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Justin Bieber - Pray

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posted by soccerpro225 on Nov 28, 2011

i love justin bieber and his music so much !!!

posted by pray on Sep 24, 2011

i love your voice and the meaning behind the lyrics but WHY ALL THE GIRLS ARE MAD OF YOU!!!!

posted by honey-honey on May 27, 2011

Awesome,, every song that u singing R cool"

posted by Shafitrie on May 08, 2011


posted by parikrama on May 02, 2011

i need u justin to suport my life,, so I could recover from my pain

posted by lalanilasary on May 01, 2011

i love you jb you voice so handsome and you face .

posted by rusyda adiba on Apr 29, 2011


posted by nithin sanyhosh on Apr 28, 2011


posted by Baby on Apr 20, 2011

I love you J.B. and I like your voice <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.......

posted by pray on Apr 10, 2011

you are so cute love you <3...........<3

posted by edona on Apr 06, 2011

amizing voice so handsome

posted by eyra bieber on Mar 29, 2011

You has beautiful voice..i like ur song..

posted by Jesyntha on Mar 11, 2011

you are nice singer...!

posted by hey on Feb 28, 2011

biggest fan in the world(shariq)

posted by shariq in India on Feb 28, 2011

i luv u justin...

posted by meiyuriayumo on Feb 27, 2011


posted by GENESIS on Feb 25, 2011

i love you JB

posted by FATIN SYAHIRAH on Feb 19, 2011

Yo jb stoll that pray video from micheal jackson. U big dum bitch. Go brain storm! Ass hole...

posted by DJ.SHEAN on Feb 11, 2011

i love him hes sooo sweet!!!

posted by ~Never Say Never~ on Feb 08, 2011

justin b i love you bayby

posted by fofi on Feb 07, 2011


posted by jb on Feb 03, 2011

so best.....

posted by ain on Feb 01, 2011

Nice song .. hope god help them

posted by :) on Jan 30, 2011

i love JB ! :*

posted by levina on Jan 30, 2011


posted by ashley on Jan 27, 2011

I love u,Justin bieber

posted by Ria on Jan 24, 2011

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy u is the best text me

posted by samiyah on Jan 18, 2011

good u u got it now

posted by samiyah on Jan 18, 2011

hey jb you ae awesome(: nd i love yoU* nd this song makes me cry but the words are so truee.... :( ahhhh// yurr amazingg keep it up*(:

posted by jojo* on Jan 07, 2011


posted by Putri imut on Jan 06, 2011

i love u jb. i adore u. im from the philippines. i hope u wil hav a concert here soon. .

posted by jexa on Jan 06, 2011

very nice

posted by teju on Dec 31, 2010

i hope you will my brother posted by emir amsyar(malaysia on Dec 26, 2010

i think it is amazing what you did it is very caring and kind so you get a big kiss of me x

posted by amy temple on Dec 23, 2010

hi bieb's wats up dude m alina ur biggst fan in india i love uuuu so so so so so so so so so muchh bye

posted by alina on Dec 23, 2010

very god

posted by i love on Dec 23, 2010

this is probably justinbieber's best song

posted by Muhsineen on Dec 17, 2010

you're just great!!! keep it up!!! we are always here for you...

posted by hera on Dec 15, 2010

i love jb he is helping me i might die for a thing we have no clue what it is he is my lifesaver

posted by lo lo on Dec 14, 2010

luv u from rumi

posted by my world acoustic on Dec 10, 2010

OMG, you so hot, you perfect!!! I love you!!!!! you are handsome too!

posted by maria on Dec 09, 2010

justin bieber I love you justin bieber chamodi gldanshi gtxov ra gtxov

posted by mari justin on Dec 09, 2010

justin bieber love pliz heavi gldani plizzzz justin bieber

posted by mari justin on Dec 09, 2010


posted by i on Dec 06, 2010


posted by JP on Dec 06, 2010

te amo muito]]

posted by raquel on Dec 06, 2010

He's so cute !♥

posted by Bieberfan on Dec 05, 2010

justin i looooove this video! no matter how much people make of u, please dont let it discourage u! i love u justin!

posted by ariel....iluvjustinb on Dec 02, 2010

this song touches my heart. I absolutly love it.

posted by M&M...Bieberfied on Dec 01, 2010

He Deserves It All I Looove Him :')

posted by Aaisha 786 on Nov 29, 2010

I love this song(: It makes me cry though): And I really hate how everyone ssays hes gay, especially the boys! thier just jealous, he has more money than them, and can get more girls than they ever can. As for the girls... thier just stupid. This man is amazing(: I have bieber fever and I need it cured.

posted by I_have_Bieber_Fever( on Nov 29, 2010

look this video tells nothing but the truth so always be thankful for want you have now

posted by i pray too on Nov 28, 2010

video should show more of him singing

posted by blakmax on Nov 27, 2010

this makes me cry justin is a real person and this song is the best ever<3 #PRAY

posted by missbieber on Nov 27, 2010

So real

posted by merilim on Nov 27, 2010

Justin Bieber can make a change. He deserves to in a stage and sing with the light shining only to him.

posted by JohannaBea on Nov 27, 2010