Katy Perry's Parents Ashamed of Her 'I Kissed a Girl' Song

August 18, 2008 09:37:52 GMT

The latest critics coming for her highly-successful single, actually came from her evangelist parents who consider the lyrics 'shameful and disgraceful'.

Katy Perry's Parents Ashamed of Her 'I Kissed a Girl' Song
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Taking the fall of the success for her hit "I Kissed a Girl", Katy Perry has to endure criticism from her own parents. Instead of getting praised, the daughter of evangelical Christian preachers is deemed "shameful and disgraceful" with the lyrics of the song that promotes "sin".

Speaking to, Perry's mom, Mary Hudson said, "I hate the song. It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting." She added that this is no longer a secret, saying, "Katy knows how I feel. We are a very outspoken family and she knows how disappointed her father and I are. I can't even listen to that song. The first time I heard it I was in total shock. When it comes on the radio I bow my head and pray."

"I Kissed a Girl" has been a huge chart success with it topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven consecutive weeks. Not only the lyrics are considered promoting homosexuality, the music video also sees Perry wearing lingerie and minimum clothes, not a typical thing daughter of pastors would do. Within the lyrics in which she is involved as co-writer, Perry croons "I kissed a girl and I liked it / The taste of her cherry chapstick".

Despite the claims and the 'gay' persona that Perry reflects in her music, she herself is dating a man. She is the girlfriend of Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, who has given her a promise ring. On this issue, Mary shared her words, "Katy is not a homosexual but I fear she has been led astray by the Hollywood crowd. I pray all the time that God will work through her and help her find salvation."

However, Perry who has previously vowed not to kiss her female fan during a concert, did exactly the opposite earlier last week. She kissed a reportedly lesbian fan named Jenna Buhmann at her concert in Washington.

Perry started her career singing in churches and local restaurants in Santa Barbara. She even released a Christian album in 2001 under the name Katy Hudson. "Katy was spotted by a music producer who invited her to LA. That's when she started to change," Mary recalled.


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posted by s on Apr 07, 2012
They're clearly stupid for thinking homosexuality is bad.
posted by messedupcelebrities on Sep 03, 2011
Katy made a choice and no is to blame for that but herself, every person has a choice and she sadly made the wrong 1 in my opinion. Parents of Katy, I'm praying right beside you, there's still a chance for you Katy! We all have reasons to choose, and some are for the wrong reasons.
posted by TC on Mar 08, 2011
what would Charlie do?
posted by TC on Mar 08, 2011
I love the song, but I watch celebraties lives fall apart when God is last I am not talking about Gay vs straight - I am talking about morals and values. So, I would say she should just be careful. If you start out in church and move to the modern pop, it can be too much too fast so I think she just needs to make wise choices and stay alert. That's all - I am not anti gay - I am against the "bad is cool" era. But, being gay is more of a biological situation that a biblical one.
posted by Rose on Feb 07, 2011
You People who do not know God and the bible just shut up. I was once like you people who think i am so happening, open minded and mature and proud of my wide world view. All LIES.It destructs the soul. Her parents pray for her to fall back in line is because they knew God and want her relationship with God to be restored. im not saying its right to condemn her but she has been robbed and blinded with lies hence the abuse of her talents. Wisdom has departed. So what if she's enjoying 'the real world' and exploring. What you feed will live and what you starve will die. We cannot just ignore and let her be without intervening because we are accountable to God. I too was sliden back and done many bad things. However i had people of God that really helped me to keep myself in check which i knew it was for my life eventho i hate people telling me what to do. God loves all people but loves too much to leave you like that. Love the sinner hate the sin.
posted by Secret Gurlie! on Jan 04, 2011
I Luff Katy Perry And No Matter Wht Im'a Still Luff "I Kissed a Girl" I'm Bi-nation So Yh, Mary, Katy's Momma Can Go Pray Somewhere Else, Let A Damn Girl Be Bi Or Lez For A While...Live Her Damn Life!!
posted by unkown on Dec 09, 2010
TINALOVE!! It was jus a joke!! n i guess i didn't get it, i wonder y? For my opinion u shud take a chance n find a christian church, n attend da services!! Then u'll kno wat her parents r goin through!! Wen u do!! Write sumdin smart 2 me!! k:) bye bye!!!!
