Wentworth Miller Goes Public with His Gay Boyfriend

August 28, 2007 05:58:33 GMT

Wentworth Miller and his reported boyfriend Luke McFarlane have been spotted spending a romantic day together over the weekend.

Wentworth Miller
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Wentworth Miller is gay and he's making it public. After his much denial, the hunk finally comes out of the closet with his sex orientation as he's been spotted out and about with his rumored gay partner Luke McFarlane over the weekend.

Miller and McFarlane have been together for quite a while, but are trying hard to keep their relationship away from public. In fact, the twosome was spotted getting together on Saturday August 25th walking down the streets of Los Angeles and guess what they looked more than just friends.

Luke McFarlane is the ex-boyfriend of "Grey's Anatomy" star T. R. Knight and is best known for his stint as actor Matthew Rhys' boyfriend on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters." He and Miller were first reported dating back in June.

Miller has previously told the press he's not gay, insisted the real reason that he doesn't date is that his hectic shooting schedule doesn't allow him any time.


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posted by neyo on Aug 18, 2014
went if u are a gay go to hell
posted by tea bagy on Nov 30, 2013
the nigger s gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.. um so grand that the producer chase him out of the series tht he died!!!!!!!!!!
posted by linda on Oct 21, 2013
What a waste...
posted by Lisa on Sep 12, 2013
Not swearing please
posted by aminkrill on Sep 11, 2013
It does not matter who he is...
posted by mountain guy on Sep 11, 2013
thank you miller,you are the one who makes us to live in this world,i also tried to socied once but in these days i satisfied to live that you save my life,i will never do like this.i am ever with you,thanks..................
posted by Daisy123 on Sep 10, 2013
Luke MacFarlane is freaking handsome, I liked him since the first time watching him in Brothers & Sisters. What a charming guy, they would be a great couple if this was real :)
posted by xoxoxox on Sep 09, 2013
I love that he has let the world know. Gay is not a problem!!! The problem lies with those who don't want to accept people for who they are not who they want them to be.
posted by T-Bag on Aug 24, 2013
You just need to hold on tight to thes pocket pretty ...
posted by me on Aug 23, 2013
who gives a rat`s that he`s upset about russia`s anti-gay laws. they know at least what'normal' means.
posted by The Dude on Aug 23, 2013
I guess 'T-Bag' was right back in prison break season 1.
posted by The TRUTH on Aug 22, 2013
BTW, he is gay ...
posted by es on Aug 21, 2013
Opposed to his straight boyfriend? It's two men together in a relationship. Stating they're gay is redundant, and frankly - stupid. But good for Wentworth. Live your best life, and live it honestly.
posted by huldi on Aug 11, 2013
what's wrong if he is gay? it doesn't make any difference i wish his my BF?
posted by chisil on Jun 21, 2013
Obviously he's gay... no straight man spend his weekend -as a friend- with an openly gay man appr. 10-15 years younger than himself... anyway... gay or not... he's one of God's masterpieces... and it's a pleasure watching him on screen -as an art piece...
posted by rj on Jun 14, 2013
who cares if he is gay or not. as long as he is happy. and to all those who have used the faggot word an abused others for being gay, specially to one wishing a person's mother to die, KARMA. you will get yours. grow up and accept people for who they are, not what they are.
posted by faggotsucks on Jun 14, 2013
posted by stepford on Jun 13, 2013
As opposed to his straight boyfriend?
posted by pride all the way on Jun 13, 2013
Look all these women acting like slags get over it PRIDE ALL THE Way and as for the idiot that called him a faggot you little slime ball away and wank for england cause thats probably all your girl friend is good for
posted by sammy on Jun 13, 2013
Who cares he is hot
posted by tjc on Jun 13, 2013
sleeknight you're a douche
posted by wenworth\'s wife on Jun 10, 2013
Wentworth I love you gay or staaaigt muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
posted by Linda on May 19, 2013
What??? I don't think he's gay...
posted by sleeknight on May 17, 2013
What a shame, I thought he looked gay in Prison Break with that low voice. Too Bad, at least D.Purcell is ALL MAN and he looks it. Well, I loved Prison Break but hope they pick a REAL MAN next time.
