David Archuleta's 'Something 'Bout Love' Emerges in Full

July 01, 2010 04:22:05 GMT

There is always a chance to get hurt when it comes to love, but don't give it up, so David Archuleta tells his devotees in his new song.

David Archuleta
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David Archuleta has allowed fans to listen to his brand new single "Something 'Bout Love" in full despite the fact that it actually will not be unleashed until July 13. "Call David @ 801.386.8196 to hear his brand NEW single 'Something 'Bout Love' NOW!" so the message on his MySpace read.

"There's something 'bout love / That breaks your heart / But don't give up," the 2008 runner-up of "American Idol" sings on the chorus. Confirmed to be the lead single of David's upcoming studio album, the track will be made available for digital purchase on July 20.

David Archuleta eyes to release the not-yet-titled effort in fall. Recording sessions for the album have been started since he was touring with Demi Lovato in summer 2009 with Matt Squire, Victoria Horn, Daniel Bedingfield and Kina Grannis on board. Earlier this month, he has done photoshoot for the album.


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posted by Ardy on Jul 08, 2010
I am a MUCH older David fan --- loved him on Idol, and have really enjoyed his trek since then. David is nineteen, not 30 or 40. He must sing Top 40 type songs in addition to those killer ballads we all love (I personally really like SBL). Remember, David can sing most anything and he has such diverse interests in music, and he will not disappoint his very diverse group of fans - from 10-years-old to 80 years. What a talent and what a great human being.
posted by music-yes on Jul 05, 2010
Loving this song!!!!! It is catchy, fun and this guy can sing. Sounds tons better than most of the current top 40 tunes. Makes me want to dance - makes me want to hear it again. I'll going to have to buy it because it's stuck in my head
posted by josh on Jul 04, 2010
I am just laughing because those who said this is not his type of song are mostly adult fans who saw him from American Idol as a balladeer. He is a fun loving, quirky guy, but not a type of guy who throws kisses to girls for fame. I am loving this song. It's young, fun and still meaningful. The vocal range is amazing!! Congrats!!
posted by Miss Vicki on Jul 04, 2010
Love David always!!! No matter what he sings....
posted by Kathy on Jul 04, 2010
David did a pop song because he loves all kinds of music. He still sings and performa ballads and slow beautiful songs also. If you have ever been to any of his concerts you would able to experience a very wide variety of songs. His Christmas album was reverent and sang the tradional beautifu christmas songs we all love. Tune into PBS July 4th and you'll hear a favorite Patriotic song being sung by him. He has sung many patriotic songs as various events. So glad he has made an upbeat song for us to enjoy this summer. It is going to be a mega hit!
posted by malia08 on Jul 04, 2010
I love David A., I love this song, I love his balad songs also, I'm his big whatever he sings I love it.
posted by LaLiliana on Jul 03, 2010
Wow! Some people are so fixed on their perception of what David is. David is so talented he can sing and be successful doing a variety of music. The voice he has is extraordinary but David is more than just his voice. He has studied ALL different kinds of music and should have the opportunity to do whatever the heck he wants to in exploring what he is capable of doing. I applaud and support David as a artist who will explore genres, techniques and whatever HE WANTS. I care about him as an artist and as a person. And I am not "cultic" (don't even think that's a word) nor am I "cult-like". I am not fixated on only one certain sound for David.
posted by Katie on Jul 03, 2010
Song is not too bad. I guess it's going to be another long wait for something more meaningful and passionate. David doesn't appear to be that type of singer for this song like Justin Bieber. David is pretty much timid on stage and is not articulate enough to carry on conversations. He's barely getting over his timidity challenge that interferes with his performances. As far as the song, what's that weird whimsical sound toward the end, that is corny to say the least.
posted by Linda on Jul 02, 2010
Come on now, you really think it's what David wanted? I think he just tends to go with the flow. This was Jive's doing in selecting these kinds of writer's for him and take him away from his vocal abilities. How do we know he has time to sing other styles of songs and It's not ridiculous to be in the idol box. This is what made him develop and connect with his fans. I'm for him singing young type songs but "singing" the song not overpowered and commercially done. Jive, I want the real Archie back too. He's been away so long that he doesn't even sound the same anymore which is probably why he needs the auto tune. I'm sure it helps him reach those notes.