posted by rachael on Dec 08, 2010
just because the parents don't believe it is right to encourage homosexuality does not mean they are prejuduce or hateful. That is just their belief. Homosexuals have the right to believe what they feel is right too. In the end a difference of opinion does not mean that a person is mean or hateful. We should respect others opinions even if it is not our own. No one should be putting down homosexuals and no one should be putting down christians. Opinions that don't agree with what you believe is not hate. Hate are the opinions that are said with a hateful rude attitude.... God does love everyone and yes he even loves the homosexual...he loves the person but does not like the sin. We all sin...even if we are not homosexual. Just because I say this does not mean I am being hateful either...just my opinion respectfully. In the end we all have free choice and free will...God gave us that choice because he loves us.
posted by crisis on Dec 05, 2010
you guys are all nuts god gave us free will the end
posted by tinalove on Dec 04, 2010
thats not very christian of you. surely you wouldnt want someone to burn in hell for simply having their own opinion? - just like you have yours. the christianity views that you possess is frankly disgusting and I feel sorry for you needing something to believe in to get you through life, rather than enjoying the present.
posted by shmooxx on Nov 24, 2010
if I were a parent of hers id much rather her be gay than be with a nigger
posted by unknown on Nov 12, 2010
i really agree wid da parents!! i'm christian 2!! 4 those who said bad stuff about christianity just shut up!! u guys don't know jack bout it!! n don't talk bad bout da bible as well!! how u guys kno it was written by morons!! if u guys spend time readin it n lil less time surfin da internet watchin u kno wat!! u all get a clue bout wat her parents r goin through!! u guys r such idiots get a life!! at least katy perry have parents dat deeply love her to even care!!! IDIOTS!!! hahahaha!! i will watch u guys burn 2 eternity HELL!!!
posted by Reality check on Aug 29, 2010
Here is the bottom line! We each will physically die,one day. Our spirit will enter into the eternity that we chose,while on Earth. Next will each face God,for our personal day of judgment. God will then send us to our eternal home. Heaven,for the saint,the lake of fire,for the wicked. Better think real hard about your eternity! It happens and it is a choice! Look up 2 live and live ready!
posted by poor katy... on Aug 04, 2010
shes a rebel!!! haha her music is great and she should be free to do do what she wants
posted by lmr4i on Jul 21, 2010
I personally think her mom and dad are embarrassed becus they are pastors...I feel most religious people care about what other people think which shudnt b the case
posted by Mattman704 on Jul 11, 2010
I have a problem with her kissing girls too. Not because it's wrong or I have a problem with lesbians or bisexual girls.. nope. I have a problem with it because it's just one more female mouth not wrapped around my junk. No more, no less.
posted by pkkid on Jun 18, 2010
okay, im a pastors kid too. God loves EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! black or white, girl or guy, GAY OR STRAIIGHT
posted by ben on Jun 15, 2010
"...not a typrical thing for the daughter of a pastor." Clearly this author doesn't know very many pastors' daughters.
posted by OnlySaneOneHere on Jun 04, 2010
I like how you people think that homosexuality is a choice and what not. I have a gay uncle and he tried for so long to be what you people call "normal" he tried to be with women but he just didn't feel comfortable. Some scientists (and they are religious) have speculatated that homosexuality could possibly be genetic. Think of down syndrome, an extra chromosome developed during it's growth in the womb. The same could be said for homosexuality, an extra chromosome developed causing brain chemistry to wire the sexual orientation of the person differently that what society considers "normal"
posted by antipersonnel on Mar 18, 2010
I'm not religious, but I have respect for all religions, including Christianity. However, I can't tolerate narrow-minded bigots. So your daughter writes a song about promoting sexual deviancy...oh my fucking God the world is going to end! Katy Perry, you're talented and awesome, keep rockin'.
posted by stephie69 on Jan 30, 2010
I just wanted to say that I am a born again Christian and from Alabama and I love rock & country music, but as Christians we should live like Jesus, and always ask ourselves would Jesus be pleased with the way I live my life. We are suppose to be a witness to others by the way we live. People need to stand up for what they believe in and not be ashammed to say this is biblically wrong. I back her parents totally and I feel like Katy would still rise on top with her talents without bowing to what the world wants!
