Mariah Carey's 'Up Out My Face' Feat. Nicki Minaj

January 08, 2010 03:19:35 GMT

Audio stream of 'Up Out My Face' remix which has Mariah Carey collaborating with Nicki Minaj has arrived.

Mariah Carey's 'Up Out My Face' Feat. Nicki Minaj
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Remix of Mariah Carey's single "Up Out My Face" has made its way out. Featuring Nicki Minaj's vocal on the hook, the track is one of the re-recorded singles which will appear in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop repackage of Mariah's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" album.

Earlier this week, a revamped version of Mariah's "Angles Cry" song has also hit the web. In the "Angels Cry" remix, the wife of Nick Cannon who recently won Favorite R&B Artist at 2010 People's Choice Awards joins forces with Ne-Yo.

Both of the re-worked songs will soon get their music video coming out for viewing pleasure. Over 2009 Christmas holiday, Nick brought forward stills from the forthcoming videos for sneak peeks. The "Up Out My Face" images see Mariah and Nicki as Barbie dolls, while the "Angels Cry" pictures have Mariah and Ne-Yo hitting the studio.


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posted by Nini on Sep 20, 2010
ya'll is zo retarded bro 4 real man c'mon ya fell me man those r all stupid comments like ya'll bitches
posted by 2010 qurlx on May 07, 2010
- - aww alL yOuhx hOes need tah stOp hatin cussx yOuhx dnt knO how tah sinqq lyke demm sO all yOuhx haten as wannahx beeh nicki minaj / ( mariah ; ] hOes fall bac ! !
posted by idk on Apr 02, 2010
wat up girl i love you
posted by Dion on Mar 18, 2010
posted by HP on Mar 13, 2010
posted by sdupit on Mar 12, 2010
mann everyone noes mariah carey's tooo tooo old foa nick cannon ! coz she a pedo foa real like seriously dats jus fuken nasty yadda mean ! i mean come on nick cannon your wayyy too good foa mariah carey da old bag ! yuu shouldve jus stiked to christina coz shes hotter den mariah !
posted by JUSTINBIEBERWIFE on Mar 12, 2010
ORITE THIS SOONNGG ISS SOOOO LAMMMEE!!..Mariah should quit singing and start acting or something..nick cannon is wasted!!!
posted by karzey. on Mar 10, 2010
luv dis song......fuk all ya haters...ya wish u was lyk them but u not
posted by tasia bay bee on Mar 08, 2010
mariah is so lame but love the song though cause nicki cause i was on the plane wit
posted by I am done on Feb 19, 2010
Flop alert..
posted by Bye Mama on Feb 19, 2010
Mariah is trying hard to stay relevant at 40 yo. I think she should considering acting or retire.
posted by done on Feb 19, 2010
The Barbie thing is lame. I also think Nicki Minaj is whack. I won't even get into what I think about Mariah because it's a waste of brain cells.
posted by La crazy on Feb 18, 2010
I fukin luv dis song
posted by iiKendraBoo on Feb 17, 2010
Already on my iPod..das how hot dis song is!
posted by niesha on Feb 12, 2010
thiz my song lol
posted by wasme3456 on Feb 12, 2010
omg i love this song!!!!!
posted by lil ash on Feb 09, 2010
posted by diggIng it on Feb 08, 2010
Rude Boy by Rihanna!!
posted by Young 21 on Feb 06, 2010
zzzz zzzz zzzzzz
posted by Lily Gagaj on Feb 06, 2010
This song is for retards. Damn...her primetime is OVAR!
posted by Next on Feb 06, 2010
Flop for the 6th times..
posted by Up Out My Kitchen on Feb 06, 2010
