Preview of 'True Blood' Episode 1.03: Mine

September 15, 2008 06:34:10 GMT

The third episode of the HBO new series will see Sookie trapped with Bill's three vampire friends who decide to give themselves a treat.

Preview of 'True Blood' Episode 1.03: Mine
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HBO's new series "True Blood" have folded its first two episodes and is moving towards the third one which will be called "Mine". The September 14 edition provides the next week chapter where bar girl Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is trapped with Bill Compton's (Stephen Moyer) vampire friends.

Vampires Malcolm, Diane and Liane get a hold of Sookie but retreat after Bill saves her. Back at Merlottes, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) and Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) come to the rescue of Sookie also in a bar fight. Sam himself is seeking a remedy to his loneliness while Tara is dealing with her alcoholic mother. Jason, meanwhile, turns to Lafayette, Merlottes' cook, for help with his problem.

"True Blood" is the latest from "Six Feet Under" creator Allan Ball, that tells about years when Vampires and human being can live together due to synthetic blood invented by a Japanese scientist. Sookie who has the special ability to listen what's inside people's head, is withdrawn to Bill who came to her town with no clear reason.

"Mine" will air on Sunday, October 21 at 9:00 P.M.

"Mine" Preview:


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posted by Ang on Sep 21, 2008
You should have seen the Bloodties show!Also the guy from Moonlight was good looking.Both shows have been canceled:(
posted by happy on Sep 21, 2008
this show is going to make me get hbo. seriously caught an episode at a friends house and am hooked.
posted by <33jm on Sep 21, 2008
omfg, i will invite bill in anytime;)
posted by Stormynyt on Sep 19, 2008
"Bill" can "come on in" anytime, anyhow; I think he is soooo sexy, even the way he just LOOKS at Sooki. Yes he is one fine looking man!!!!
posted by Alohau7272 on Sep 18, 2008
I think it was a mistake, because Episode 3 Mine is set to air Sunday, Sept. 21 at 8PM CST. I can't wait!!!
posted by SheaMia on Sep 17, 2008
Why is the third episode going to take so dang long? Does anyone know where I can catch the third episode now???
posted by mveguita on Sep 16, 2008
Ilove this show! Can't wait for episode 3. Stephen does an amazing job as the sexy vampire Bill.
posted by Captain-Pineapples on Sep 16, 2008
Check out NY-LON. I'm sure that the dude who plays Bill (stephen moyer) is in it! Delish! :D
posted by Kenny on Sep 16, 2008
damn good show can't wiat for ep 3 and more !
posted by amanda on Sep 16, 2008
ugh the books are so much better! but i love the show its great! Bill was alot hotter in the book than the guy playing him in this series..
posted by suski on Sep 16, 2008
"with no clear reason" Whats up with that?
posted by wyn on Sep 16, 2008
Stephen Moyer is poised to be People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. He is one fine looking man uh, vampire.

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