posted by katy\'s good on Nov 15, 2009
Okay everyone shutup because katy is just a singer okay so cool down and if people are fans like me thats good but if your not a fan thats good to okay? i like every songs she do like I KISSED A GIRL or HOT N'COLD so plz STOP!!!!!!!!
posted by Fantastico on Oct 13, 2009
Great to see her parents live by the convictions of their beliefs. More power to ya Perry folks as you say what you mean and mean what you say!
posted by Reb Wilmot on Oct 13, 2009
her sound is amazing. she's talented, I kiss girls. I'm a christian thank you. that's my real name, look me up on Facebook if you want to say something about what I've said. :) xx
posted by 14yr old boy on Sep 15, 2009
posted by Dancing Mad on Sep 01, 2009
THE BLIGHT THAT IS HATRED SHALL BE CLEANSED AND ESTINGUISHED!!! hell craves your hate and it absorbs it heaven only rewards love! so by all means let the hate consume you! its a virus, you hate and then teach your children to hate, and those you hate return the hate, an endless cycle that you began, we want it to stop we need it to stop (we as in humanity)
posted by dangerouxsvannah on Aug 25, 2009
i hate u
posted by cat on Aug 18, 2009
and you wonder why Muslims hate America. When the big one hits blame Katty and you morons and soddomites who support her...
posted by girl on Aug 10, 2009
I personally think this song is horrible. i persoanlly know katy and her parents. and to think that she would even make a song like that just descusts me! EVERYONE PRAY FOR HER!!!!
posted by KatyBigFan on Jul 09, 2009
I sometimes think that Katy is a back-slided Christian. I was so shocked to hear that she was a Gospel singer which is actually good. But I don't think her songs promotes homosexuality. I'm a Christian and I have fun hearing her songs. She just wants attention just like any of those rising stars. Like me, I'm a Christian, but I don't listen gospel songs though. I always like songs that are pop, that has a beat, makes you dance. Just like Rihanna's, Lady GaGa's and of course, Katy Perry.
posted by OPENMIND on Jun 12, 2009
posted by !@#r+a+a+V+G#@! on May 04, 2009
I think it's a good song that let's her express her real feelings. Her parents can say what they want to say but they don't have to say it's disgusting because all it does is make controversy and they should be supportive of one of their children having such a talent and being able to put it out their and have such success because not everyone can do that but you should understand everyone has their own opinion why make a fight about it? is it causing something bad in YOUR OWN life ? i don't think why get all freaked out about let people say what they feel and no need for nonsense not everyone is into religious beliefs and they don't understand her parents that's why people are like "oh her parents mean they don't have to say that oh go to hell" no it's not the solution there is no solution if people have talents and in their talents they show their that's great because you know other people keep it all inside and die with it they can become depressed and shit because of it i think it's a good thing to let it out.
posted by anonymous on Apr 28, 2009
Okay, first of all, this is a free country. If people want to do something you wouldn't do, fine. I'm not saying i'm a homosexual, but i'm saying that she can do what she wants, because a)she's 24 and b) it's a free country. I'm gonna stay neutral.
posted by Guy on Apr 18, 2009
Its just a song. If her parents wanna get all mad about it let them. Its none of our business in the first place, now is it? People are always wanting to stalk celebrities and salvage whatever little information they can get from them and/or their family. I for one believe in what the Bible has to say and that homosexuality is wrong. But I don't see people going around posting stuff like this-"Hey! I just heard Jeff Foxworthy might possibly be a FAG!"(Not really Jeff Foxworthy's awesome.) We should let homos do what they want if they burn in Hell for it its there own fault who are we to stop them. All they have to do is ask for forgiveness and change and then they'll be okay but most people aren't going to do that so I suggest gettin over this and going on with your life, because a month from now you are going to hear something even more stupid like-"Hey! I just heard Justin Timberlake is on the Moon!!" (And really I don't care he's a queer anyway.)
posted by KatyPerryIsTrash on Apr 10, 2009
Coal burning nigger loving whore. If I were her parents I'd be alot more concerned that she was fucking an ape.
