Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Album Previewed

November 04, 2009 02:54:16 GMT

Fans can listen to 30-second clips of fourteen songs from Adam Lambert's upcoming album 'For Your Entertainment' on Amazon's U.K. website.

Adam Lambert
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Less than three weeks from its release day, Adam Lambert's major-label debut album "For Your Entertainment" has been previewed. All of the fourteen songs in the album can be streamed for 30 seconds on Amazon U.K.

Among those made available for short stream are Rivers Cuomo-written song "Pick U Up", which is added to the album on the last minute, as well as "2012 (2009)" soundtrack "Time for Miracles", which becomes the album's bonus track. Snippet of "Strut" which is co-written by Kara DioGuardi and Adam is also offered.

"For Your Entertainment" is slated to hit U.S. market on November 23, facing off Rihanna's "Rated R" and Lady GaGa's 'The Fame: Monster. Led by its title track, the album is described by Adam as a mix of "guitar, live drums [and] a real rock sound."

Adam Lambert is scheduled to take the stage of Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre on November 22 for a live performance at 2009 American Music Awards. He will be joined by Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, DAUGHTRY, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.

"For Your Entertainment" album can be previewed on Amazon's U.K. website.


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posted by alphabitz on Nov 09, 2009
Wow! It sure sounds as if Adam knows what he's doing -- with a little help from his friends, of course. I can't understand why some are complaining that this isn't _____________ (fill in the blank - a reincarnation of AI songs, more rock, more ballads, etc.) If they had paid attention, they would have heard Adam say he was going in a different direction ... It's obvious that e does NOT stay in one place very long, judging from his pre-Idol musical life: show songs, cabaret, electro-pop, rock (with Citizen Vein). He seems driven to 'keep pushing the boundaries' -- and, isn't that what we admired about him from the beginning?!?
posted by tara on Nov 07, 2009
LOVE it - Cannot wait....pure heaven
posted by Samii on Nov 05, 2009
OMG This Stuff Is Pure Rock...Adam Lambert Is The Next Micheal Jackson...
posted by lovinlambert on Nov 05, 2009
Seriously siiiiiick album just like Adam said! I cannot wait to get my hands on this cd! Such a variety yet all great! All Adam! So glad he is doing his music, his way! I will buy anything this awesome singer puts out! Love, love, love his music and him! P.S. why people have to say negative things is beyond me - didn't your mother ever tell you if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all? too much negativity in the world! just saying... Glad Adam is putting out his music which makes my world happy, happy, happy!
posted by Mally on Nov 05, 2009
Some of those ballads sound like they will really showcase his voice. The others--full of energy. I wonder if people are going to overanalyze his music instead of just enjoying it. Do other artists get such scrutiny or is it because he is new on the scene?
posted by Britt on Nov 05, 2009
Adam Lambert's songs all sound fantastic. I just can't wait to buy the CD and listen nonstop.
posted by beth on Nov 05, 2009
the AI live stage and the real world live stage are 2 very different things. I pray he doesn't start doing that gyrating head-rolling nonsense he did on the Idol tour in front of seasoned artists at the AMA's. Adam, please hire a choreographer!!!
posted by mariah on Nov 05, 2009
This cd will sell to people who support pop music. This cd will disappoint those of us who want unprocessed, raw, soulful music where the artist is the artist, not the bleeps and sounds that surround him/her. I hope future albums will in fact embrace more of that rocker edge. This stuff sounds too much like Lady Gag Gag and Britney mixed together. Sad, sad sad.
posted by heyheyhey on Nov 04, 2009
And I meant to say clap, clap, clap, and bravo to all the folks who put sweat and energy into this album.
