Kristen Stewart to Have 'Extra Special' 20th Birthday, Thanks to Robert Pattinson

April 10, 2010 07:06:39 GMT

Celebrating her 20th birthday on April 9, Kristen Stewart flew to Budapest, Hungary to meet Robert Pattinson, accompanied by her parents, who are personal guests of the actor.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart has a big day to celebrate as she turned 20 on April 9. The Bella Swan of "Twilight" movie series decided to spend her birthday by flying to Budapest, Hungary to be with her special one, Robert Pattinson, Gather reported.

As for Robert, the depicter of Edward Cullen is said planning to give Kristen a special surprise. Reports suggest that he would ask for her hand in marriage after a source disclosed that the 23-year-old actor had been shopping for antique jewelry to surprise her with. And the "Twilight" hunk could also ask blessing from Kristen's parents, who accompanied the birthday daughter to Budapest, since they have become Robert's personal guests.

Moreover, another source revealed that the Tyler Hawkins of "Remember Me" is bent on making Kristen's big day "extra special". "He says he has a special surprise lined up that has set him back a few thousands dollars," a source revealed as quoted by Trans World News. On what kind of surprise that has cost him a lot, the source added, "He won't say what it is!"

Robert is not the only person who wanted to wish Kristen on her birthday. Kristen's co-star Ashley Greene, who plays Robert's sister Alice in the "Twilight" movie series, says, "Hey Kristen, happy birthday! I miss you and I hope your birthday's amazing."

Kristen Stewart currently had her latest movie "The Runaways" premiered in U.S. theaters. In the biopic, she tackles the role of Joan Jett, starring opposite Dakota Fanning, who also happens to be her co-star in the second installment of "Twilight" movie series. The two beauties have since become best friends.


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posted by chica on Apr 15, 2010
pictures have been posted and they were together in hungary and now in london. I say good for her and I am sure he is happy as well! he finally got what he tried out for in the first place, kristen!
posted by Ellie on Apr 10, 2010
If you are going to write about them, make sure to have a picture. How can anyone believe all the gossip going around. Happy B-day Kristen, I really hope you are with Robert this weekend!!!. follow your heart, LIFE is TOO short!!!!
posted by Mrs P on Apr 10, 2010
Did anybody actually see Kristen fly out of the US?
posted by woohoo on Apr 10, 2010
yup,thats true..congratz you both..LOL
posted by quick on Apr 10, 2010
All these stupid reporters should be sued for priniting bullshit stories that is so made of of crap.
posted by shell on Apr 10, 2010
this is the funniest thing i have heard all day !!
posted by demi on Apr 10, 2010
hope this is is true
posted by Nina on Apr 10, 2010
How do you live with yourself telling such lies. You are really the definition of a slimey reporter.
posted by mels on Apr 10, 2010
whoa,happy b-day to Kristen...and enjoy celebrating your 20th b-day.
posted by aha... sure on Apr 10, 2010
PICTURES! and thasn I beliave
posted by ireland on Apr 10, 2010
hope you have a lovely 20th and i hope you really did spend your birthday with rob

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