Miley Cyrus' 'Ordinary Girl' Music Video From 'Hannah Montana'

July 03, 2010 07:29:35 GMT

Unlike previous music videos for the Disney Channel's TV series, this clip doesn't not put Miley Cyrus as the main attraction.

Miley Cyrus' 'Ordinary Girl' Music Video From 'Hannah Montana'
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A music video supporting one of the soundtracks for Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" season 4 has been out for viewing pleasure. Instead of seeing footage from the TV series, this clip follows a young ordinary girl who dreams to be a superstar.

Although Miley is not highlighted, she isn't entirely shunned in this clip. In some points, she is seen performing the song in her Hannah Montana alter ego. "Sometimes I'm lazy, I get bored, I get scared / I feel ignored, I feel happy, I get silly / I choked on my own words, I make wishes," she sings.

Beside "Ordinary Girl", Miley Cyrus will also sing a song called "Still There for Me" in a special episode which is dedicated to U.S. troops and their families. In front of many children whose parents deployed abroad, she will sing the track in an intimate acoustic set with Billy Ray Cyrus playing guitar.

Miley Cyrus' "Ordinary Girl" music video


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posted by kacty castro on Mar 01, 2011
Im your #1 FAN!!! i LOVE U and your songs too!!!
posted by jessica on Nov 30, 2010
connait tu justin bieber repond moi
posted by justin bieber on Nov 30, 2010
je t adore miley cyrus
posted by :L on Nov 26, 2010
ugly shits that guy will never go out with you
posted by Mz. New orleans on Nov 24, 2010
I luv dat song it sends a msg ta all teens dat understands wat she's goin through!
posted by aniiiiiitombizaliosi on Nov 22, 2010
dude youre on the top youre wrong alisha whatever her career actually started after cant be tamed she was a loser now a popstar isnt that a big change dumbo alisha and just listen the song ordinary girls its gr8 and wacth the movie the last song well i myself take more intrest in selena watch selenas new hit romana and beezus and movie of 2 sisters
posted by alisha on Nov 22, 2010
youre awful hannah's better than ya hate u after cant be tamed
posted by kat on Nov 13, 2010
this was so great i loved it lol
posted by jeni on Oct 26, 2010
hi... i love this song and the guy is hot
posted by sabbbb<3 on Oct 21, 2010
that guy is soo hottt in th ordinarry girl vidd at the enndd whats hiss nammee?:)
posted by mariaaa on Oct 19, 2010
the boy at the end is called jesse and the girl is called selena. none knows their last names because they wanted to keep it private as the music video was done at a real school and stuffs..
posted by amber x on Oct 17, 2010
the boy at the end is soooooo buff i want him x
posted by loren on Oct 09, 2010
does anybody know the name of the boy?
posted by cloe-ellaaa. on Oct 06, 2010
in all honesty. i want the guy at the end. name please?
posted by matts girl on Oct 04, 2010
wow hannah i have to say that is a grate song you made hun your a veary talented person keep it up and just so you no my daughter is 3 and you are her favorit singer in the wourld grate sob thanks. tiffany vaughn
posted by the boy the boy man on Sep 24, 2010
naaah mate dont u dare fucking telll me to fuck off, you dumb shit that sexc boy willl never go out with you because ur ugly and fucked in the head. so suck your mum kbye
posted by hayley on Sep 24, 2010
whatever jus fuck off
posted by that boy that boy ma on Sep 24, 2010
yes i did say ur mum
posted by hayley on Sep 24, 2010
did u just say my mum
posted by that boy that boy ma on Sep 24, 2010
ur mum
posted by hayley on Sep 24, 2010
um.... okay then
posted by that boy that boy ma on Sep 24, 2010
who you tellling to shut up ypu shut the fuck up bitch
posted by hayley on Sep 24, 2010
shut up
posted by the boy the boy man on Sep 24, 2010
omg omg omg that boyyy is sooooo fuccking buff i love him already likeee ommmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggg HESSS MINE SO BACK OFF BITCHES
posted by clara on Sep 14, 2010
te kelo muto miley eta bueno jajajaja
posted by carly on Sep 14, 2010