posted by heyheyhey on Nov 04, 2009
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Bravo.
posted by golden_rod98 on Nov 04, 2009
I don't like any of the tracks. The music is so loud you can hardly understand what he's saying. Most of the songs they all sound alike and just a lot of screaming. Why? Why all the screaming.
posted by JA on Nov 04, 2009
AMAZING! Can't wait for the CD! And those who don't appreciate good music should refrain from condemning Adam!
posted by JUDE on Nov 04, 2009
Adam has a great voice, why drown him out with such loud music.
posted by kdmorgan on Nov 04, 2009
love adam...he is true to what he said the cd would be..he did not tell anyone it would be rock...i am a classic rock when he did whole lotta love...but he did say this would make you cry and dance..would be is what he is a cd full of filled songs...awesome ballads featuring his amazing groves..fye is friggin hot...time for miracles is amazing...people call your radio stations and is a cd with large variety..not it
posted by YAWN on Nov 04, 2009
His music is boring and his music is as fuugly has he is.
posted by nanny on Nov 04, 2009
I do not understand why someone would make a harsh comment on Adam's album. Are you guys really critizing his sounds or you just want to say something bad because you are haters. If you have clean ears, you would know what good music are. His album is one of the best and gold is written all over it; even radio talk shows agree with me
posted by JJ on Nov 04, 2009
I just love him as a singer, so I'll buy anything he has to offer.
posted by HEPHAESTION on Nov 04, 2009
posted by Adam Phan from Phill on Nov 04, 2009
I fell in love with every track except If I Had You immediately. I will wait and hear that one in it's entirety when I get the cd. I loved Soaked, Fever, Whataya Want From Me?, Broken Open, and Aftermath the best so far, but that's just from the snippets. It's really amazing when you have a cd and you don't have to push the skip button for any tracks. Adam rules!!!
posted by Erika on Nov 04, 2009
Overproduced electropoop! What in the world happened to our Adam, the rock star? This type of music is trash. What a colossal waste of a tremendous talent.
posted by marlock276 on Nov 04, 2009
If you don't like the songs or Adam, don't buy the album, and move on to something you like, K??? :-)
posted by Janette on Nov 04, 2009
FYE sounds fantastic. Everything Adam sings sounds great.
posted by marjorie2009 on Nov 04, 2009
I love it. Hope adam gets laods of airplay. If electropop is the ones that makes the hit on radio. Then go go go!!! will buy the CD.
posted by Tagrid on Nov 04, 2009
I'm sure glad I got to hear Adam's clips a few times last nite - cuz they're gone now :( I was hoping to listen to them a few times a day until the 23rd - so I could be totally familiar with the sounds when my CD arrives. So sad.
posted by Jenn on Nov 04, 2009
If you can't find them you can go on Youtube to "For Your Entertainment Snipets" and scroll down. Or the Amazon UK site.
posted by Jenn on Nov 04, 2009
I have listen to the snipets since yesterday (when does that ever happen??) I have to say this album is KILLER!! It is ecletic covering 70's, 80's, and also some current stuff , rock and ballads - They are all tied together by one magical cord - Adam's voice!! IT is Epic!!!
posted by Eliza on Nov 04, 2009
Adam's music is CRAPTASTIC and boring.
posted by elvii on Nov 04, 2009
I was just at the site and you cold only preview 3 tracks. Am I missing something?
posted by Jody on Nov 04, 2009
Where are the guitars, the drums, the Rock and Roll? Not here. Where's the guy who can sing 'Ring of Fire''A change is Gonna Come''Life on Mars'? This cd is major disappointment because Adam is far better than this music. Fever, Soaked, Time For Miracles,For Your Entertainment,A Loaded Smile, I hear him sing, all I get from the rest is bored. The beat is good, I'll play the CD for the the basic music, but I expected R & R and didn't get it.
posted by betcrml on Nov 04, 2009
This is so awsome!!! did not hear one snippet I didn't like. "Soaked" will mesmerize everyone. I know what I'm putting in everyones xmas sock this year!!!
