Angelina Jolie's Bosnian War Movie to Start Shooting in Fall and Involve Many Natives

August 23, 2010 06:44:43 GMT

The 35-year-old beauty is rumored to take the duty behind the cameras and she has announced that the cast will include actors from the various ethnicities of the former Yugoslavia.

Angelina Jolie
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After wrapping the production of "The Tourist", Angelina Jolie is ready to jump on another project. During her surprise visit to Sarajevo over the weekend to meet with members of Bosnia's interethnic presidency to discuss ways to help thousands of returning war refugees, the actress has confirmed that she is working on a Bosnian War love story which will start shooting in this fall.

"Upon leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday, Angelina Jolie stated that she will be in the region working on a film this fall," said the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, for whom Jolie works as a goodwill ambassador. The statement issued on Saturday, August 21 also mentioned, "The film is a love story set during the Bosnian war of 1992-1995, focusing on a couple who meet on the eve of the war and the effect the war has on their relationship."

She has additionally announced that the movie's cast will consist of actors from the various ethnicities of the former Yugoslavia. "I would like to involve as many local people as possible and learn as much as I can," the living partner of Brad Pitt stated as quoted by Reuters.

On her role, national radio claimed Jolie will star in as well as serve as director for the film. However, an article on Allvoices mentioned that the 35-year-old actress will only serve behind the cameras for this untitled Angelina Jolie project.

Angelina Jolie has just graced theaters around the world through her performance in action thriller "Salt". Her next starring vehicle "The Tourist" which will see her sharing screen with Johnny Depp is planned to be released on December 10 this year.


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posted by valentina@ on May 16, 2011
Serbians are guilty and there is no doubt. I know what they did in Banja Luka where my parents lived and i know what my parents needed to do to save their lives. They needed to go to another country, leave their house and their family. They carried thair life in papir bags and like dogs were bandend from their home. I'm really disapointment in Haag. Gotovina, I am with you.
posted by BosnianGirl♥ on Dec 30, 2010
posted by KiriKiri on Dec 11, 2010
why do they show us a muslim who is raped by a serb? o.O srebrenica victims were muslim soldiers who killed more than 3500 serbs in Podrinje region why they don't show us that? or how bosnian muslims beheaded serbs and killed pegant serbian woman and their children? -.-
posted by Mirela on Nov 24, 2010
posted by Baby pink on Oct 18, 2010
several of the comments here were made by a very famous blogger that goes by the name Angelooney Whoreley. There is no one that knows more about this phony individual that continually makes a mockery of charity more than her. Buying headlines in her dramatic overdone cape getup is a bit much...even for the "goth" community. However,its perfect material for comedy.Angelooney is constantly in "high demand" via websites broadcasting Angelina Jolie news. Angelooney Whoreley tells the truth of the matter,as it should be with greatly detailed accuracy. Indeed she is the "talk of the internet"...and for good reason.
posted by Baby pink on Oct 16, 2010
please keep me informed here woman for your new location.
posted by Baby pink on Oct 16, 2010
To: Angelooney Whoreley! my eyes are puffy and bloodshot from staying up late scowering the websites. please register yourself @ x-17. Life is not quite the same without your postings. SonicNik fit is assisting me has proven to be a great help. I think your use of the h word is what did it this time.
posted by SunniD on Oct 13, 2010
Hollywood perverts!!! The women who lived in Bosnia have every right to be pissed at this pervert story. Keep spewing that crap in Hollywierd!!
posted by Anastasija on Oct 13, 2010
To give me a break: I don't believe that bosniandude was making that sort of assumption at all. Interesting that you speak of politics, considering that your brain seems to be ignorant of the fact that Serbs weren't the only guilty ones during that war. But, no matter! Being dubbed as a bloodthirsty monster means everyone will be scared of us and thus, will stay the fuck out of our way! :)
posted by the gent on Sep 30, 2010
Someone should the people over there that this woman is a admitted lesbian. Has commited incest. Has done various drugs. Has been very available for sex with many many people. A sickening amount. I am wondering what disease she may have given to pitt. She should stay in her own country.
posted by oh no on Sep 29, 2010
I would not want this dirty woman depicting my heritage at all. She should stick to drugs and sex with animals, thats what she does best.
posted by iamFilipino on Sep 24, 2010
Ofcourse the chauvinist pigs here will castigate her for her supposed sins. But is anyone condemning Brad Pitt???
posted by iamFilipino on Sep 24, 2010
What do you mean make the Serbians look like the bad guys???? BUT THEY ARE the BAD GUYS! what are you talking about?!
posted by i know why on Sep 11, 2010
The french hate her because she claims french ancestry and then does the most heinous thing imaginable. She broke a marriage. Even the french cant forgive that.
posted by SerbBoy on Sep 06, 2010
Apparently, this movie was going to be shot in Serbia but the owner of the studio she was going to use didn't let her use it because the movie makes Serbs the bad guys. Good for him. Anyways, I can't wait to see it
posted by edward finny on Sep 05, 2010
So far all the parts offered to the locals have been rejected. It seems everyone has heard of Miss jolie and not in a good way. The people over there are diffrent. Woman are not forgiven transgressions of past behavior. In some countries, Miss jolie could have been killed by her husband and lawfully so, to protect the honor of the family. When she was creating such a notorious reputation, she had no idea what fate had in store for her and still doesnt. In short Miss jolie , for your safety, stay in english speaking countries. And the french arent fond of you either, that is odd to me.
posted by Rudi on Sep 03, 2010
I cant wait to see this.Shes a Hero.
posted by give me a break on Aug 29, 2010
to bosnian dude: they don't make it up! Are you saints now, you were helping Bosniaks by killing them? save it for your political fantasies. Your past won't change.
posted by bosniandude on Aug 26, 2010
Woo hoo..another film about Bosnia thats going to make the Serbs look like bloodthirsty monsters and everyone else as a victim.
posted by Alma Duric on Aug 23, 2010
i love this so much! i support this 100% <3
posted by B0SNiiAn Chiq95 on Aug 23, 2010
im bosnian and respect this tones!! <3 way to gooooooo
posted by mary ann on Aug 23, 2010
I thought she was going to stay home for a while and look after her children,,

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