posted by Lauren on Jul 02, 2010
I guess that sock person/remax is obviously one of those lunatic clone fans that was described. Sock person apparently has No class in the regard of one's views. I'm sure Archie would be embarrassed by that type of a fan. Needs to go back under it's rock. I also don't like Jive's perspective for David. Just because he is nineteen doesn't mean he has to fall into the disco type songs with auto tune that's identical to the other artists songs. David is far better than that. Jive should have kept this song hanging in the album just to show some versatility and selected the debut song that was more identifiable to the real Archie of Idol. This song type will only gain some tween/teens. Not a lot since most tween/teens are Bieber fans. With this type of a comeback I'm sure he'll lose most original fans who waited practically a year, and for no reason, for something more viable in his music. To downplay David's vocals with the engineering and all that other junk is a big mistake. The song's oh-oh's was undoubtedly taken from the Black Eyed peas,"Rock that Body' and another dance tune by Taio sound "Break Your Heart." It's all the same and they're all a dime a dozen as one said. Jive, Shame on you. You should respect David's vocal talent and keep him in the category his voice is made for. He's too special to sing mediocre songs as this.Hardly a way to establish a fan foundation or keep previous fans. Jive give back the Archuleta of "Imagine," "Long and Winding Road," "Smokey Mountain Memories," This is what the True Normal fans who know better miss and want.
posted by anonymous on Jul 02, 2010
I am an older fan and I love this song, not too over the top with techno stuff, but just enough to keep it in the top 40 charts. The trend these days is techno, so he had to do a single with the trend in order to get it on the top 40 charts and gain new fans. He knows he has a very diverse fanbase so his album will have something for everyone in it like he did last time!
posted by mamakhome on Jul 02, 2010
Well for all those complaining about SBL being 'not David'...STOP! Read his book. It explains how he loves all kinds of music and that he will continue to experiment and try new way to grow in his music career. He's learning how to be a better guitarist as well as a better pianist. He wants to try new things. So let him! I'm an older fan and can't stop dancing to this song. He did the Christmas Album with old favorites so let him be young and let him choose what he wants to sing. He's too good to be put in a box. Honestly give it a rest. David I loved it! You go guy!
posted by hello on Jul 02, 2010
Wow a lot of you say you are Archie fans and what I hear is you are ripping apart David and the song. Look David is 19 yrs. old not 50 he should do a song that is for his age and age group. The techno sound is popular and the sound now days . So what is wrong for David to do music that is popular now. The high pitches are David singing..Not autotune...obviously you have not been to one of his concerts where he sings the high notes all the time. This is a wonderful song that should be a top 40 hit. Go DAvid!
posted by stewie on Jul 02, 2010
I'm just general public here and clicked on a link to give a listen. I think the song is very good.
posted by tory on Jul 01, 2010
this song is hotttttttttttttt - damn david is rocking the hell out of this.... i like this, i like this
posted by Hannah on Jul 01, 2010
Where's our Archie in this? Jive, you've made a mistake, What did you do to David? I thought he wanted to make music that is about "him", This techo is about David? Where's his voice? Why are you covering his voice? Can't here it around all that crap. Don't like this song and music. Bring back the old Archie. We fans who speak the truth want old Archie back. We want better music from Archie!
posted by yummydavid1 on Jul 01, 2010
His voice is great no matter what he sings. He was told on Idol that he could sing the phone book and it would sound fantastic. FANTASTICO!!!
posted by graft on Jul 01, 2010
the description's fine
posted by Maryann on Jul 01, 2010
Sadly David sold himself to the rights of compromise. The song does not even showcase what we all began to love him for and that's the golden voice that we will miss. I'm a fan of David's. I'm just not crazy about this kind of music too.
posted by Nancy on Jul 01, 2010