posted by letitan4ver on Apr 05, 2009
ya seriously Katy i dont blam ur parents for being ashmed
posted by godchick on Apr 01, 2009
just beause she wrote that song dosnt mean she is bad. the song is catchy though. katy just needs god in her life to point the direction. and its our job to make good and bad desitions. that is how we learn. and to the parents of katy.......LAY OFF BASTARDS....jesus forgives her. jesus still loves her alot. i dont even care if katy has sez with a girl or is porn with one. god will always forgive her but her part is to ask for forgiveness....and i thought the story was that she kissed miley cirus
posted by postmodern on Feb 21, 2009
Shock sells.
posted by normalhumanbeing on Feb 20, 2009
I hate this song so much, i turn off the radio if it starts. Unfortunately they've played it too much! There are enough sick people, there is no need for a son like this. I wouldn't let it being played anywhere.
posted by yohomedoggiedogs on Feb 07, 2009
Her parents are pastors at my church!
posted by Wake Up People on Jan 26, 2009
Who the hell cares about America's latest pop no talent? I feel gay for actually writing on this page. How does that make everyone else here look? Get a life.
posted by iheartkaty on Jan 21, 2009
to lastassholestanding ; keep it up, and u wont be standing much longer. ull b in a morge.
posted by iheartkaty on Jan 21, 2009
katy rocks. period. if u hate her, well, shut up, and go burn in hell.
posted by dediff.betwina chris on Jan 21, 2009
hahahaha. she made a christian song at 2001. f***** hilarious. when the final comes, she and most Hollywood actors that are gay supporters go to hell.
posted by Katie\'s fan on Jan 18, 2009
dont hate Katie jus becaus u r jelous hope all haters go burn in hell !!!!!
posted by aby on Jan 18, 2009
i like katie's song like hot n cold but i think Katie went too far on I Kissed a Girl!!!!!!
posted by grace on Jan 08, 2009
she's not a virgin, she lost it at 17, the same age at which she put out a christian album-i wonder what they think about that?
posted by big l on Jan 03, 2009
nigger lover
posted by i love wat katylover on Dec 31, 2008
shut up ACE89 go jump off a building
posted by i love wat katylover on Dec 31, 2008
fuck all ya bitches/haters
posted by =( on Dec 27, 2008
She is going down the long black train and one day, she's going to crash hard if she doesn't wake up and realize what she's doing. I hope she realizes it before that happens.
posted by samson on Dec 22, 2008
just wanted to say that it breaks my heart that people don't understand the simple things in life... i know katy's parents keith and mary hudson they have visted my church in alabama. I just want to say that there family loves her very much and we as people should pray for her...after all we should love people not talk bad about them! just my 2 cents. We want people to stand up for whats right, but when they do we get mad at them... homosexauls are wrong for there sin, but God is not unjust he says every liar, homosexual and etc read the bible to see what it says about sin... we are all guilty... ask yourself if you boke any of the ten commandments... but we don't want to be preach at do we?? NO!! why because we love our sin till it kills us then we are like OH God!!! just a thought think about it...
posted by hipichick on Dec 05, 2008
okayyyy so i dont like that song either but they do not freking have the right to say that...:(
posted by Vegetables on Nov 26, 2008
Agree with her mom. I don't like "I kissed a girl" Ahh.. damn this song!!! But, I realy rely realy realy realy like her style and "Hot n cold" much better
posted by Katylover on Nov 17, 2008
Fuck evrybody that doesnt like Katy Perry they could go and burn in hell!
posted by Sewelly on Nov 14, 2008
Religious nuts for parents, nice. Shit song by the way.
posted by bob da builder on Oct 29, 2008
i love her song i kissed a girl if i was her boyfriend i wouldnt like her going round a kissing girls cause im susposed to be her boyfriend so yeah i woulnt like it
posted by ace89 on Oct 26, 2008
I think most of the people here are missing the point. I strongly agree with what Sapphire said... KATY PERRY IS NOT PROMOTING HOMOSEXUALITY. She is only reducing it to a 'fad' or 'trend' which offends me as a gay dude. "You're my experimental game" uhhh is that what gay people are nowadays huh? I hope she dies in a fire. And her parents are stupid for thinking it promotes homosexuality. peace out.
