Video: Rihanna Took a Tumble During Concert

April 23, 2010 02:19:57 GMT

In one of her Marseille sets, Rihanna lost her balance and fell on the stage but she managed to complete her performance.

Video: Rihanna Took a Tumble During Concert
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Rihanna almost fell on her face and injured herself when performing at Le Dome in Marseille in France on April 21. During a performance, the Barbadian songstress tripped and fell when running across the stage in her high heels.

The incident apparently was nothing serious as the "Umbrella" hitmaker quickly got up on her knees and regained her composure. The 22-year-old singer then finished her set like nothing ever happened.

Two days prior to the Wednesday incident, Rihanna was briefly hospitalized in Zurich, Switzerland for "an injured rib." There was no explanation concerning her injury, but her rep said everything was okay back then and she was ready to do her next concert after discharged from the facility.

Following her France concert, Rihanna heads up to Frankfurt, Germany and perform in the European country on Friday, April 23. After completing the European leg, she will kick off her 2010 North American tour on July 2 at White River Amphitheatre in Seattle, WA with Ke$ha as her supporting act.


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posted by paola on Sep 19, 2010
that good for idiot rihanna
posted by Carobinson on May 14, 2010
People need to stop hating on Rhianna she is that deal I love her!!
posted by RihannaIs So Stupid on Apr 23, 2010
That is what her stupid behind get. Trying to show out in front of everybody, and fell. That goes to show you how stupid she is. First she let Chris Brown soft behind beat her up and then she fell. Oh and shout out to babygirl and shelly1234. Babygirl you are so true. And Shelly1234 that was hilarious. OMG!!! You actually did that....????? I wish I could have been there. But your right KARMA IS A WITCH!!!!!!
posted by babygirl on Apr 23, 2010
thats good for ugly ass
posted by hot girl on Apr 22, 2010
wish better love her a big fan
posted by PrinceB16 on Apr 22, 2010
WOW.....she needs to be careful...shuffling around on the stage like that with 7 inch heels on can be dangerous.
posted by SHAD on Apr 22, 2010

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