Chad Kroeger's 'Candid Conversation' with Playboy Magazine

March 15, 2008 02:44:22 GMT

Chad Kroeger opens up to Playboy Magazine's April issue everything from his wild childhood to how it is like to be the member of Nickelback which is very popular yet also being hated by many people.

Chad Kroeger's 'Candid Conversation' with Playboy Magazine
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Playboy Magazine has what it is said as "candid conversation" with Nickelback's redneck frontman Chad Kroeger in its April 2008 issue. To the publication, Kroeger opens up about everything from his wild childhood to his time serving as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the rock band which is very popular yet at the same time also being the subject of people's hatred.

Kicked off the interview with Playboy Contributing Editor Rob Tannenbaum with an open revelation about his criminal record and his hard-partying habit, Kroeger also recalled on the stupidest thing he ever did for a case of beer, saying "I put my own d*ck in my mouth. I was 14 and much more flexible at the time. It was soft and required a lot of pulling. I really wanted that case of beer." Being quizzed on thinking it is fun to be bad, the musician said, "I don't know how many times I got kicked out of school. I just thought it was fun to be bad. To a certain degree I still think it's fun to be bad. You should just never do anything that's going to hurt someone else."

Aside from his soft side, Kroeger indeed is a though and persistent guy, being labeled a "walking penis". About this he commented, "You know anything about zodiac signs? I'm a Scorpio. A Scorpio is pretty much a walking penis. Getting that under control is difficult. Also, I was born in 1974, the year of the tiger, which means I'm a shrewd businessman and I pretty much want to take over the world. I'm a walking penis that wants to take over the world. So you can imagine."

Discussing his musical taste, Kroeger claimed, "Everyone gets compared to someone else at the start. People said we were Creed's little brother. I've never been a Creed fan, so I considered that comparison a little insulting, to be honest ... The most uncharacteristic music I listen to is probably ABBA. The songs are unbelievably catchy."

On music critics, Kroeger addressed "If we ever get a positive review in Rolling Stone, that album is in trouble, because those people cannot predict what a large-selling album is. They bashed the f*ck out of Led Zeppelin years ago, and now they call it one of the greatest rock bands of all time. That just makes them look like hypocrites. Who's the most famous music critic who ever lived? They've never made a statue of a critic."

Then being asked if a bad review has ever made him lose sleep, Kroeger explained, "Probably. But if I had lost sleep, do you think I would tell a music critic? I've been bummed out for a day, sure. Like, Wow, this person is taking my band more seriously than I am. If my music is fucking up your life, change the station, dude. At the end of the day, I'm just some guy who sings in a rock-and-roll band. I'm not Hitler."

Read Playboy Magazine's April issue, on newsstand Friday, March 7, for the full candid conversation Kroeger had with the publication.

Photographed by : Waldy Martens.
Courtesy of Playboy.