posted by JFreak on Oct 23, 2008
a) Katy Perry has written a really catchy song that sells well, and its harder to do than it looks. b) There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, nor is the song homophobic. c) There is nothing wrong with experimenting, and homoexuality isn't a yes/no thing d) Her parents obviously love her enough to care, but its a shame that they dont understand her Based on these, I would say that there is nothing in the song that is ofensive to anyone except the extreme Christian community and they are homophobic which is wrong, so their opinion can be ignored since homophobia is illegal and imoral. In conclusion, if you like listening to it, enjoy. If not, don't listen to it. Just only base your decision if you like the sound of the music itself. Nuff zed.
posted by lastassholestanding on Oct 20, 2008
Maybe we will get lucky and a comet will hit Hollywood.
posted by lastassholestanding on Oct 20, 2008
Maybe we will get lucky and and comet will hit Hollywood.
posted by katylover on Oct 19, 2008
First FUCK all Haters you people are sooo fucken boring whats wrong with a catchy tune and whats wrong with seeing a hot girl sing it.At least shes not pretending to be innocent like Britney did before she went into being a trashy no good mother.I May only be fifteen but Katy is hot talented and has worked hard to get where she is today.I bet all u haters cant do that. And one more thing keep hating on Katy becuase i think shes going to be here for a long time. I LOVE U KATY I GOT YOUR BACK KEEP DOING YOUR THING!
posted by gil on Oct 16, 2008
Katy is giving me energy and joy with her song 'i kiss a g..", and i deeply love her for that. Those religious asshole trying to hurt her, deserve one thing : "HELL". Where i wish they will GO.
posted by Sapphire on Oct 13, 2008
I disagree with her mother. Katy Perry's song does not promote homosexuality. I promotes that girls should kiss other girls just to get the attention of men. Her lyrics reduce all lesbian relationships as 'fads'. So to everyone who thinks they are so homo-friendly or whatever by listening to her songs, you are WRONG. These lyrics are offensive to all self-respecting people of the gay community. Katy Perry is just attention seeking.
posted by Princess on Oct 12, 2008
To Ew. That is so mean to wish death on anyone. U don't ever wish death on anyone, not even your enemy. Personally, I think the song is meant to be light and humorous. I don't think any bi girls are embarrassed by this song at all.
posted by Ew on Sep 25, 2008
I fucking hate her Does she think she is sticking up for lesbians or something? Or does she just think she is being "edgy"? Either way she is a sad pathetic excuse for a human being and if I were a lesbian (or bi for that matter) I would be fucking embarrassed by this song. I hope she dies :)
posted by Katy Perry is Lost on Sep 22, 2008
She could not care less of Her parents or God....Sad.
posted by pickle on Sep 18, 2008
It is catchy
posted by bettyboop2 on Sep 17, 2008
this song is sooooo cool! its somthing people can actully dance to. its got beat and shes got guts for doing it and i respect her. all of the haters can suck donkey dick!!!!!!
posted by KITTEN on Sep 16, 2008
posted by KITTEN on Sep 16, 2008
posted by Avalanche33 on Sep 13, 2008
And in the end this is what they wanted...CONTROVERSY!! Well done, you're all sheep.
posted by Kelli on Sep 07, 2008
She's just another Britney desperate for attention.Her parents are pathetic like her.The Bible is a fable and was written by a total moron.
posted by .... on Sep 06, 2008
i really don't like the song but really who cares if someone is gay or not like some of you people are assholes
posted by lol on Aug 29, 2008
bueheheheheoooo dagcinitoo debilebi xartooo lolzz hahahaooo
posted by THE KATIE HATER on Aug 29, 2008
posted by ,,, on Aug 22, 2008
the song is terrible - whether it has contraversial lyrics or not. so make your own decision on what you think of it
posted by bgen22 on Aug 22, 2008
The song is ANNOYING! Her parents are right as well when they say the "Hollywood crowd" influenced their daughter. I'm sure they did. Katy Perry is fake just like 99 % of the other entertainers out there. Everything is for shock value.
