Justin Bieber Sent His Shirtless Photos to Selena Gomez

January 27, 2011 07:20:34 GMT

The 16-year-old singer was doing a photo shoot for a magazine when he asked the stylist to take one sexy picture of him to be sent to a 'girlfriend'.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: /WENN

Justin Bieber is finally ready to expose his upper body naked for a magazine. The 16-year-old recently had a photo shoot session where he only wore an unmade tie and showed a little brief underneath his jeans.

The on-set photos are already available for a sneak peek at X17Online, but the excitement doesn't stop there. The website received an information from a source on the set that Bieber sent the shirtless pictures to his girlfriend, whom everybody assumed to be Selena Gomez, via his mobile phone.

"Justin was talking to the stylist, asking her to take sexy pictures of him for his girlfriend," the set source said. "He was just being cute about it, joking around, but he definitely wanted to look good for this girl. He never said the name Selena, but we knew who it was."

Gomez definitely had seen Bieber shirtless before. Paparazzi managed to take some snaps of the lovebirds while vacationing in St. Lucia during the winter break. Some said Bieber was seen holding Gomez and even touching her butt while she lathered him with sunscreen.


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posted by BIEBERS WIFE on Jun 03, 2011
yo justin sooooo sexy but that pic should have been sent 2 me
posted by mis.bieber on Jun 03, 2011
yo sooooooooooooo such a sexy pic justin
posted by Sasha Salicia Bieber on Mar 03, 2011
Yoooooooooooo i lovin u in dis pic justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u look so hot!! xxxxxxxxx i wish u were mine xxxxxxxxxxx sexi boy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by jbieber on Feb 23, 2011
u r a hottmess i druel over u now kiss me im turning 17 march 1st
posted by i <3 justin!!! on Feb 21, 2011
i love you jusstin bieber i want tew b your one lesss lonely girl !!!!!!! <33 your songs are amazing and you are a great singer !!!!
posted by justin is a HOTTY!!! on Feb 21, 2011
i <33 you justin you are so sexy!!!!!! <33
posted by Dalaizha Patterson on Feb 19, 2011
You is hotttttttttttttttttt ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes you are you are my huband
posted by brilee on Feb 17, 2011
hotey I love u
posted by tamm jones on Feb 17, 2011
you are hot and i am oley 13 how are you. i love you.
posted by brilee on Feb 17, 2011
you are hot and i am oley 11 wiy are you soooooooooooooooo hotttttttttt oooooooooooo yes you are
posted by kristal on Feb 11, 2011
posted by luvv ya bieber on Feb 07, 2011
i luvv you justin
posted by love50898 on Feb 07, 2011
you do not need her pick me don't pick that bitch
posted by gegz lubsJB on Jan 30, 2011
hey!! justin! I LOVE YOU! :D i love your songs.. I LOVE everything about you.. and i want to be your girl.. ;))
posted by me!!! on Jan 30, 2011
wow. our little Justin is grown up! :'( oh well he's still hot!
posted by Zendaya on Jan 30, 2011
he is smokin hot!!!
posted by Bethany Wood on Jan 29, 2011
I love Justin Bieber and I wish he was my boyfriend
posted by cerra506 on Jan 29, 2011
justin bieber is hot...............
posted by Bethany on Jan 28, 2011
I am your big #1 fan and love all your songs.
posted by JSTIN IS HOT on Jan 28, 2011
posted by JUSTIN IS HOT on Jan 28, 2011
posted by justin is hot on Jan 28, 2011
Justin is so hot how can he be going out with selena i don't believe it. People should leave him alone daaammm.He's a regular kid god damet leave him alone.
posted by Kelly on Jan 28, 2011
Kids only 16 and he's sporting a Donald Trump type comb over hair style. Oh yeah can he actually even sing,I don't hear it.
posted by jessa on Jan 28, 2011
good-luck to concert tu arineta ...^^
posted by Geline on Jan 28, 2011
Selena sucks...
posted by amya clark on Jan 28, 2011
what do you wont from girls any way you do not like black girls that is sad deos your mommy say good boy because you do bad things i do not now how you are any more you need to think you can start to heat people i hope your so happy b i now you now what that stads for.
posted by kac19 on Jan 27, 2011
i think this is just dicusting and that it is just wrong... but all those bieber fans reading this im sorry but this is my opinion of this xx
posted by 22666 on Jan 27, 2011
I dont like him my freind doseent becse he is dateing selina
posted by punda on Jan 27, 2011
do you now he is gay
posted by ddd on Jan 27, 2011
i am going to kill you selena gomez you look fat and so ugly
posted by NONALITODA on Jan 27, 2011
Its really a big news that they are going out but they must have privacy and all because for the right time they will say the truth.....
posted by 11212 on Jan 27, 2011
leave him alone you 'll do the same thing he is a man you all just like him
posted by Baley on Jan 27, 2011
He wuz'nt naked.I saw da pics.He only had no shirt and had jeans on,but showed nothin.
posted by Bailey on Jan 27, 2011
i agree wit u kamogelo
posted by sammie. on Jan 27, 2011
girl who posted that dumbass comment (bieber) , age nothing but a number your just jeolus haaaa.
posted by Yannye on Jan 27, 2011
I don't know as exist a person so idiot,that's the justin bieber,a completely guy wich represent a legacy hostile,know just for him fringe,because their music's,honestly a shit...without culture..
posted by Yannye on Jan 27, 2011
I don't know as exist a person idiot,that's the justin bieber,a completely guy wich represent a legacy hostile,know just for their fringe,because their music's,honestly a shit...with culture..
posted by bieber on Jan 27, 2011
selena gomez is 18 n he iz 16 dat iz disgustin, how can dey even like each other .doesshe like people under her age or something...gross.
posted by bieber luver on Jan 27, 2011
me luv justin bieber hes smokin hot
posted by luv yuhh bieber on Jan 27, 2011
I luv justin bieber im his #1 fan
posted by kamogelo on Jan 27, 2011
Leave the poor dude alone I mean he was just trting to look good for his girlfrien.I am sure many of you would do the same so stop making him look bad when you yourselves are bad.
posted by jaylyn delgado on Jan 27, 2011
i love you justin beiber

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