Video Premiere: Chris Cornell's 'Ground Zero'

November 05, 2008 04:16:55 GMT

On his 'Ground Zero' music video, Chris Cornell lands the part as a troublemaker who gets chased by Jason O'Mara.

Video Premiere: Chris Cornell's 'Ground Zero'
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Chris Cornell has debuted a music video for his brand new single, "Ground Zero". Shot in Brooklyn with a small crew, the music video includes scenes from the ABC's crime-drama TV series, "Life on Mars".

On the newly-released music video, Cornell plays a shady neighborhood troublemaker while Jason O'Mara, who also lands the part as a detective on the TV series, portrays an officer hot on his tail. On one scene, O'Mara chases Cornell through the streets. During his escape, Cornell crashes to a fast-running car but somehow manages to survive.

"We shot it on the street there, and we didn't have any extras or anything. It was really just a small crew and me, and a lot of it's just me on the streets of Brooklyn, intercut with footage from 'Life on Mars'," Cornell revealed to MTV News about the whole filming process of the video. "I interacted with people on the street during the shoot, unbeknownst to them, so it was pretty funny. I'd just walk up to people and shake their hand or start talking to them. Everyone was really polite and didn't know what to do. Most of them were just trying to figure out what the hell we were doing down there."

"Ground Zero" is a song written by Cornell himself teaming up with Jim Beanz and Larry Gold based on the story of September-11 attacks. The track comes off Cornell's upcoming Timbaland-produced effort, "Scream", which will hit the U.S. stores early next year.

In the meantime, Cornell is working on several tour dates. Fans can peek at his touring preparation on his newly-released blog site. Its entries have, so far, dealt with everything from a dream he had about Layne Staley to his touring preparation and set list choices.

Chris Cornell's "Ground Zero" music video:


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posted by ss on Nov 19, 2008
Chris is hot, but this song is weak.
posted by scse9000 on Nov 15, 2008
i like him better as casino royale, long hair on him sux
posted by nowagon on Nov 13, 2008
poor shit!
posted by leo on Nov 12, 2008
sure, the guy can produce hip hop, one hit wonders etc, but Chris is not shit hop. i really hope there is some strong material without timbalands crap mixing.
posted by zzzzzzzzzzzz on Nov 11, 2008
posted by Christian on Nov 10, 2008
It's really weird listen to Chris singing songs like this... I hope the rest songs of the new CD will be different...
posted by hardsilver on Nov 10, 2008
this sounds so...generic. Hope the new cd has some better material than this. I'm a little worried.
posted by Alejandro on Nov 09, 2008
Last year I went to Cornell's concert here in Chile, and I expected it since I was 12. When I heard this single really dissapointed me. I know he has the right to do any music he wants, but is nothing like what I heard last year or what I expect from such an excellent musician as Chris. I hope the album is different, and please don't work with Timbaland again. Best luck in the new release!!!
posted by slave2themusic on Nov 08, 2008
I can hardly wait for the new album to come out in February. I love what I have heard so far and find your new groove quite refreshing! Cornell's voice has never sounded so strong and pure.
posted by donak63 on Nov 07, 2008
Chris is getting older and still the best in his field he has earned this right to sing whatever he wants! That is just how talented he is I like his old as well as new so leave him alone for all of you out there! He has always had alittle hip=hop soul in him! He's cool as ever!
posted by INGRA on Nov 07, 2008
Me encanta la musica de cornell, soy fans desde los 10 años, pero esta canción me deja plop!!! Saludos desde Chile
posted by Chrill on Nov 07, 2008
WTF!?! I loved your earlier works chris, but, What The Hell Man! Don't turn over to doing this mainstream semi-Hip-hop stuff! (although I must point out that the chorus was quite ok)
posted by bodyman247 on Nov 06, 2008
This sucks. it's a sad sad day fellers........
posted by bjorn on Nov 06, 2008
Cmon Chris you can do better than this hip hop stuff, hope you go back to your real music..
posted by Kurtcobainutero on Nov 06, 2008
Don't Like it....sounds more like Bob Synclair and looks like too than Chris Cornell from Soundgarden or Audioslave or whatever he did before...
posted by hotmakeupchick on Nov 06, 2008
Chris, you're hot and so's the new album! I'm a diehard fan and times change in deal with's the same heart and same voice pouring out! Love you Chris! <3
posted by 5eb on Nov 05, 2008
wait a minute Chris Cornell...Soundgarden, Audioslave... and now he's teaming up with Timbaland for some hip-hop-ish tune???
posted by BFD on Nov 05, 2008
Everything this guy does is amazing!!! I thought it was really cool! He's as cute as ever!!

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