Sneak Peek to Mariah Carey's 'Angels Cry' Video Feat. Ne-Yo

December 23, 2009 04:13:04 GMT

Nick Cannon reveals several stills taken from Mariah Carey's 'Angels Cry' music video which will feature Ne-Yo.

Sneak Peek to Mariah Carey's 'Angels Cry' Video Feat. Ne-Yo
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Mariah Carey's upcoming music video which is aimed to support her remixed single "Angels Cry" has been teased through several photos. Beside seen entering the studio with her collaborator Ne-Yo, she is also snapped stepping outside where rain is pouring down heavily.

On what to expect from the video, Mariah's husband Nick Cannon who brings forward the stills, wrote on his official blog that "this video is going to be simplistically genius! No bells and whistles, just documenting history and brilliance." However, he doesn't mention anything about premiere date for the video.

This is not the first time Nick Cannon provides fans with updates regarding Mariah Carey's project. Previously, the "America's Got Talent" host gave away first look at her music video for Nicki Minaj-assisted single "Up Out My Face".

Original versions of "Angles Cry" and "Up Out My Face" appear in Mariah's studio effort "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel", while its remixes are expected to be listed in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop repackage of the album which is due for February 23, 2010 U.S. release.

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posted by hates haters on Mar 17, 2010
u guys are all fools if u dont maraih! the songs amazing and really gives u better insight to love! if u dont love the song ur an idiot... maraih and ne-yo together is pure genius!!! really i mean get a life
posted by Cretea on Feb 15, 2010
I love it.. amazing song... 2 musical geniuses in 1 amazing song. kudos
posted by RIP Mariah on Feb 06, 2010
Madonna sold I million album in Europe..!!!!
posted by Up Out My Kitchen re on Feb 06, 2010
t's not cooked, when I starve Oh we're shattered Ayyy ayyy.. Young Chef, Nicki B'yacht Your such a Dear [Nicki] Mariah, I was in the milion dolla kitchen he was cheatin !!! All up in the counter, he was sneakin with the bacon Lambs away, well the mutton will play. Lol smiley face have a nicer day. Cuz pop pop pop it goes my So stop stop stop chewing that muffin Cuz you was penny pinchin my pizza tray Attention! About Kitchen.. [Mariah] I thought we cook something special, we had something good But I should'n let another cook stealing my food If you see me eating by ya boy, don't you even beg Pretend you are in the kitchen, and I'm on FoodTV Might see me on a pizza, see me at KFC But you won't feed me for free boy, this ain't no Martha show [Bridge] No steak now, Wherever you been eating, you can stay now Gotta board the kitchen tray and put the oven down, I'm on the plane now and don't keep begging from yo McD house [Chorus] When I steak, I break boy Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen (up out my oven), I steak Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen boy (up out my oven) Up out my kitchen (up out my face), I steak You ain't never gonna eat this thing again (yuky yukh) You gon' get a lot of orders, cause I BBQ-ed to all your friends (laughter) I ain't key-in machine feeling sad That ain't even my order , theft I steak, when I break, I steak (Oprahhhhhh) :) :) :)
posted by Done deal over on Feb 01, 2010
Eminem must be laughing hard
posted by Go away on Jan 31, 2010
Mariah is just so tacky with her songs, images and videos. Yukh
posted by Teia on Jan 29, 2010
JLo Everybody Girl sounds much betta
posted by Give It Up on Jan 28, 2010
The 5 GOOD Reasons We Love Queen Beyonce:- 1. She is still sexy after 12 years of hard work. 2. She has never flopped, when you’re fave can barely go gold? 3. She is more talented than your has- been ever was. 4. She sweeps every award show leaving you fighting back tears. 5. She is young : the cover of sport Illustrated..
posted by RIP on Jan 28, 2010
You're 40-years old, Mariah. We get it. You have a nice body. We've seen every curve of it for the past decade. Put on some bras. Please?
posted by Beyonce Forever on Jan 28, 2010
you guys still listening to this boring diva? :(
posted by Sit Down please on Jan 28, 2010
It's a wrap sis @ nothing could save this era now! <DEAD>
posted by jahy on Jan 19, 2010
most of her vocal performances in MOAIA is quite hoarse ad scratchy especially in inseparable and it's a wrap, i think she wasnt able to rest her voice before recording a new albu,m. anyway i love the album, but not the vocals. she needs some rest and diet. anyways luv MC forevah!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lorraine on Jan 10, 2010
t eoshdg gdfo'hgfdo thdfogladfg fshdgofg faghoadf;n fgp;tr;p ptr thldf sapaorpg hgepthg perhgotb ghpfrput gsoetytrbpg th t hobrptgh fht gbhpoh ohgttghp ghpethp
posted by sridevi on Dec 24, 2009
Angels cry could save her ass from falling down. The Dream is a bad,bad producer. Why did she stop working with Walter? It's the only way to top the charts again. She needs good melodies,not some repetitive rnb.
posted by C.A on Dec 24, 2009
Mariah needs to get back with the producers from the emancipation of Mimi! cuz this album is not that good Obsessed only reached to number 10 and 7 on the billboard charts. Memoirs of an imperfect angel reminds me of Charmbracelet she really needs to get back with the producers of The Emancipation Of Mimi!! Please MIMI you need 2 more number one singles to tide up with the Beatles or 3 to pass them! and hun Loose some weight too! i I love Angels cry and i hope is a number 1 hit! love you MIMI
posted by clarissa on Dec 23, 2009
i luv this song...and ne-yo you are cute and you sure do have sum big lips.....lolxxx....just playing but its true
posted by clarissa on Dec 23, 2009
i luv this song...and ne-yo you are cute and you sure do have sum big lips.....lolxxx....just playing but its true
posted by bobjones on Dec 23, 2009
i cant wait to see it, the video will be fab
posted by Jesse on Dec 22, 2009
I luv the song...HATE U is brilliant> Memoirs is PERFECT!
posted by Taylor on Dec 22, 2009
It wil b great mariah and ne-yo.but s0metimes mariah's voice seems to be harsh and tired she should take s0me rest..by d way i love her.

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