Spotted in Hotel With Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Orders Room Service for Two

December 29, 2010 04:10:30 GMT

The rumored couple was reportedly spotted outside his suite in Gansevoort hotel on December 18 when a 'room service for two' was delivered to his suite.

Spotted in Hotel With Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Orders Room Service for Two
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Although Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez haven't confirmed that they're an item, things are reportedly heating up between them. Following several sightings which saw them getting cozy with each other, now new report mentions that the two young stars were spotted in a hotel together.

Bieber was reportedly spotted in a hallway of Gansevoort hotel in Miami outside his suite with Gomez on December 18. That's the day they were photographed taking a romantic stroll on the streets of Miami Beach and spending time together in his tour bus after he performed at the American Airlines Arena.

According to Life & Style, the twosome was caught in the hotel hallway together when penne pasta with alfredo sauce, a ginger ale and a Pepsi were delivered to his room. Earlier that Saturday, the Canadian singer called STK restaurant at the hotel to order a room service for two.

Bieber reportedly checked into the hotel under alias Chandler Bing, a "Friends" character played by Matthew Perry. "Justin's had a crush on her forever, but they've always just been friends," an insider told Life & Style. "I guess something changed for her."

In related news, a black-and-white picture claimed to be Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez locking lips surfaced. However, his representative quickly brushed it off, clarifying to Gossip Cop "This is not Selena nor is it Justin. Someone is trying to shop around false pictures."


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posted by Mrs.STANTION(fostori on Apr 01, 2011
Jayden from fostoria go out with my firend (person) A" she really likes u.
posted by Miss stantion on Apr 01, 2011
All i gota sey is thats its a fucken free country mothafuckers leave them the hell alone (just saying!) shoot it is kinda ileagle but who cares ! My parents are 5years apart but you see that dint stop them! Justin and selena -good luck with yur relashonship dont let the haters stop u!
posted by Andrew hutchins on Mar 31, 2011
I think Selena is the prettiest girl alive and she can date any one she wants to she's just lookin for love and it's hard because she's in the spotlight!! Love you Selena..
posted by i love u guys on Mar 17, 2011
salena i guess u dont want to be a lesbo ???????????????? get out from the fuckin assssss
posted by girly girl on Mar 13, 2011
Let them have privacy u crazy freaks
posted by sexy thing on Feb 23, 2011
I want to have sesx swith justin
posted by eric filas on Feb 18, 2011
have sex with me
posted by greisy on Jan 24, 2011
hay justin bieber te kiero mucho kiero hacer chuculun
posted by fun girl on Jan 15, 2011
man they are so gross now everybody shut the f******* up plez
posted by babyface on Jan 15, 2011
eww salen and justin bebier going well justin bebier is a sick guy all he is is nothing but a bad singer why does salena gomez like him............
posted by ashely on Jan 15, 2011
posted by petlover on Jan 12, 2011
what if that was you being called names just because you like some one so stop saying bad stuff to them and let them be together
posted by petlover on Jan 12, 2011
leave selena alone let her date justin they r a cute couple
posted by september1497 on Jan 11, 2011
You are older than bieber. Next time if i heard like that i will kill are "Bitch"
posted by Erick Andrew Gomez on Jan 07, 2011
selena i want to have sex with you.only if you say yes.i'm a really good guy.tell katy perry she is fuckin you!!!!
posted by erick gomez on Jan 07, 2011
no name,stop bieng a bitch.selena gomez is sexier than your ass.
posted by kitty on Jan 05, 2011
sorry about that that was my brother u gays make a grate cupol
posted by terri on Jan 05, 2011
be kind to them thay nead privacy when thay brack up .
posted by no name on Jan 05, 2011
i hate you selena!
posted by no bodyy on Jan 04, 2011
yy dey worried bout whutt dey doin but dhat wud b funny iihf she qo 2 jail 4 rape cuz she 18 nn he 16 n stuff well dey nasty
posted by danasia on Jan 04, 2011
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwz dhats weird nn stuff
posted by haraan on Jan 04, 2011
dnt wary abot bieber he's innocent...nothing iz rong in such curicular activities...
posted by samiksha on Jan 04, 2011
hay salena
posted by Soul catcher on Jan 04, 2011
Hey guys just leave them alone it is their matter. SELENA just don't listen to them they are all mad and never worry this -soulcatcher- will just catch their sinful soul and will throw them in Hell where they will cry for help but no one will ever listen to them, their souls will burn their for eternity. I love you and trust you a lot i know you will never do it. Bieber- you are a nice guy just tell your fans the truth.
posted by n on Jan 04, 2011
i hate selena
posted by k on Jan 03, 2011
they make a cute couple
posted by Hi on Jan 02, 2011
I think everyone should just leave them alone & stay out of their business. & Haters, If you're here just to hate on Selena & Justin, what are you even doing here? 'X' the page out & leave. Nobody likes a hater. It's Selena & Justin's business. If they wanna go out they can, If they don't then they don't. Thats just how it is. Leave them alone.
posted by stefani9/6/10 on Dec 31, 2010
gosh guys calm down i think selena is a good girl i dont like her & justin bieber is ok i dont like him & i dont hate him either & plus i think they make a cute couple but anyways dont be hating just go do your own shit & for yah girls that are hating on just go suck a fuckin dick or something let them live their lives maybe ya are just being bitches because selena has a man & ya dont so quit hating yah make your selves look like asholes seriously
posted by posted by kk on dec on Dec 29, 2010
i think thier just frieds so leave them alone gosh
posted by angel of death on Dec 29, 2010
a girl is really weak ...they can easily fall...for men nice lizard talks....don't worried selena i got your back.....the angel of death will always watch your back...................keeping u in good way...
posted by angel of death on Dec 29, 2010
i trust selena is a good GIRL but i don't really trust that 'girly' looking boy(bieber)....i mean he can be the devil.... god save selena from him..
posted by Alex on Dec 29, 2010
Just back off give them some space they r human biengs to, and like every human they need their privacy.!
posted by Bieber fan! on Dec 29, 2010
Selena I hate u....go jump off a bridge
posted by LOLA on Dec 29, 2010
posted by lola on Dec 29, 2010
posted by Lameck on Dec 29, 2010
Keep up,dont listen to them
posted by nomin on Dec 29, 2010
leave them aloooone
posted by peter on Dec 29, 2010
keep off my man bieber; selena ur a BITCH!!!
posted by SELENAHATERS !! on Dec 29, 2010
I hate Selena Gomez ... hopefully he quickly die and leave this world!
posted by no Name on Dec 29, 2010
huh ... Selena BITCH!
posted by Ladereta on Dec 29, 2010
please do not do it ...It will make Beliebers hate Selena ..
posted by NeelAo7 on Dec 28, 2010
i know u want but you scare me u know i "ll come and kick your cock....
posted by neelAo7 on Dec 28, 2010
hey man u wanna seek me..... hurry up man ,i want to play game with you.......
posted by SoccerFreaak on Dec 28, 2010
i think people should just leave them alone, it's called what if they are hanging out, you can be 'good friends' with people of the oppostie gender.

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