Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel May Be in the Running for Superman's Lois Lane

February 01, 2011 07:28:21 GMT

The 'Twilight' starlet might end up not taking the role while the 'A-Team' babe and Rachel McAdams are said the leading contenders.

Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel May Be in the Running for Superman's Lois Lane
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After Henry Cavill is cast as Superman, the talks have now moved on to who will be the leading lady. Hollywood Insider has heard some names of possible Lois Lane depicter and they are Kristen Stewart ("Twilight"), Jessica Biel ("Blade Trinity"), Rachel McAdams ("Sherlock Holmes"), Dianna Agron ("Glee") and Malin Akerman ("Watchmen").

Stewart reportedly has been mentioned in relation to the part for about a week but she might not even take the role because there are many other juicy offers for her. As for Biel and McAdams, they are allegedly the leading contenders.

Agron, like Stewart, has read for "The Man of Steel" movie though some might consider her too young. Akerman was also said in the contention but now that Cavill, who is younger than her, is cast as Clark Kent, her chance might be reduced to zero.

This all, however, should be considered as just rumors for neither Warner Bros. Pictures nor the actresses' camps have released statement about the report.

Zack Snyder is on board for the directing duty for the new Superman film that might be projected for December 2012 release. Christopher Nolan joins the board of producers while David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan are writing the script.


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posted by gmab on Feb 01, 2011
Kristen hating rpatz fantasizer cat ladies making an appearance in 5...4...3...
posted by Hawk on Feb 01, 2011
Is there some law in Hollywood that Jessica Biel's name has to be mentioned whenever a movie is being cast?
posted by dawn on Feb 01, 2011
Kristen Stewart is GOD-awful! That would be another Kate Bosworth tragedy!
posted by ilsa529 on Feb 01, 2011
These contenders are not impressive. If they cast Biel, I fear she may be another forgettable reboot love interest (i.e. Katie Holmes in Batman Begins.) Why not cast Olivia Wilde or Mila Kunis?

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