posted by alyssa on Aug 21, 2008
i love this song, it's hot and who really cares if it's about kissing a girl or not big deal, her parents shouldnt be such assholes
posted by iiiiiii on Aug 21, 2008
This song and her are going straight to hell. If she don't choses to change her ways. Shame, Shame , Shame
posted by [oh yea] on Aug 20, 2008
The song is awsome!..
posted by People with open min on Aug 20, 2008
I think it's a fun song. A song you can let your hair down to. No, i'm not a homosexual; but I can accept people for what they do and say, or for who they are. People need to loosen up and not be so serious about every single aspect of life. Ya, some people are homosexual, what's wrong with being different? The world is changing; it's not going to wait for you to change with it. Get over your pride and stop complaining because of a SONG. Seriously, don't you have anything else better to do than waste your time evangelising to everyone about how homosexuals are the sins of YOUR devil that YOU believe is to be true? Just because the song pisses you off, doesn't mean you should hate everyone who listens to it. I'm not religious anymore and i'm proud of it because I see things clearly now. I'm no longer blinded by the church. I can honestly say i agree with Ghandi when he says "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Peace out.
posted by xenny on Aug 19, 2008
Bob should get out of his radio cave and squint his eyes in the bright sun of the internet. There's a whole world of music out there. Almost every other artist ON THE RADIO is putting out the same mindless dribble.
posted by rock_in on Aug 19, 2008
yup there are sooo many great music and musicians out there that doesn't get enough recognition simply because the stupid recording industry and media works, who only promotes those stupid musicians that are willing to do anything to get fame and fortune, honestly most of popular music and musicians these days are crap!!!!
posted by jamal on Aug 18, 2008
Katy Perry is a disgrace to music everywhere, enough said.
posted by sarah on Aug 18, 2008
All she's doing is creating music. She doesn't care what anyone else says about her music, and I think she's doing a great job. Homosexuality isn't even a bad thing, so why should her music be considered a "disgrace?"
posted by jamal on Aug 18, 2008
Well obviously she doesn't really care what anyone else says about her music, she's still making shitty music. Personally, the whole reason I think this song got big was because of the homosexuality references in the song. Add in some whiny high-pitched singing, some synth bass and some beats, and you have yourself a pop hit.
posted by Bob on Aug 18, 2008
Just out of curiousity "Jamal" but what kind of music that is released in today's world do you consider to not be a disgrace? Almost everything that is realeased today is either pop crap, emo, a bad rehash of a great song, or mindless rap stealing from better older music. Thats fine if you hate the song (so do I) but in no way can she be considered a disgrace when almost every other artist is putting out the same mindless dribble.
posted by Jason on Aug 18, 2008
I'm not perfect or much of a church person as I used to be but I still have my morals and beliefs about this world. Whats so funny about all this is that katy's mom is mad for her daughter for making a choice which is what were built to do. Instead of praying for her for help and guidence it seems she prays for her to fall back in line with what her parents believe in and that's not the way things work. It also seems to me that her parents are truly just scared and instead of trying to work out the problem in a private manner not only do they abandon katy but they also bring more shame to themselfs. Being proud of who you are and what your beliefs are is good but not at the expence of leaving your daughter in the dumps just because you don't want to be linked to someone who is singing a "homosexual" song. Hollywood may have changed her very much so but that doesn't make it any less their daughter. Love is the cure to all of this. Maybe they need to pray for themselfs before they pray for their daughter. To the parents I say: Don't be so quick to cast the first stone before you choose to understand the subject... ohh yeah did I mention... SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND SO CHILL OUT!!!!!
posted by miz g on Aug 18, 2008
poor girl, i bet christmas will be fun this year!
posted by jamal on Aug 18, 2008
You make a good point to a certain extent Bob, but there are a lot of better bands and musicians out there who can actually write something worthwhile and unfortunately are never really going to get as big as Katy Perry has, just because their music isn't something that is "catchy" and "marketable."
posted by crapppp on Aug 18, 2008
k i don't like the song myself either, but that her parents took it to that level. that is ridiculous. so what if their daughter was gay. there is nothing wrong with that! and saying it's disgusting is horrible and i think they need to be taken into a room of gay people and they will know there is nothing wrong with them! they are jsut like everybody else!

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