'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Hope Dworaczyk Fired, La Toya Jackson Is Back

May 02, 2011 04:24:31 GMT

The 54-year-old singer rejoins the show as a member of the men team after she claims that she did not have a fair chance to defend herself in last week's episode.

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Hope Dworaczyk Fired, La Toya Jackson Is Back
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One is out and another is in on the May 1 episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice". Hope Dworaczyk was fired by Donald Trump, while La Toya Jackson will rejoin the game next week after she met the businessman at the beginning of the show to defend her firing last week.

Earlier in the show, the two teams were tasked to produce a live hair show featuring Farouk Hair System products and Farouk hair stylists. Each team got two professional stylists and four models for their hair shows. Lil Jon led the men team, NeNe Leakes was project manager for the women team after Star Jones suggested her name.

The drama in ASAP began right away as NeNe declared how she was fed up of Star's bossy and manipulative ways. NeNe further felt Star did not have the right to suggest anything, but told her to "bring her street game", because she was not afraid of her.

BackBone, meanwhile, got right down to business and called fired "Celebrity Apprentance" co-star Niki Taylor to help them with their show. When Farouk visited them, he informed the team that the product's highlight is the safety. Ivanka Trump was surprised by how the team appeared to be over confident.

The three remaining male contestants, Lil Jon, John Rich and Meatloaf shared the duty well. But when the rehearsal began, they seemingly had no real plan and Meatloaf was disappointed. Lil Jon served as the MC during the show, which had some long pauses. When Niki showed up, the show came back to life.

In ASAP, the women were not happy that Niki was back and worked with the men. For their show, they picked "Shake Your Beauty" as the theme. During the completion of the task, NeNe could not help it but dissing Star on the camera, saying "Star may have lost a lot of weight on the outside but she is still fat in her brain."

When Ivanka visited them, NeNe once again let loose of what she thought about her team mate. Despite the tension, the women team's show went well until Hope went on stage and dropped the bomb. NeNe said she looks like Big Bird because her hair was so poofy.

In the board room, Trump announced the men won the task although Farouk was disappointed that they did not articulate what the products did for safety. They got $40,000 which is donated to United Methodist Children's Home.

As for the women's work, Farouk felt there was not a theme. NeNe was additionally judged as a weak MC and Hope's performance did not impress the execs. They were soon informed that La Toya will rejoin the show and help the men team.

When it was time to decide who should go home, NeNe told Trump that either Hope or Star should be fired, while Marlee Matlin was allowed to leave the board room first. Hope and Star tried to gang up on NeNe and told Trump about the things she has said about La Toya. At the end, Trump told Hope that this is just not her world, and he fired her.


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posted by TB on May 04, 2011
NeNe has a big mouth, big ass, and big ego. She is one big bitch. I am not a Star Jones fan, she is a two faced bitch too, but not as bad as NeNe. Fire Hope first, then Fire NeNe.
posted by damian on May 04, 2011
Hope should not have been fired dam it. It is stupid acts such as this is why trump will not be getting my vote what so ever.Nene and stars dam bickering is what cost them the project. Mark and Nikki should get a second chance too dam you trump!
posted by Just saying on May 03, 2011
I'm glad that Ms.Jackson is back.Now that 2face NeNe were ever the winner is that's who she try to kiss up to she respect Molly only cause she bought all that money in she bring nothing to the table but mouth so that she wont be notice Just saying
posted by go latoya on May 03, 2011
glad she is back. she is a riot.
posted by Lucien on May 03, 2011
Ya gotta give credit where credit is due and I must say Latoya that was a classy move to go and fight for your right to be back on arrpentice .....there was no grounds for you getting fired........I also must that that Donald Trump that was also classy re-hiring I said give credit where credit is due.....Get rid of Star Jones for Starter and the next Celebrity Apprentice should be LATOYA all the way...!
posted by BIGTIMERUSHER on May 03, 2011
yayyyyy Lotoya's back :-{)!!! idk why NeNe is still there, honestly what does she bring to the table besides a big mouth? she shouldve been first to go home.
posted by Mittycat on May 02, 2011
NeNe should have been fired for acting that way in front of a client. Donald usually does not support this conduct so why now. I want her gone. Star is more of a business woman than she could ever hope to be.
posted by Grace 1000 on May 02, 2011
There was a clash of classes between Star and NeNe last night. NeNe is angry because Star is thinking and strategizing. It is a game Fool (NeNe), you are supposed to out wit (not physically intimidate and verbally abuse)and manipulate your opponent to win! Trump kept NeNe because she is ignorant, action-trash. She draws a crowd with her loud mouth, low life behavior. She is good for Trump's ratings!
posted by Bajegirl on May 02, 2011
Nene should have been fired last night. She's an uneducated low life. her behavior in front of the client was unbelieveable. Mr Trump should have fired her there and then-
posted by poof on May 02, 2011
NeNe is NeNe
posted by JohnRichForever24 on May 02, 2011
I want John to win! I'm glad La Toya came back to help and I was a little surprised when Hope got fired 'cause I was expecting NeNe or Starr. But oh well! Go John! His idea was great to bring back Nikki Taylor!
posted by dt2211 on May 02, 2011
Ne Ne - Trash personified Star - A Star in her own mind Hope - Under the radar but more class than the 2 "numbnets" mentioned above. Nuff said - Jersey
posted by Mary0624 on May 02, 2011
Don't let Star fool you she is a backstabber from get go, and will turn on her own mother if is to her advantage. At least you know where you stand with NeNe. You go NeNe!!!!
posted by Boomer 1492 on May 02, 2011
As for NeNe, you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the girl. NeNe is a low class black person who got lucky with her TV show otherwise she would be on welfare.
posted by OH Maven on May 02, 2011
Hope was too passive. She also seemed pre-occupied with her texting and got separated from Marlee in Lords & Taylor, while shopping for the models. The team arrived late to the walk-through with the hair stylists. While NeeNee is ghetto, talks smack, she is entertaining. Which is the name of the game. Star will probably out-wit NeeNee in the end. The final 3 will be John Rich; Star Jones; & Marlee. The are the 3 most level-headed, executive types. The remaining 3 are too emotional and or lack time management...
posted by gwbowser on May 02, 2011
Celebrity Apprentice is about television ratings. NeNe and Star will be the last to go although NeNe should have been fired this week.
posted by casebase on May 02, 2011
Ratings!! Thats is the reason Hope was fired. Now the viewing audience can watch another week of fighting between NeNe and Star
posted by wonder8888 on May 02, 2011
after watching several seasons,it appears that is all decided before it begins. the only exception was when Bret won. Trump favors his friends like LaToya.
posted by yane2011 on May 02, 2011
Donald Trump should have fired NeNe for acting the way she did in front of the client. She only acted that way because she knows that Star is a better business woman and she has class pure jealously.

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