eta genial fullllllllllll cheverenge
posted by Hayley on Sep 10, 2010
The guy at the end is SO CUTE!! What's his name?? &#9829;
posted by raed on Aug 30, 2010
the guy at the end of the video is so cute,Iwould love to on a date with him
posted by yasmina on Aug 28, 2010
omfg who is that guy at the end? he is SO hot!!!! whats his name and whats his age? i would totally date him if i got to no him <3
posted by Amber on Aug 22, 2010
hi i love your acting and singing
posted by ilovezach on Aug 22, 2010
ok tht boy at the end is soooo hott!wats his name?how old is he cuz id def date himm
posted by paola on Aug 20, 2010
boring i think thay shod shut up mily ciris
posted by Ashley on Aug 19, 2010
hi miley love the song and that boy at the end was sooo hot i would date him and do u know how old he is i was just wondering and ya that is all i have to say bye :)
posted by t+m=4ever on Aug 12, 2010
how do you get into your hannah montana or miley cyrus videos? do you sign up or what? just wandering because i love your music. i think it is the best thing since martina mcbrides song concrete angel. keep coming up with good stuff like that and youll last a really long time. oh yea by the way my dad is an awsome deejay if you ever need one. lol
posted by t+m=4ever on Aug 12, 2010
hi. i luv this video. its my fav so far. who is the boy at the end though? he is so hot....i wld totally date old is he?does he have a myspace?
posted by angeleia on Aug 10, 2010
this is one of your best songs
posted by missy loves to (pty) on Aug 08, 2010
who is that boy at the end of the song he is so hot and im also a numbah 1 fan of hannah montana and miley cyrus
posted by gina on Aug 03, 2010
i like this song ordinary girl keep it up
posted by vanessa on Aug 03, 2010
miley cyrus i like ordinary girl is good songis adorable is perfect
posted by lily on Aug 02, 2010
hi hannah i love this song i think is the best song u ever written and yr the best singer on disney channel
posted by girllfrend on Aug 02, 2010
that boy is SO cute!
posted by <3 u lotz on Jul 31, 2010
omg i love dis song and who is dat hotttt guy
posted by abc>123 on Jul 30, 2010
posted by lexi on Jul 30, 2010
hi miley im am your biggest fan i have tried to be just like you i think your my role model i love you and your songs it would be so cool just to meet you in person but i guess that will never happen i can never find front row tickets you are my inspiratin i love you<3 lexi
posted by erica on Jul 29, 2010
i love you
posted by BDB on Jul 28, 2010
posted by maria on Jul 27, 2010
hi i love this song
posted by xdancergirl24x on Jul 25, 2010
i totaly love the song i listen to it everyday and i love hannah montana forever,your truly an inspiration to me and its my dream to become you i have a pashion for signing and acting,and the boy at the end, god he is so hott, i love ya mileyy your so pretty and amazing, <3 Sophia
posted by JOEHIMY on Jul 24, 2010
posted by koolkat456 on Jul 23, 2010
posted by KOOLKAT 456 on Jul 23, 2010
posted by Cr8zyB8by1 on Jul 21, 2010
Who is that boy at the end of ur vid he is totally hot!! haha <333 ur #1 fan *Leah*
posted by CaLeigha soccer mama on Jul 21, 2010
Hey love the song!
posted by LOL on Jul 19, 2010
posted by kristin on Jul 19, 2010
who is that boy at the end of the vid! he is adorable!!!!!!!!! <3333
posted by kaylee on Jul 18, 2010
I love the song.
posted by Dazzlinglady on Jul 17, 2010
This isn't that good.
posted by bff on Jul 16, 2010
hi miley i love your songs im your biggest fan ever
posted by fame on Jul 15, 2010
you should date jacob from twilight
posted by actress in the makin on Jul 15, 2010
*hehehe* :)
posted by actress in the makin on Jul 15, 2010
the boy at the end of the vid is cute!
posted by Livine on Jul 14, 2010
the song rocks keep it up
posted by treyonna on Jul 13, 2010
hi hannah yur the best singer on disney channel lolzx
posted by treyoona on Jul 13, 2010
lovin yur music hits
posted by hias on Jul 12, 2010
wow love this song
posted by nikita on Jul 07, 2010
hi hannah i love your music so much i think your awsome
posted by Raju on Jul 03, 2010

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