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posted by Lolzy on Jun 17, 2012
Hot with a capital H (swoon ) 😍😘
posted by mcr52 on Jun 15, 2012
I am 52, and every member of the Nickleback band make me want to be a COUGAR!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!
posted by bhaswat on Nov 24, 2011
chad frank, straight forward,,,,,nothing kept inside, love u man, u rock,........\m/
posted by John Moran on Nov 21, 2011
Also will touch balls for free.. anyone?
posted by John Moran on Nov 21, 2011
Chad is a total dream boat. He is my ideal man. Even before I realised I was homosexual, I loved Chad. I love you Chad. Take me.
posted by Lucy O\'Neill on Nov 21, 2011
I fail to see how any band can surpass Nickleback musically. We're talking trailblazers for a genereation. I love you Chad!
posted by Kieran Harris on Nov 21, 2011
Chad K - what a legend. My ultimate guitar hero, the reason I started playing. Base my life on the philosophy "what would Chad do". IDOL. Peace x
posted by Sam Roberts on Nov 21, 2011
Chad is soooo sexiiii and Nickleback are the best band eva!
posted by belgianfan sophie on Dec 09, 2010
I will always be happy to listen to this wonderful band! They do rock, he? chad, you are f#ing g o o d!
posted by kroeger\'s twin on Dec 08, 2010
i see nickelback's chad kroeger as the most daring wild human we can ever dream ! i myself say that the band rocks and no1 can ever take that from them! no1 can make it like they did except for peaple who give they're life for rock and music Chad kroeger is the most awsome coolest guy the world can listen to
posted by Ally on Dec 01, 2010
For crying out loud. It is his personal life. Right or wrong, it is none of your business. Do you reckon he has to personally rung it past you or something to get your approval first? Jeez, turn off the computer and get a life.
posted by moo on Nov 30, 2010
nickelback rocks and always will..Kroeger has talent beyond the scope of Nickelback ..what he lacks is class, which he had with Marianne..he brought her in to to us, we accepted her, welcomed her, loved her, then he dumped her for his "girls gone wild" life style. Marianne validated you Chad- put you one step up over others..we wondered how in the hell could you get such a natural beautiful, extremely nice girl..instead of a slutso stripper type that you actually go for..then bam right in the middle of Dark horse drop her..and were not suppose to notice or give a damn??? Excuse us we did..not even a word to this date on how she is, where she is or if you even still keep in touch. I'll bet the song you helped Daughtery write was the Kiss of song to Marianne!! I still love you..but right now dont like you much..waiting to see what your solo album will turn out to be like.
posted by MYTWOGALS on Oct 23, 2010
posted by tiziana from switzer on Oct 17, 2010
I love the music of Nickelback. I love Chad he voice and man
posted by mihaela on Oct 08, 2010
nickelback its a cool band but chad is very very wondefull man
posted by bill on Sep 23, 2010
nikleback fuckn suck
posted by elisa from italy on Sep 08, 2010
i love chad..his voice is fantastic..
posted by Nadeen on Sep 08, 2010
I love Chad and Nickelback so much! And I totally agree with Alicia Arol! They rock! And Chad is the best! And if you don't like them then why the hell are you reading this? Just back off!
posted by mor on Aug 18, 2010
love nickelback always n.n great songs great presence great attitude great voices great SOUND!
posted by trisha on Aug 01, 2010
the guy is a loser, plain and simple. trailer trash.
posted by sadgal on Jul 11, 2010
I can't prove this, & it makes little difference anyway, because Chad is neither ever going to live up to the "promises" that he made on Dark Horse, nor even at least do the right thing & tell the world who he wrote those songs for & about. I'm only saying this because it's anonymous, & I want it out there in cyberspace in case something happens to me (a likely scenario because I'm a very self destructive person). A million years ago, Chad Kroeger saw me on ECTV, & he also read things that I wrote out on my channel about my life. I've always loved Nickelback (although I understandably feel differently now that Chad Kroeger is sharing his life & bed with a woman other than me). I bought Dark Horse & got chills when I heard the songs on it. I wrote To Chad, but I never (of course) got a reply back from him (hence the reason why I would NEVER be foolish enough to say anything to anybody WHOM I DIDN'T KNOW about this). I told Chad that I would be at a certain bar. One of Nickelback's band members talked to me at this