David Archuleta's Parents File for Divorce

October 16, 2009 08:12:20 GMT

It is the second time that James Jeffrey and Lupe Marie Archuleta have filed for divorce.

David Archuleta
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David Archuleta's parents, James Jeffrey and Lupe Marie Archuleta, are divorcing, Radar Online reports. The legal documents obtained by the site show it is James who initiates the divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce thus marks the second time that James and Lupe seek to dissolve their marriage after reconciling following another divorce attempt back in 2002.

Among the terms of agreement that James and Lupe have in regard of their separation are custody, child support, alimony, and the division of their properties. The twosome who has five children together agrees to share joint physical custody of their three minor children. As for James, he asks that Lupe be ordered to pay an approximate $349 in child support each month.

They, however, agree to split any additional costs regarding the children and have waved any alimony requests. As for their house in Murray, Utah, they have agreed to sell the house and split the proceeds, Radar Online claims.

Comment is yet to be made by James or Lupe regarding the divorce report. Their famous son David also hasn't addressed his parents' split.


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posted by Tiffany Dunbar on Dec 10, 2009
I will def. Be praying for David,and his Fam.I'm a huge fan of his,and am a very caring,consernitive person.Will always love,and support David no matter what.Becuz all I want to do is to be a friend to him.Love him so so so much Big Big Hugs to David from his Biggest fan!!!!
posted by mar on Nov 12, 2009
this is crap jeff just wants to ruin david's success.
posted by nti on Oct 27, 2009
Tetep semangat, bro..!
posted by archieislove on Oct 26, 2009
umm just let the family go and just let them workm it out all you have to do is pray for david and his family. just pray for him. god bless david archuleta. and people don't be putting david or his family down ok that is just not right. sorry but it is not nice to call anyone names. i love you david archuleta i will pray for you and your family.god bless you forever david.
posted by peter roddick on Oct 21, 2009
i think james and lupe should think once again of this topic because it can effect their kid as well as their life.
posted by myrayka04 on Oct 19, 2009
I feel a little bit uncomfortable with the timing when the news were spreading. Everytime something good happens to David something negative always spreading right after that. It's like an effort to let David down and keeping him from soaring. But with God's willing and fans' love and support, David will still be soaring high. For him the sky is the limit. I hope that God gives David strength and wisdom to deal with all this stuffs.
posted by violet4ever on Oct 18, 2009
Your facts are incorrect. Those are not the current terms of the divorce but apparently you do your "research" by copying the Enquirer. Besides, this is not really news. What's news is David's gorgeous Christmas album and his upcoming tour.
posted by jeff needs to go awa on Oct 18, 2009
jeff needs to go awayyyyyy... and stay away from david's career... he is more liability than asset, and i am tired, so tired of hearing his name... if i never hear his name again it's too soon... what a two faced lying hypocrit, what a douchebag lying piece of scum, putting his family through this... hope lupe takes his sorry as to the cleaners, and praying david comes out of this stronger, and wiser... yeah - screw you jeff archuleta.. david is who he is not because of anything you did, but in spite of you. go away.
posted by fed on Oct 18, 2009
posted by malia08 on Oct 18, 2009
I believe that we only know part of the real story. We read from the news that most of the time are exagerated and full of negativity. Leave the problem to the family. All we should do is continue to pray, to support and to love David because that's what fans are for. I'm sure that everything will be just fine for David because he is such a sweet and kind young guy. May God bless him always.
posted by lawypop7 on Oct 18, 2009
People have no way of telling the press when to release news. Jeff filed for divorce in Feb. I don't think it is Jeff but possible JIVE that wants news coverage. I think all the fans of David should be praying for everyone in this family, including Jeff. The media reports inaccurate facts so many times. I pray that David's family can figure this all out without anyone saying bad things about anyone in their family. Jeff is David's Father and it would hurt David to hear what you are all saying about his Father. EVERYONE makes mistakes. It is between the family. We should not say anything negative about anyone. We should love and support David and his family. Let them keep this as a private family matter. It should be about David and his music. Which by the way is AMAZING.
posted by um on Oct 16, 2009
It's like if he isn't the center of attention. He does something to be just that. Jeff, we hate you.
posted by omg on Oct 16, 2009
How much money does that happy ending creep need to pay for his prostitutes? Just remember Godric Gryffindor was about the only person in the movie whom wasn't killed, thats because he was already dead. Jeff we don't like you and not only did you cheat but you insult with the money thing. You should "ask" for the eletric chair after what you put sweet David and the family through.
posted by maxie2go on Oct 16, 2009
Palm to Heart @Virtue: Yes, 12AM Eastern Time. For fans in other countries just search time in New York, to be on time. This will be a total Fan Base Prayer for David and his family. Total DJA Fan unity, please. Forgive me for not replying today is very busy. If you have Twitter, tweet me there with DM (maxie2g0) that's 2g zero not oh. Palm to Heart
posted by archangel48 on Oct 16, 2009
Divorce UGH! thoughts are with the children as they deal with all the ugliness surrounding them. Stay strong David. You are a true testament to the power of faith and family. Yours will need you.
posted by acdja on Oct 16, 2009
It seems that everytime David releases his albums Jeff does something to try to overshadow Davids success. Is his self-esteem really that low?????
posted by Virtue on Oct 16, 2009
I will certainly pray for David Archuleta and his family. They are always in my prayers. (Maxie, is it 12 Eastern time?)
posted by maxie2go on Oct 16, 2009
Palm to Heart Angels, at 12AM tonight 10,17 09(technically Saturday) please take time and say a prayer for David and his family. Pray as long as you like in your own way. Please repost(copy & paste) this in whatever David James Archuleta site or blog you enter today. We want as many of the fan base as possible in prayer at 12 tonight. Thank you Angels... Palm to Heart
posted by VTacoKitty on Oct 16, 2009
I agree with all of you. Last time before his summer tour started, Jeff said the whole prositute crap and then this right after his Christmas album. That's not even fair! I am so happy that I am not the only one that is mad at Jeff. He totally just split the family. Luckily, David is old enough so he decides what he wants to do as well as his siter, Claudia
posted by Ice on Oct 16, 2009
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