Eddie Vedder and Natalie Maines Attended Memphis 3 Release Trial

Eddie Vedder and Natalie Maines Attended Memphis 3 Release Trial

The two strong supporters of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin sat among the court audience when the men pleaded 'guilty'.

The world were hooked on the story of West Memphis Three being released from prison after 18 years, not excluding two celebrities who have been on the case's tail. Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam were present during the court session at Craighead County Courthouse in Arkansas where Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were eventually freed.

Believing that the men have been innocent all along, both Maines and Vedder had fought for their freedom in the past. In 1993, Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin were convicted of murdering three 8-year-old boys in a satanic ritual and were sentenced to death or life in prison. However, DNA found on the murder scene did not match theirs. Instead, DNA of Terry Hobbs, one of the victims' father, and his friend were found.

Maines reacted to the new evidence to the point she was sued by Hobbs for insinuating that he was guilty of the crimes inside her writings posted on Dixie Chicks' website. Meanwhile, Vedder joined the line of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Jack Black to speak on behalf of the convicted boys in a series of documentaries called "Paradise Lost".

Former singer of Black Flag, Henry Rollins, is also among the West Memphis 3 supporters. Following the men's release on Friday, August 19, he sent an e-mail to The Times, saying, "I am happy for the guys but so much has been lost. Three boys were killed. In my opinion, the wrong people were incarcerated and the person or persons who did it are still out there, alive or dead, still not brought to justice."

During the trial, Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin agreed to plead guilty in return of "Alford plea", in which they are allowed to claim they are innocent.

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    What the heck
    Aug 21, 2011

    How could they stoop so low as to get involved with helping to free these murderers. I have been following this story from the start. Matter of fact I don't live far where it happened. They should have not done this. Those boys were into satanic rituals and it just so happened those little boys turned out to be their sacrafice that day! How could you ever live with yourself knowing you were involved in their release? As for the stepFathers hair being on the boys shoe strings. Hey I'm sure mine are on my childrens. Since we do live in the same household! All the above is just my opinion but I think them being released was not a good choice! Have a good day!

    Mad hatter
    Aug 21, 2011

    I can't believe they would get involved in these murders! I guess you get attention however you can when you can't get the record sales anymore! Find another profession to try to boost your sagging album sales! Don't stoop this low! Geeze!!!

    Aug 19, 2011


    Aug 19, 2011

    Unfortunately for Eddie and Natalie, the US Supreme Court re-affirmed the evidence against the three murders. So, Natalie and Eddie need to be labeled as what they are. Supporters of child murders.

    Free WM3
    Aug 19, 2011

    Oh shut up.

    Aug 19, 2011

    Idiot celebs ignored the facts, unlike the jury that convicted them. That b*tch Natalie Maines gets involved in something that she ought not again. No wonder the Dixie Chicks has disappeared off the airways and into the dustbin of history where they belong.

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