Justin Bieber's Official Music Video for 'Pray' Debuted

November 27, 2010 02:18:33 GMT

The music video is a touching one, flashing a montage of devastating footage with Bieber sending his prayers through the inspirational lyrics of the song.

Justin Bieber's Official Music Video for 'Pray' Debuted
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Just a day after his unplugged album "My Worlds Acoustic" was released, Justin Bieber followed it up with a video premiere of his new single "Pray". The video tells his devotees that there many people out there who need their help, flashing various devastating views from destroyed neighborhood and slum area to homeless people and other touching footage.

Before debuting the video, Bieber tweeted, "So if i show u guys the official video for #PRAY u will promise to go out and support the album at Walmart and help raise money for charity?" He initially uploaded it on YouTube, but it was blocked by the video-sharing website and he moved to Facebook to share it with his fans.

"Yo u gonna block my own song?!?!?! #FAIL," the 16-year-old singer complained. "dear youtube...we started this journey and now u r cheatin on me with this vevo chica...i see how it is...i will be over here with facebook."

Later, he wrote an accompanying message for the clip, "Wrote this song thinking of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror and we are donating a portion of the proceeds from every album sold to CHILDREN's MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS. This song means alot to me and... I Love this video."

"My Worlds Acoustic" arrived in the United States on November 26. Children's Miracle Network is a charity that raises funds for 170 children's hospitals across North America.

Justin Bieber's "Pray" music video


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posted by tracey on Dec 02, 2011
justin bieber is the best and i will always love u and i will always be ur biggest fan cause u are a awesome singer and u are a little cutte and i do not now what that ugly bitch maria yeaster was trying to do but i new that was not ur baby i will never dought u cause i love u to much to dought why cant i ever met u but one day i will met u that will be on my sweat sixsteen and it is going to be a blast cause of u u rock my world when i whatch u videos u briten up my day because u have that wonder full smile and i will never forget ur name or forget u not one day in my life cause u are awesome one day i hope to be just like u cause everyday u make me belive in myself and that is what give meself confident i love u justin bieber u will always be in my mind weather i am at school or at home love u with all my heart
posted by Sarah on Feb 19, 2011
Justin Bieber you are the hottest singer in the whole world you are cute and nice to everyone and i like pray because of all the love you put in this song and one day i wanna marry you
posted by desiree on Feb 01, 2011
I love u JB
posted by sammy on Jan 01, 2011
i like u JB
posted by chaesari on Dec 17, 2010
justin i love you u are so cold and cute and handsome and your song very good i love you
posted by elly on Dec 16, 2010
justin if you really read these comments don't listen to the guy named Brian all he is doing is trying to make you feel bad.
posted by elly on Dec 16, 2010
hi justin i really like the song pray it was sweet of you to do that for thoes people.
posted by danitsa on Dec 07, 2010
me encantaria que justin venga a dar un concierto aqui a bolivia en el departamento de la psz mi gran sueño es conocer a justin es uno de mis cantantes favoritos por que canta hermoso y ademas es el chico mas lindo que e visto la nueva cancion de justin me encanta bay te amo i love
posted by carla on Dec 07, 2010
me encanto el nuevo video de justin por que trata sobre los niños enfermos como cancer justin es un chico genial alegre auque no lo conosca se que el un chico alegre me encanta todas sus canciones es un chico genial
posted by jade on Dec 05, 2010
justin bieber i think your song PRAYY has up lifted lots of people who are going through thoes things in life and i love that song and that is what i do all the time of somethinggs rong i prayy becuause i know that is the answer and the keyy to life soo thanks for that song. <3 jade your biggest fan <3<3
posted by carla on Dec 03, 2010
es el mejor chico auque no lo conosca se que el es una gran persona y es por eso que ,e gustan todos sus temass bay
posted by carla on Dec 03, 2010
justin me encantaria que vegas a mi pais mi gran sueño es conocerte me encantas se todo sobre tu vida love justin
posted by carla on Dec 03, 2010
justin bieber es genial me encanta sus musicas en especial lo ultimo pray justin es el chico mas lindo del mundo me encanta todas sus canciones love es mi cantante favorito desde que escuche su primera cancion me encanto todo de el lo amo
posted by maureen on Dec 02, 2010
i want you kind heart. i Love you pray song.
posted by Hi justin on Dec 02, 2010
i want you kind heart.
posted by #1fan of bieber on Nov 30, 2010
thnxx 4r being my inspiration i luv u 4rever jb....
posted by mrs.bieber on Nov 30, 2010
i love justin bieber the one and onley 1 justin bieber fan every and onley
posted by Brian on Nov 30, 2010
Fuck You Gayber
posted by blona on Nov 29, 2010
where are you now. i have need for you...
posted by Brian on Nov 29, 2010
I despise this talentless little faggot, am gonna fucking decapitate his head, packaged it and send it too his family by ups.
posted by Mandy on Nov 27, 2010
Wow this video is just amazing
posted by Ankit (india) on Nov 27, 2010
Really your song is mindblowing i wana to meet you.
posted by camila faraco marinh on Nov 27, 2010
justin bieber vc é lindo demais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by briana on Nov 27, 2010
cute:) ily jb
posted by olivia on Nov 27, 2010
I love you J.B. I wish I can meet in person.
posted by Camille on Nov 26, 2010
I &#57378; you JB
posted by alana on Nov 26, 2010
soo cool ily jb
posted by Genisis on Nov 26, 2010
I am stupid
posted by riley c on Nov 26, 2010
I love you J.B
posted by alicia on Nov 26, 2010
cute amat iya tok
posted by genesis on Nov 26, 2010
justin bieber iloveyou baby

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