t's not cooked, when I starve Oh we're shattered Ayyy ayyy.. Young Chef, Nicki B'yacht Your such a Dear [Nicki] Mariah, I was in the milion dolla kitchen he was cheatin !!! All up in the counter, he was sneakin with the bacon Lambs away, well the mutton will play. Lol smiley face have a nicer day. Cuz pop pop pop it goes my So stop stop stop chewing that muffin Cuz you was penny pinchin my pizza tray Attention! About Kitchen.. [Mariah] I thought we cook something special, we had something good But I should'n let another cook stealing my food If you see me eating by ya boy, don't you even beg Pretend you are in the kitchen, and I'm on FoodTV Might see me on a pizza, see me at KFC But you won't feed me for free boy, this ain't no Martha show [Bridge] No steak now, Wherever you been eating, you can stay now Gotta board the kitchen tray and put the oven down, I'm on the plane now and don't keep begging from yo McD house [Chorus] When I steak, I break boy Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen (up out my oven), I steak Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen (up out my face), I steak You ain't never gonna eat this thing again (yuky yukh) You gon' get a lot of orders, cause I BBQ-ed to all your friends (laughter) I ain't key-in machine feeling sad That ain't even my order , theft I steak, when I break, I steak (Oprahhhhhh)
posted by Hata cuz on Feb 05, 2010
Is there no such thing as spelling on this website. You all sound so much more retardedthan cavemen. Diz shit fo reals mayne! Haha. You guys crack me up.
posted by cadaiia on Feb 02, 2010
this sonq is mad hott ! i love it ahha.. UP OUT MY FACE BOY !
posted by double- d14 on Jan 28, 2010
the song is soooooooooo hot than that thang.
posted by J\'adore on Jan 16, 2010
posted by &&baddest on Jan 14, 2010
yeah this song pop
posted by *nicki minaj\'s wife on Jan 13, 2010
omg im going to love this song! love u nicki and fuck all th haters
posted by vanna barbie black on Jan 13, 2010
okay cool yall tlakin bou my patna nikie yall just mad
posted by judy17 on Jan 12, 2010
posted by Dakita Bes on Jan 12, 2010
whats up with that i love those
posted by nene nd shae on Jan 12, 2010
oh wow im love dis song cuz i like mariah nd nicki
posted by lol on Jan 12, 2010
this one is going to be hot #1 video for2010 lol
posted by sierra on Jan 12, 2010
this is going to be good u fell me lol
posted by j2010 on Jan 12, 2010
WOW!!! i kno this song is going to be hot because to talented and sexy women on one track.. LOL:) must hear some forreal. haha
posted by lilshaqwtiiondeck808 on Jan 11, 2010
ay diz iz watz up fuccz haterz
posted by UOMF on Jan 11, 2010
"No shame now....(refrein) and no superglue can fix this (when I break) not even a welder and a builder can rebuild this shit (I break) Not even a nailtechnician with a whole jot of jail...can fix this when I break If we were two lego blocks, even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010, couldn't put us back together again up out my face boy"....hah!
posted by taira monique on Jan 11, 2010
got to hear it.
posted by iesha/m.o.e blood ni on Jan 11, 2010
wats poppin??????yall like lil itty bitty piggy/donk:}bt got 2 go bye:}
posted by AD2010 on Jan 11, 2010
Google "Mariah Carey Osama Bin Laden" in youtube... trust me... do it ;)
posted by SHAWTY IS A KILLA on Jan 11, 2010
posted by Angels_Advocate on Jan 11, 2010
Love it! sounds wayyyy better than the top ten now :P (who listens to -ra-ra go ga ga man..geez..wat abt 1,2, a ho!... crabby montana...Up Out OF My FACE!
posted by Jesse on Jan 10, 2010
I love the remixes! Ab Fab! Cant wait for the remixed album "Angels Advocate" btw ~ Angels Cry is beauts....bravo
posted by jamiya on Jan 08, 2010
i like you
posted by deronta on Jan 08, 2010
jamiya seid you a bicth
posted by jamiya on Jan 08, 2010
lol deronta he like you
posted by deronta on Jan 08, 2010
you is find
posted by jamiya on Jan 08, 2010
lol wat up this jamiya
posted by mz.tisha on Jan 08, 2010
i hope its good lol
posted by jazz123 on Jan 08, 2010
Well its not classic Mariah...but its a catchy lil tune ta jam 2 while driving and whats up wit all that crap at da ebd wit da lego comment?? ...Nicki lol crackz me up oh yeah...1st lol

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