posted by esquire on Nov 04, 2009
it's just a snippet but i'm lovin' what i'm hearing! WOW! i usually don't buy albums because i only end up liking 2-3 songs on it BUT this one is different. i can't freakin' believe i love 12 of them!!! this dude is a chameleon...where the hell did he come from?
posted by Blair on Nov 04, 2009
a brilliant singer of Life On Mars, A Change is Gonna Come, Feeling Good, If I Can't Have You, Come Home-I wanted lots more of that,but this CD will have it's place, it's got beat, but I want to hear Adam do another album that showcases his voice, his vocals soar, touch celestial rhealms and move souls not just bods.This is pleasurable pop music.
posted by angelo on Nov 03, 2009
i cant hardly wait to buy the album- i hope it's nov.22 already..
posted by Jen on Nov 03, 2009
I liked it all,and Soaked and Fever gave me butterflies in my stomach, and I lost track but I like it all.
posted by LInda on Nov 03, 2009
It's awesome. It's got it all!!!!!!!! Adam u should be proud!!!!!
posted by adam rocks on Nov 03, 2009
OMG the snippets are amazing! Everything he promised and more! I was worried that there would be only one style, but he does mix it up with ballads, rockin tracks and electro pop. Glad we get to hear his beautiful voice. Can't wait for November 22 when he performs on the AMA's. What's he gonna wear? What gender will his back up dancers be (LOL!). The FYE single is suggestive. Can't imagine how far he will push it with the live performance. Saw him on the AI tour and his dancing to the Bowie Medley had people in a sweat. He is going to explode onto the stage in full Glambert glory. Can't wait.
posted by Stephanie on Nov 03, 2009
Adam was my chosen "Idol" from the show. Hearing this, he is my one and only personal "idol", no more voting (a joke anyway) no one else could sing these songs but Adam.He's soooo smooth, everything flows.
posted by jtc on Nov 03, 2009
holy s***,the beat, the lyrics I heard from snippets are goin on, getting real. I want to hear the whole thing, but so far it surpasses all my expectations. Great sound.
posted by Vicky on Nov 03, 2009
Barf. All the hype for a big dud.
posted by Angel on Nov 03, 2009
From the snippets, I already love Muse's Soaked, A Loaded Smile and Broken Open only because it's ADAM voice that dominates. I just wonder if this electronic-pop style can be produced without drowning ADAM's voice which is the most beautiful instrument of all. It should be the focal point because there's no other like ADAM. I love the danceable tunes but don't like it if the electronic sound competes with ADAM's singing. I believe some are over produced. But it's ADAM, thus all songs will be great listening pleasure.
posted by Tracey on Nov 03, 2009
I loved Time For Miracles, then For Your Entertainment, and it is incredible, but the whole CD sounds great from what I listened to. The whole CD !I'm glad I pre-ordered, it might sell out quick.
posted by brian on Nov 03, 2009
All the talk about hype; Adam put it to bed with this one. Kudos lambert, you knocked it outta the ballpark and into orbit.I'm ready to buy.
posted by Jared on Nov 03, 2009
Got it right.Every friggin track moves. This is what feeling a song does. It plays.
posted by mar926 on Nov 03, 2009
I listened.Now I'm jumpin' It's dope,it's sssiiiiiiiiiccccckkkkkk! Perfect. I knew it, but.... Well, Adam delivered ! Total magic. It flys.
posted by ianaleah on Nov 03, 2009
It's current, it's radio ready, it's magnificant. The kind of CD to play repeatedly. It's a feel-good album and thankfully, I can say, it sounds fantastic. Wooohooo!
posted by JLM on Nov 03, 2009
Listening to the snipets I am totally blown away by what I hear. There is only one song that I am skeptical about. I am just beside myself wanting to hear this entire CD now!! Adam you truly delivered and you should be damn proud!! Stand back folks - Adam has arrived - WOW!!
posted by Anneika on Nov 03, 2009
I'm soo anxious to hear all new songs from Adam's FYE album. It will be the best X'mas listening to his amazing voice and dance to his tunes. Hurray!!!

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