Tori Amos Premieres 'Welcome to England' Music Video

April 03, 2009 07:33:51 GMT

In 'Welcome to England' music video, Tori Amos takes fans to the Palace of Westminster and other famous places in England.

Tori Amos Premieres 'Welcome to England' Music Video
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Tori Amos has debuted a music video for her single called "Welcome to England". It gives a look at famous places in England, including London's Palace of Westminster, where Big Ben, the world's largest four-faced, chiming clock stands.

"Welcome to England" is a ballad track written and composed by Tori Amos herself. The song will be listed in her upcoming tenth studio album "Abnormally Attracted to Sin", due to come out in U.S. on May 19.

"I wanted to make a treasure, something people will value," Tori says of the new album. As a precursor to the new effort, she has previewed several new materials from the record during South by Southeast (SXSW) Music Festival earlier on March 19.

Tori Amos' "Welcome to England" music video


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posted by umang on Aug 21, 2010
its interesting but ilike venice
posted by maja vanacker on Sep 09, 2009
I Love you Tori Amos
posted by orion\'s scorpio on May 21, 2009
Welcome to England has a deceivingly good mystical dimesnion to it, with references to magical paralell worlds and the like. Check out Andrew Marvell's poem Definition of Love, for his use of paralell loves. Her 'throaty' voice gives the song this slow growing solemn like gravity that crystallizes eventually into 'beauty like' expansiveness and breadth with the scenes from England) as an inherent quality to the piece.
posted by ++++ on Apr 12, 2009
tori always has had a great writing style. her albums are more like novels with a melody.
posted by dcnamenlos on Apr 12, 2009
then i shall go to england.
posted by John on Apr 07, 2009
i love this xx
posted by Goblin on Apr 03, 2009
Lol, the writer seems to have googled 'Big Ben' and borrowed the text from Wiki (no offence meant). Whole video is shot in London. For those who want to know - Gold Statue is the 'King Albert Memorial, Big Ben is better known as being part of the Houses of Parliament. Other London Landmarks shown - Embankment Bridget, St Pauls Cathedral, 30 St Mary Axe (the gherkin). Big Ben btw is the name of the bell not the tower.
posted by yo goblin on Apr 03, 2009
understandable tho.maybe its just cos he's never gone to enland

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