Of course the majority of response here are primarily from the cultic clique of lunatical fans of "one" site, that will want to force this down on everyone's throats by controlling all comments. It's plain to see their efforts to sway in a cultic manner for new fans to help their egotistical cultic controlling efforts to make this a number one hit song. Reality speaks and says that the song is no different than all other Disney type songs out there. Not unique at all as he was known to be. The "voice" is missing from this bad choice of selection for his debut. The beautiful "voice" is surprisingly ignored and overlooked and compromised for a typical commercial sound. His true voice may never be heard again as he will be forced to repeat these types of songs. What a shame to compromise for the buck and lose that unique talent. The saying goes, "If you don't use it, You lose it," but of course to the lunatic fans, not fanatic, Lunatic, cultic clone types where one syllable that blurts out of David and they are quick to defend to label it as Great or number one worthy. For this,he will already be branded to this type of music. The reality is, that this song is no different than any other Disney artist. I'd never thought I'd say this but Where is Simon Cowell when you need him. As Simon would say, "the song is definitely forgettable."
posted by bridget on Jul 01, 2010
Awesome as always...I luv whatever he sings!!
posted by lct on Jul 01, 2010
Tricia, you have brought up some good points however in this age, people are not looking for talented singers. They follow performers. I feel David needs to get his foot in the door and gain the support from a certain group. In the mean time he is doing ballads, soul, r &b, and Spanish at his concerts to keep the rest of his older fans happy.
posted by tricia on Jul 01, 2010
It's so commercial and really overdone with the techno engineering. His voice is not made to sing how the others do because of their lack of vocal skills. David has vocal skills and they are overlooking his voice to blend in with the other artists. They should have confidence in David's voice and find the right direction for him. The Oh-oh -oh is a take from one of the Black Eyed peas songs and wanted to present this song in that same manner. A very disco eightyish song. Don't like it coming from this talent. Too bad they used all this engineering to drown out his real talent. If they are using this strategy to compete with Bieber they won't win. Bieber is a performer, David is just a singer like Josh Groban and really should stay within that category or you'll lose and forget the true essence of who and what he is about. Stereo typecasting David will have people think this is his true style of music and will never get to know the true talent within him to what he was known for on Idol. VERY Disappointed. I expected something "David" Not this commercial stuff as there is too much of it out there that it's boring and not interesting. I hope back to the drawing board for Archie. If his management company will just let him be him and not try to compete with other entertainers who are geared to sing like this due to their lack of singing skills which helps override bad singing skills. This shouldn't be the case for David Archuleta. Oh well, you live and learn.
posted by dani on Jul 01, 2010
I need this song on my radio NOW!!!! Best song EVER!!! David, how are you even real??
posted by kim on Jul 01, 2010
For whoever says that Something Bout Love is not David or doesn't seem like David to them, then maybe they should be more open-minded. I think it's fine if you love other David songs more than SBL. Fact of the matter is though, artists grow up. They change. They express themselves through music whether you like it or not. I don't think this song should be such a big deal, his first album, just like any artists with a debut album, the label controls everything about it. The music, the look, the promo, everything. Now that it's finally time for his sophmore album to come out, in my opinion, SBL does showcase David. Everything that David talked about, wanting his music to represent him better, I can really notice all that dedication in SBL. I have noticed that this song is kinda risky just because people want David to do this and that, he will do what he decides to do and what he wants to put out for the fans. He has to make music for himself first and love it enough to put it out, so does Jive.
posted by Fiona on Jul 01, 2010
SUCH a great song! Just can't get enough of it!
posted by hi on Jul 01, 2010
there's no it as well
posted by tegan on Jul 01, 2010
Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune. Wouldn’t be a David Archuleta song without a key change, killer bridge and vocal range that eliminates all others.
posted by VJ on Jul 01, 2010
I absolutely ADORE this song! It's so quirky, unpredictable, catchy and fun! I love the vibe and David's vocals ROCK! Go Archie!