bar & made a reference to something I'd written to Chad (via Nickelback's myspace account). This of course caused me (the naive fool who would never commit suicide but who is truly ambiguous when it comes to her desire to live or not) to BELIEVE that Chad did write all those songs on Dark Horse for & about me. I sent to Chad about 1000 short & long letters in 10 month's time, until I finally realized that I'd been fkd with for some unknown reason. Chad may very well have written those songs like "Gotta Be Somebody" & "You're Never Gonna Be Alone" about his IDEALIZED me, but (deep down) he's a Rock Star who loves his freedom& lifestyle. I think he must have realized that he could never be with me (the real woman). I "labeled" Chad Kroeger EVIL, because what Chad did to me by having Daniel speak to me made me FALSELY believe that Chad LOVED me & would save me. But the truth is that I know (deep down) I couldn't be with Chad anyway. I should have known this (based on all the terrible, TRUE things people say about his bad behavior) from the start, but Chad's a "weird" one. Chad does mean, cruel, CRUDE things, yet writes beautiful LOVE ballads & songs like "Savin Me". Chad Kroeger is a PUZZLE...
posted by gina on Jun 21, 2010
chad perfect !!!
posted by Aurora Fire on Mar 09, 2010
Gah what some of you say. I knew him long ago. 1) No the guy I knew wasn't such a douche I can think of others around at the time that were but he wasn't. 2) Long story with Marianne. Lets just say Ginger is a tad choked with her. 3) Band name - Yo mama or moi? Commence the Yo Mama jokes though the Yo Dad ones are probably way better involving burgers... 4) Go caveman... Captn' Caveman? Smack that Moose up. erg She-ra says Hi He-man. Time to leave the celluloid and the hypercube. (Big blue dress? haha sooo very SM dude.)
posted by jackie on Jan 28, 2010
Chad Kroeger put out a hit on his wife Marianne?? What?? I read that he was cheating on her since early last year with some chick called Kristne dewett from Ohio and he doesn't want to pay to Marianne for leaving her like a douche. Holy crap!
posted by Let Loose on Dec 18, 2009
You know, despite those who despise Nickelback,what they don't seem to realise, is that Nickelback as a whole INCLUDING CHAD, is a band that doesn't care for the norm. An interesting insight indeed!
posted by M on Dec 02, 2009
Chad, I was at MGM Grand in Vegas on Sep 2009 and Nov in Tokyo. You guys are awesome and very sexy wow!!
posted by Dasha on Nov 08, 2009
Chad, you're the best =) From Russia With Love!!!
posted by jojo on Sep 16, 2009're hot hot hot. see you in sydney this november!!
posted by nyc on Aug 18, 2009
if i new that when i met him i would prob ask him to prove his point... still in my heart darling u r the best i ever had !!
posted by Rumie on Jun 17, 2009
2 chad kroeger', i just wnt 2 hear ur voice all night loNg. . Ur soNgs nd ur sexy voice melts my heart', ur d best rock icon ived ever known', ur d best' nd can u ryt more soNgs nd sing wth santana. . B'coz d tandem of urs r very awesome. . Plz3x. . 'u rock my soul chad kroeger'. . Yeah!' ü
posted by Rumie on Jun 17, 2009
2 chad kroeger', i just wnt 2 hear ur voice all night loNg. . Ur soNgs nd ur sexy voice melts my heart', ur d best rock icon ived ever known', ur d best' nd can u ryt more soNgs nd sing wth santana. . B'coz d tandem of urs r very awesome. . Plz3x. . 'u rock my soul chad kroeger'. . Yeah!' ü
posted by Daneyssa from puerto on May 23, 2009
posted by tina on May 01, 2009
i love chad he is my world the hunk ,, but i dont care for that marrianne shes got to go asap
posted by Alicia Arol on Apr 25, 2009
Even more "intriguing" than Chad performing such a "skillful" feat of flexibility at age 14 would be if Chad still has such a "skill" at age 34... What person (myself included) wouldn't wish to have such a "talent"? Come on...Don't lie... :) Chad Kroeger is very "fascinating" because he writes such a diverse variety of songs... How could you ever figure out a man whose onstage presence radiates sexual, animal, MAGNETISM, yet whose voice belts out tender, vulnerable, soulful, ballads? Chad Kroeger can never be "pigeon holed" like a lot of recording artists definitely can be... Chad writes beautiful love ballads like "Hero", "Too Bad", "Far Away", "Gotta Be Somebody", "Never Gonna Be Alone", & "If Today was your Last day"... Chad writes fun songs like, "Animals", "Something In Your Mouth", "Rockstar", "Next Contestant", & "Someone That Your with"... Chad writes angst filled, "suicidal" songs like, "Savin Me" and "I'm Not Leaving Yet"... Chad writes searing, heart pounding