Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley on the Verge of Splitting

October 10, 2008 04:12:04 GMT

The couple is said to have been growing apart for months and he adds fuel to the split rumors as he was seen holding the hand of an unidentified woman at a Los Angeles club recently.

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley on the Verge of Splitting
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Bad news comes from Avril Lavigne as rumor has it, her marriage to musician hubby Deryck Whibley is on the rocks. The National Enquirer broke the report that the celebrity couple, who has been married for more than two years, is on the verge of splitting.

The magazine cited a source as informing Avril and Deryck have been growing apart since she started her world tour earlier this year. "Deryck isn't motivated in his own career, so he's been drinking and partying," the source revealed.

Adding fuel to the rumors of possible separation, Deryck reportedly has been spotted attending an event at a Los Angeles nightclub recently, during when he was seen huddling at a private table and holding the hand of an unknown woman. A spokesperson for Avril and Deryck had not yet returned requests for comment. Neither of the singers also has comment on the extent of their relationship.

Avril and Deryck, the guitarist and lead vocalist of band Sum 41, began dating in the beginning of 2004. The couple then got engaged in June the following year and tied the knot in a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony on July 15, 2006 at a private estate in the California coastal city of Montecito, located about 87 miles northwest of Los Angeles.


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posted by kesen on Feb 14, 2010
i m crazy
posted by xenia on Dec 28, 2009
This thing is so sad..:(
posted by xenia on Dec 28, 2009
omg...i can't believe so sad about my favourite singer(avril) and Deryck....
posted by you were saying? on Oct 04, 2009
looks like they split!! you were saying??? HAHA doing great my ass!! press was right afterall.
posted by heythere on Sep 02, 2009
Psh. Avril Lavigne isn't punk everyone. Anyways, I agree with the person who likened this story to the one where she was supposedly pregnant. 99.9% of the time, stories in the tabloids aren't true. This is utter shit. They're doing great.
posted by sum41 fan on Aug 10, 2009
i really hope thery're relationship doesnt end. they're like the best punk rockers there are.
posted by avrilILOVEYHU on Jul 02, 2009
wtf ,, im so confused ayy . this is retarded and fake ITS NOT TRUE ! there hot together :L JKSJKS .. oi fuck htis sounds fake but its pribly true daytmn i teriible fan aya !
posted by Avril Fan on May 24, 2009
ha no way is that true
posted by Punk Princess 16 on Mar 30, 2009
I don't know if it is true or not because i read that Deryck is trying his best to win her back with spending 9000 dollars of cloths and 35,000 dollars on a balck leather purse and diamond watch but avril seems to be partying with Brandon Davis or so i've heard
posted by avril_sum41 4ever! on Mar 27, 2009
oh I don't believe it...these are lies!!!!!Actually, what is the reason of breaking up....jurk people who the only thing that they like to do is to gossip other people.........
posted by PunkPrincessRules on Nov 12, 2008
Well. I don't know anything about this. I mean, does Avril kno anything about this.Does Deryck no about this either? I would say its not true
posted by I Love Avril on Oct 17, 2008
Yeah i think its a rumour, like they thought avril was pregnant, its soo easy for a rumour to go round, its Sh*t, GO Avril And Deryck
posted by realist on Oct 15, 2008
perhaps the rumours of her stong appetite for other women when on tour is true
posted by FMH on Oct 15, 2008
I'am so sad.I hope AVRIL resolute in facing the misfortune...~_~
posted by avrilsnumber1fan on Oct 14, 2008
im not really sure this is true but i tink it is
posted by serena on Oct 13, 2008
Why you guys believe in everything the prass say???
posted by AV-FAN on Oct 12, 2008
I'm so sad.
posted by lilkunta on Oct 11, 2008
This is y ppl shouldnt rush 2 marriage. I think a minimum of 3yrs is how long ppl should date, followed by another 1 yr engagement.
posted by lovavril on Oct 10, 2008
they wun!he accompanied on some of her tour days...even like a few days ago!!!!AVRIL, DUN DO IT!I ALMOST CRIED
posted by BS on Oct 10, 2008
What a bunch of crap, Avril's relationship is strong.
posted by magz on Oct 10, 2008
I knew, he is bustard
posted by avrilrocks07! on Oct 10, 2008
ignore guys avril and deryck's relationship is as strong as ever!

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