Universe and they got rid of it on a cliffhanger which we will now never know about. I wish if they were cancelling a show they could do a 2 hour special or something to wrap most stuff up!!! Anyway Bring back Terra Nova for series 2, my whole family loves it!! xx
posted by David on Dec 22, 2011
bring on season 2 please - outstanding and different.
posted by charles on Dec 22, 2011
i would really like to see a second season this show was good and mad sure i had nothing to do on mondays when it came on i hate it when i get into a show that is good then no second season like they did with surface. this show had great crew writers actors plot and cant wait to see what season 2 brings to the table
posted by Nourgelintius on Dec 21, 2011
While I would prefer a 22 ep season, 13 is better than none. I will take what I can get. And I love that they want to bring in better writers. I just hope that they don't turn the characters into the brainless dead that are on most shows these days. It's one of the things that I loved most about this show, was how human the characters and the writing were. A lot of love to the actors, but really, the writers are my heroes of the show. :)
posted by seandar on Dec 21, 2011
posted by Heather on Dec 21, 2011
I hope they make the right decision and bring Terra Nova back. I really hate how I get interested in all of these great shows and then they take them off the air. I am unable to watch on Monday nights because we don't get FOX, however, I do watch it on HULU the next day. I think FOX needs to consider the factors of the other people that do this also. If they bring it back for another season I will determinately be getting the FOX channel.

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