First Promo of 'Gossip Girl' Season 3: WTF

August 10, 2009 09:52:18 GMT

If in the last season the show uses OMFG, this season it is utilizing WTF, which also means Watch This Fall.

First Promo of 'Gossip Girl' Season 3: WTF
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The first promo to the third season of "Gossip Girl" has been shared by The CW. Now that the Upper East Siders are no longer in the same school, controversies, dilemma and conflicts are bound to happen. Chuck, true to his playboy nature, hits on a new girl while his relationship with Blair still goes on.

"Gossip Girl" season 3, which is premiering on September 14, will follow the Upper East Siders to the college years. Blair, Dan, Georgina and Vanessa are all enrolled in NYU while Serena goes to Brown. Chuck runs his family's business and Nate goes to Columbia University.

"Gossip Girl" was a big winner at the 11th annual Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 9. Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford won Choice TV Drama Actress and Actor respectively while the series itself was voted as the best drama. Ed Westwick also got his share of victory, taking home the Choice Villain category.


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posted by natehottie!!\"! on Sep 15, 2009
you are the hottest thing at the universe
posted by mary on Sep 13, 2009
who is this song?
posted by anonymous on Sep 13, 2009
"get your american girl, and your poreless skin, and GET OUT!" omg i love blair!
posted by ads on Sep 11, 2009
gossip girl is amazing and its a show idk why ppl are saying oh they all sluty.. the couples they chose are good and if everything stays the same on the show then it gets boring you gotta spin the drama around!and the preview isn't suppose to give away to much thats why it goes fast makes you want to see more i think those who complain about the show shouldnt watch it lol! i personally love it
posted by MaRiA on Sep 08, 2009
first of all...i belive that blair and chack is the perfect couple!!i cant wait for season 3(14 februare)!!!i love gossip girl!!!does anyone know something about season 3??? pleasee let me know if you know something!!!!X.O.X.O you know i love you gossip girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
posted by QueenB on Sep 05, 2009
I love GG and all the glamour but I agree not having any of them go to Harvard, Princeton, or Yale definitly took away some of the prestige. And anyway Blair belonged at Yale with Nate.
posted by reeya on Sep 01, 2009
nate and blair, then on to serena, then blair again, then vanessa, then jenny then back to vanessa, then back to blair.. who next nate in the circle? jenny? georgina?
posted by dkn2101 on Aug 31, 2009
ok, they're not ALL going to NYU, but enough of them are that it's just awkward. i really only see Vanessa and possibly Georgina at NYU truly...
posted by dkn2101 on Aug 31, 2009
have to agree with yumchuck that following them to college is a bit awkward. also, the fact of the matter is the way Dan & Blair blew their chances at Yale last season was a bit disappointing. Having them all go to NYU and forgo the ivies just kills the "prestige" factor the show was originally going for
posted by Gosip girl on Aug 30, 2009
XOXO you know you love me.. Gossip Girl
posted by SpArKlE on Aug 25, 2009
Gossip Girl is hell wicked...there is alot of drama with each character which makes the show good to watch!!!!
posted by shawel on Aug 25, 2009
if all of the audience are logically good enough...i really don't think that the characters possess bitchy tangy thing...there modern type of literature is highly appreciated and they really rule a lot...its just a matter of passion if you really understand each lines that they utter...go GG...xoxo!!!!!!!
posted by Brooke on Aug 22, 2009
I love GG. Keep up the good, "slutty" work!! Previews are great - they don't give too much info away - just teasers! i like.. and can't wait for new season to start :)
posted by dylan on Aug 21, 2009
season 3 is going to be so good, i hope nate and vanessa get back together along with serena and dan !!
posted by Jizi on Aug 18, 2009
Lonely boy is a very confused and misunderstood character
posted by yumchuck on Aug 18, 2009
ok so on gg up till now they kept it kinda close to the books... sept for the hole lilly-rufus, blair-chuck thing. but following them to college? thats just wrong! high school IS gossip girl!
posted by a girl on Aug 17, 2009
I can't wait the Season 3.
posted by blah blah girl on Aug 14, 2009
i wach gossip girl from canada on free american chanel CW
posted by Me on Aug 12, 2009
what channel will it be on in Canada??????
posted by jole on Aug 11, 2009
this looks awesome,i cant wait.YAY
posted by Annie on Aug 10, 2009
Sorry, but that is a shit preview, its all over too fast as well. Looks like they're maybe going for a funnier angle this time...
posted by Ashlee on Aug 10, 2009
It wasn't a bad preview at all, lots of their promo's are very similar. They were just showing main parts.

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