Rihanna's New Album to Have More Rock 'n' Roll Materials

July 13, 2009 09:05:48 GMT

Words on the street suggest that Rihanna will mash up rock 'n' roll and pop sounds in order to keep the R 'n' B tune in her new album.

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Rumor has it, Rihanna's upcoming studio album will carry more rock 'n' roll sounds than her previous effort "Good Girl Gone Bad". Though so, she reportedly will keep the R&B tune by mixing the rock materials with pop sounds.

"The album will be full of musical styles and will mark a change for Rihanna and her fans, who will not be disappointed with the result," so Rihanna Daily wrote on its site. "At the moment nobody has recorded, with the exception of those with the singer Chris Brown, which were canceled and will not appear on the album."

Furthermore, several duets between Rihanna and undisclosed featured guests will be included in the new record. Other details about this studio project are still under tight wraps, but earlier last month, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Kanye West were rumored to hit studio with her. She was also claimed to team up with Trina to diss Chris Brown.

Most recently, OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, Soulja Boy, Shontelle and Pharrell Williams were said to help Rihanna working on the album as well. Up to date, there is no clue on when she will drop the effort.

Beside being busy with her own project, Rihanna also managed to give some advice to Sugababes on choosing materials for the British group's new album. She has been listening to Sugababes' new songs and "saying what she liked and what she didn't."


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posted by TheBlaqueProfessor on May 20, 2010
Rhianna is not a whore, but she plays one on TV. She's being guided by a bunch of patriarchal black men who lead with their penises, ie, but be physically beautiful according to their standards and have a voice that can be computer generated, and there ya go. Beyonce is only better because she can actually sing, but she, too, plays a whore on TV. Sad thing is that these young girls, black white, Hispanic, and foreign, are playing whores in America's streets and chics like Beyonce and Rhianna are partially responsible for that. Too bad. . .
posted by najee on Nov 14, 2009
rihannas new album is going to be better than GGGB. For those who jumped the gun and said it sucked. Get ready to see hit after hit roll of of rated R. This is an epic album, mark my words.
posted by rihannagayboy on Aug 29, 2009
I love rihanna shes the best,an you haters are trash...hope ya all die!!!love u rihanna
posted by MOntel on Aug 24, 2009
Man yall need to stop hating. rihanna is the shit! cant wait for the new album
posted by alex on Aug 09, 2009
i used to like rihanna. wat changed 4 me, is after chris beat her ass, she took him bak. i knw people always say that i wasnt in that position, but if he hit u once and u take him bak, thats jus bein stupid and givin him more chances to hit u again. i prefer beyonce, at least she can sing and dance and write her own music. like she sings divas get money, rihanna aint no diva cuz she gets hit.
posted by Bianca on Aug 08, 2009
I think that song she did with Chris Brown, "Bad Girl" is hot and she should release that song just without him on it. Get someone else to be on it in his place. If she has released and I'm just late in hearing it then she should re-release it still with someone new on it instead of chris brown. there's no sense in losing a hit just because of a featured artist. It's not his song it's hers.
posted by Mary on Aug 03, 2009
OMG Ihr seit alle scheiss dumm ejj Rihanna ist voll die geile Frau man..!! Und sie ist voll talentiert...
posted by tj on Jul 19, 2009
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you rihanna
posted by tj on Jul 19, 2009
Rihanna's new album is gonna blow us away. I love the song Te Amo. I can see that she is working hard on her new album and i wish her good luck and hope she gets the success she deserves. I cant wait to see her at the awards when she will be awarded for her 4th album. i cant wait till her album is released
posted by tj on Jul 19, 2009
Rihanna has and amazing voic and she has a stromg voice also. Rihanna is one of thmost versatile singer thus far in the music industry. Rihanna combines style, personality and compassion in her music, you can see it in her music videos as well as live performances. Rihanna has a very unique voice that God blessed her with. Rihanna's voice is very flexible she can do anything with it and when she starts acting, she will evolve into MEGA STARDOM and become e legend. Wait and see. Im a huge rihanna fan and though she messed up i stand by her because im a real fan!!!
posted by micky on Jul 16, 2009
This album is gonna be dope. She will blow us all away!
posted by Lizard on Jul 15, 2009
Somebody teach this girl how to sing !!!!
posted by Rihanna Fan on Jul 15, 2009
Rihanna is defintly the greatest thriple threat female artist.(Talented,Gorgeous and Confident).I will be always br Rihanna's # 1 fan.I very excited be buy RiRi's next album.
posted by zay on Jul 15, 2009
man u kno if u dnt like ha so much y da fuc is u settin comments shit. to me dat dnt make sence mane u kno what riri do yo thang and fuck dem hatas with da stupid ass
posted by @luis on Jul 15, 2009
Luis either you are very delusional or just a plain tasteless person, unaware of what makes singers good. Rihanna is a whack singer. She just doesn't hit notes and all she does is prerecorded or tracked with computers to make her sound decent. Rock implies firstly you can play an instrument and write songs. She won't do rock, just like she couldn't do R&B for real. She's an impersonator of trends, and a faker. Get over yourself: Rihanna is showbiz at its worst level. And all she can do is feeling herself. Sickening.
posted by luis on Jul 14, 2009
she has more talent than rock's singer. i'm sure it
posted by Maneater on Jul 14, 2009
Rihanna is a freakin slut. talentless slut. Give space to gal who can sing, and not just this Barbie in black skin. She's making serious music lovers sick.
posted by Malina on Jul 14, 2009
Rihanna can't sing.. please don't let her trash rock... (though nobody mentioned in the article does rock, so... why call the album so?) Rihanna sucks as singer. She's just a talentless poser who sleeps with everybody so she can get help and contracts. Whore.
posted by hotstuff on Jul 13, 2009
good luck with that riri hope you don't embarrass yourself girl
posted by Mick on Jul 13, 2009
I agree, Rihanna sucks. She should keep ruining "R&B" with her fake weak vocals, and avoid to trash "rock" (though none of what the producers that are mentioned could attempt could really be seriously taken as "rock"). Rihanna should do what she does best: acting like a whore, and try to get back that idiot that she didin't have guts to send to jail (cos she does love being punched over, it's clear). She's a hooker, nothing more.
posted by Babe on Jul 13, 2009
HGurl can't sing! She is whack with RnB and she will be dreadful with rock (well, rock... bubblegum rock if any!). She just can't sing. BUt computer and all the gotha of producers will help her anyway. I can espect more videos where the only thing she does is feeling herself and dress like a slut. This one and Chris Brown are scum.
posted by me on Jul 13, 2009
uhm back off rihanna is ahmazing! gorgeous and talented! get over yourselves!
posted by tanja on Jul 13, 2009
rihannah you are the best of theeeeeeeeee world

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