songs like "Side Of A Bullet", "Just To Get High", and "Just For"... Chad writes wild songs like, "Burn It To The Ground", And then (the icing on the cake) Chad recently wrote the sexually charged, "Sex" and "Next Go Round"... This gorgeous hunk of a man writes songs about EVERYTHING! What woman wouldn't DIE to have a sweet, loving, caring, VULNERABLE man in her life who was also fun, wild, crazy, and super sexually charged? Chad's pure onstage animal magnetism while singing songs like "Figured You Out" is terrifying, & just doesn't match up to the vulnerable little boy belting out songs like "Savin Me" and "Hero" This is called COMPLEXITY people, and Chad Kroeger's complexity and creative GENIUS is off the charts! (And this "God" can still laugh at himself and reveal some stupid, little thing he did when he was growing up in horrible life circumstances and just wanted some BEER)... What a beautiful "SOUL" lives and breathes in Chad Kroeger... The man takes my breath away...
posted by the bestwoman on Apr 11, 2009
chad is the best in the world whatever he does or talk
posted by bakerrudd21 on Mar 29, 2009
Nickelback ROCKS!! Can't wait to see them in Jacksonville :-)
posted by Ice on Mar 21, 2009
Chad needs to remember to basics of life. The "rockstar" inage is fine. But don't use it when partying so much. Cause he can't dance well when trying to pick up someone...Something in His Mouth? Sao Paulo, Brazil..Think
posted by Laura on Jan 19, 2009
Agree a MILLION percent, TRACYSB.
posted by catspage456@aol on Jan 08, 2009
im here let me know
posted by TRACYSB on Dec 26, 2008
I love Nickelback, especially Chad and do not see why people shag them off. All I can say is that those "people" want to get a life and stop insulting one of the best groups in rock today and certainly the sexiest front men around. I love everything about Chad, including his voice and all the songs are brilliant and his voice in "Gotta Be Somebody" just melts me into the ground. Going to see them in May next year so I can not wait. Saw them on my birthday this year (2008) and what a birthday present that was! But as Chad once said "All publicity is good, because it shows people are talking about Nickelback, however do not forget that Nickelback's parents and family can read and use the internet so why should they hear the cr@p wrote about them". I love them and hope that they continue to make the perfect sound that they are doing and can not wait until May. NICKELBACK certainly rock my world and I do not care who knows it!
posted by allygurl on Dec 14, 2008
Nickelbackb ROCKS!u all nickelback haters leave chad and his band alone!they r AWSOME,but your probly afraid 2 admitt it!chads band ROCKS!
posted by allygurl on Dec 14, 2008
Nickelback ROCKS,&NO1 can tell us different!I love your song "shouldve listened!u have an AWSOME BAND,and u all ROCK, ALL u nickelback haters,...just leave chad & his band alone!
posted by ncklbckgrl on Dec 12, 2008
GEt a life! All music critics get to do is try to ruin somebody else's life because theirs is already too sucky to ruin. ROCK ON NICKELBACK!!!
posted by jordyz8 on Dec 07, 2008
If You Don't Like Nickelback Raul Why The Fuck Are You Readin This The Only Trash Round Here Is You And Sooner Or Later You'll Realize That Nickelback Are Fuckin Awesome I Saw Them In September And They Blew Me Away Chad And The Group Are Fantastic Usually Groups Don't Stick Around Longer Then 5Yrs But I'm So Glad These Did I LOVE NICKELBACK!!!!!
posted by Angela01 on Oct 13, 2008
Chad is super sexy. Even in a black & white phot of him you can still see his beautiful eyes that tell you how smart,shrewd, and completely sexy he is. Nickelback rocks and thier songs are what get alot of men laid!
posted by Toma on Jul 26, 2008
No matter what they say the real fans are still with u!!!! Nickelback ROCKS!!!!!!!
posted by caroline almeida on Jul 25, 2008
eu o amo,mas ele naum sabe um dia me descubrirá quero q ele me espere !!!!!!!!!!! I love you amorzinho!!!!!!!!
posted by Raul on Jul 22, 2008
I always suspected that this guy was white trash and after reading some of his quotes I can see I was right.
posted by cassidy on Jun 17, 2008
nickelback rocks and ya'll nickelback haters should leave sexy chad and his band alone.
posted by Snoopz on Jun 14, 2008
Man, Don't Listen to the fuckin criticisms, you rock & you're songs are amazing,& the suckers who are saying that Nickelback song's look alike that's shit,savin' me,someday,if everyone cared,rockstar,how you remind me,far away,animals,too bad, & more....... NICKELBACK ROCKS!!! :)

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