Sony Confirms 'Spider-Man 4' Delay

January 06, 2010 04:50:16 GMT

The production halt, which is said being caused by script problems, may cause a delay on the film release schedule.

Sony Confirms 'Spider-Man 4' Delay
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Sony Pictures has prolonged "Spider-Man 4" holiday hiatus until an undetermined date. A source for the studio has confirmed that production for the film is being postponed. "Some decisions have been made over the holiday about 'Spider-Man 4'. We will be extending the production hiatus on the film," the source told Deadline.

Additionally, the source believes the film may not meet its summer release schedule in May. As for the reason of the delay, an unfinished script has been said as the root of the problem. "The studio is firmly committed to this franchise but, for us, the script must come first," the source further told Deadline.

Back in December 2009, there was rumor that the production for fourth "Spider-Man" film was halted because Sam Raimi and studio heads could not agree upon a villain. The helmer was reported pushing hard for the Vulture to be the villain, but the studio wanted any villain but Vulture. However, the studio later denied the news, insisting that that crew members were merely taking a two-week Christmas break.

"Spider-Man 4" is produced by Avi Arad, Grant Curtis and Laura Ziskin with David Lindsay-Abaire and James Vanderbilt hired to write the script. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are set to reprise their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson.


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posted by Taparup on Jan 19, 2012
we all love Tobey.So we wanted that Tobey perform as spiderman in spiderman 4(NOT ANY ONE)
posted by azhar on Dec 22, 2011
Let venom return with carnage and spider man would take help from sand man it would be better and exiting. And we want only tobey to play the role of peter/spiderman not any one else it wont suit others.
posted by 12326T on Jan 02, 2011
posted by JAK BEAVEN-DUGGAN on Sep 25, 2010
who going to be the new villain of spider-man 4
posted by Spidermansuperfan on Jul 02, 2010
We need Tobey... the story would be missing, and would seem harder to relate to, without the original actor. My villian that I would choose, would be electro. Vulture, ehhh not so much.
posted by ,K;MK; on Apr 12, 2010
posted by Meeso on Feb 16, 2010
We want tobey ..
posted by Grey-Spider on Jan 07, 2010
holy shit a spider man 4 lol this sould be epic!!!

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