posted by Kaitee on Jul 01, 2010
wow I love this song. WOW. I LOVE this song!
posted by Gmax4 on Jul 01, 2010
Yes...even this grammy can get excited and "rock out" to this song!! He can sing anything beautifully! I love it and so will all my little grands when they hear it!!! I especially love all the uplifting, positive lyrics! Way to go David! "Out of the park home run!"
posted by kimk on Jul 01, 2010
omgosh...... I LOVE it! wow... so technopop-ish! Ha....way to go Archuleta! And now all I need is to hear it on the radio!
posted by Jenna on Jul 01, 2010
I am an older fan of David's and I am loving the new single! The vocals are still distinctly and beautifully David, the lyrics are great with an uplifting message and he delivers in a big way with this song like no one else could. Can't help but move around and sing along with this song and I think this is what David needs, another sure fire hit on the radio. I think this song will do the job nicely! I am very proud of David and to those of you who are critical of the song, have you forgotten that David is 19 yrs old, not 50. He can encompass many different genres of music and he does, so whatever he brings to us in music, he brings with a talent and dedication that he puts his whole heart into. I say way to go David, I can't wait to purchase his new single and gift it to others. There is nothing really teenybopper about this song to me. It is radio friendly, great for dancing and David sings it like only David could. He is in his own league no matter what he is singing. Congrats David, will be supporting you all the way!
posted by tory on Jul 01, 2010
Hopefully it will do well on radio and for sure that's why this song was chosen as the lead single. He did an interview this morning where he talks about how SBL is not representative of the album but is a good "radio song." This is good to hear for those (myself included) who are hoping for more honest material on the album.
posted by Violet on Jul 01, 2010
For the couple of people not loving a techno dance song, Jive chooses the single and I think SBL is squarely aimed at summer radio. FYI - just today David told someone that the single is not really representative of the album and that the other songs are more personal. I think that just like the first album there will be something to please every one of David's fans. He has an extremely diverse fanbase, especially in age range and we all have to understand that. I am confident there will be songs on the album that will showcase David's voice. I am hoping for a couple to rip my heart out and hand it back to me with a smile :)
posted by Ariel on Jul 01, 2010
The arrogance and entitlement of some Archuleta fans is mindboggling. You have no say in the direction of his career. David is not beholden to your vision of who you expect him to be as a pop singer. Last time I checked he was a pop singer - of popular music, like this song. The song is exactly the song that he needs to make a reentry on the charts. That is if you want him to continue sustaining a career in the industry as a relevant artist. He is too young to be relegated to the old fogey circuit or golden oldie formats, he's too versatile. I'm not a big fan, but I like what I'm hearing in this song.
posted by Remax on Jul 01, 2010
Oh put a sock in it. There is no 'old' David, only the David some of you have placed upon a pedestal, and locked into a musical box so constricting that anything other than what he was doing 2 years ago on a karoake show is now somehow compromising to his talent. Those who have David wrapped up in those shiny little boxes are in for a rude awakening these next few years, as he grows, and experiments with different styles of music. He is not going to be the next Groban , he never said he wanted to be, and if that isn't clear by now, then there is nothing else that can be done or said. Everyone tied to a contract on a label has to make certain trade offs, and compromises. David has not reached the level yet where he is in control of all these aspects of his career. To expect him to stay in the idol box is ridiculous, and limiting to him as an artist. You don't have to like or love the song. Maybe an examination of who you expected david to be is in order. He is a young singer. Let him be young, sing young songs, explore young themes. He has plenty of time to morph into other styles. It won't happen this early, and giving up this notion that he should be the second coming of Josh Groban just needs to stop.
posted by flinstonenyz on Jul 01, 2010
AAAAAAAHhhhhhhh!!! *fangirl mode on XDDD
posted by Hi on Jun 30, 2010
You've got the lyrics wrong.. it's: "There's something 'bout love/that breaks your heart/but don't give up. No "Always" in there. just fyi.

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