Hannah Montana's 'Que Sera' Music Video Unveiled

September 04, 2010 04:34:46 GMT

Coming out after 'Camp Rock 2' premiere, 'Que Sera' music video is about two female friends who have fun together.

Hannah Montana's 'Que Sera' Music Video Unveiled
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"Que Sera" music video from "Hannah Montana" season 4 has been premiered. It features Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana hanging out with a female friend in a studio. She is in the recording booth to lay the track, while her pal sits behind the mixing table.

The music video came out Friday, September 3 along with Selena Gomez's "A Year Without Rain" clip. Disney Channel revealed both of the videos after the premiere of its TV movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" which stars Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

"Que Sera" reportedly has been featured in an episode called "Been Here All Along" which aired on August 22. Meanwhile, a compilation of new "Hannah Montana" soundtracks will not hit the market across United States until October 19.

Hannah Montana's "Que Sera" music video


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posted by britneeeeegifdn on Mar 14, 2011
salut cava
posted by avril on Jan 22, 2011
hola soy fan ultima porque te odio podrida hanna montana
posted by selene damonte on Jan 22, 2011
hello my name is selene say tu fan n 1
posted by berfin on Oct 19, 2010
hannah montana yı çoooook seviyorum şarkıarı süper ötesi
posted by queserasera288 on Oct 06, 2010
yeah. she's not in the video.. i'm sure not. she's just too busy to be.. in ordinary girl, she wasn't in the video & now this.. it's not fair to kids. they want to see her face in HER video.. not some chick in a blonde wig pretending to be her. she thinks they're dumb enough to not notice the difference.
posted by pdougie on Sep 21, 2010
wazzsz up!?!?!?!?!?!?! fool
posted by DEEPA on Sep 20, 2010
I love you
posted by Coldfire989 on Sep 18, 2010
That isnt even here in the video or you would see her face. I think she is just done with Disney but had to do another song for them
posted by divine 2 on Sep 12, 2010
posted by Hater on Sep 12, 2010
OK in my opion i did not even see her face and when i did a little it didnt look like her its just like Odrinary girl u never see her face in that either
posted by thaynara da silva li on Sep 12, 2010
ola hanna montana
posted by emely on Sep 08, 2010
i am hannah montana best fan in the world
posted by divine on Sep 05, 2010

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