posted by zzzzzz on May 13, 2013
Please help stop this story. He's not gay people say this is a victory, they fail to envy others. If you are not a jealous person so it's not a rumor over
posted by YULISA ROSE on Mar 10, 2013
posted by TheBeast on Feb 28, 2013
You're gay and I hope your mother die of cancer because . WENTHWORTH MILLER IT'S NOT GAY !
posted by padma on Feb 05, 2013
I never met Wentforth and might I never be meet him but I absutly sure that Wentforth is not gay. I do have 101% believe that Wenthforth can breck prision but he will never breck my believe. This is just dirty rumour to spoil someone. Wentforth is my sweetest believe.
posted by EpAcSe on Feb 01, 2013
fuck u bitches. if one damn piece of shit wrote this i would kick hiss ass yo! so fuck you all. people who claims that he is gay are the fucking loads of fag. and dont try to mess with my brwther(michael scorfied)
posted by Brandy on Jan 28, 2013
omg I Love u Wentworth Miller,no matter wat,oh gosh ur so sexy^.^ Prison Break Rules!!!!!^.^
posted by blackbell on Jan 26, 2013
well i still cannot beleive that my man is gay, i wish he is not
posted by sany on Jan 15, 2013
Wentworth, you can love who you want, its your life, all what counts is your happiness
posted by julie on Dec 17, 2012
So what if Wentworth is gay, that's his choice, it doesn't make him any less of a person or an actor. I am still enamored by you Wentworth, you are a gorgeous man, inside and out.
posted by julie on Dec 17, 2012
Whatever Wentworth chooses as his lifestyle is his own business. Either way his happiness is what counts. But I am still enamored with you Wentworth! You are one gorgeous man, inside and out.
posted by shazzzza on Dec 17, 2012
i hope you're happy with your new partner, dont listen to the haters, its who you are, and if they were real fans they wouldnt care if you were gay or not.. i hope youre happy with eachother!!
posted by siryne on Dec 15, 2012
posted by sasha on Dec 15, 2012
OMG!!!! i love u wenworth i hope sooner than later i hear that that aint true i love uu soo much u cant be gay pllzzzzzz
posted by jo on Nov 28, 2012
Wentworth i hope u are happy no matter if u are gay or not...though if u r not gay i would date u..and if u r...lets go shopping :D
posted by iloveW.Miller on Nov 17, 2012
well, they can say whatever they want.. just be yourself.. just dont mind them,, i still admire, ur good actor.. and i m a big fan of prison break. WEntworth Miller, You will always be my crush...!
posted by CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFR on Oct 31, 2012
I'm sure it's a good feeling if people take the time to discuss you like this, sad actually, but don't be bothered U just live your life to the fullest & LOVE as hard as U can. The important thing is that U are happy & feel LOVED.You truly are an inspiration. REMEMBER no regrets. Enjoy your life my friend. keep up the good work!
posted by Fiona on Oct 30, 2012
NO NO NO NO NO! You have got to be kidding me, i have addored Wentworth since i first set eyes on him in Prison Break. Now i know that the tiny chance i could ever have with him has been destroyed. Not happy :(
posted by unknown male nepal on Sep 26, 2012
whether u gay or not , i like u n very much crazy abt u .... miller..i will b glad if u r gay n ican date u hehehehehe
posted by tash on Sep 15, 2012
I knew he was gay! U can see in prison break he has no chemistry with Sara - the kisses are lackluster but yet he professes he's in love!
posted by d 1 on Sep 06, 2012
like they said there is no NEWS like bad far as i know michael scofield can't be a gay NOR wentworth miller...& even doe he's let him be...i'm even happy he wasn't accused of being a RAPIST so ALELUYAH!!!ASAP!!!
posted by katrina on Aug 30, 2012
i love you wentworth i get wet every time i look at your eyes and lips me and my sister have planned to kidnap you sexy were gonna lock you in are basement and keep you to are selfs we have the blue prints to your house tatted on are ass were gonna prove to them your not gay ps well watch prison break i love that show
posted by Tasbabe on Aug 25, 2012
Wentworth Miller Is An Amazing Guy and Whether He Is Gay Or Not It Should Not Matter.. As Long As He Is Happy That's All That Matters.. I Love Wentworth and I'd Do Anything To Meet Him, But People Have To To Leave All These Tv Stars Alone.. they Are Normal People With Feelings Too,,,
posted by Olcis on Aug 15, 2012
Gay or not Wentworth is HOT..I'll take him the way he is.. Love Prison Break.. The Best!
posted by sg0013 on Aug 13, 2012
People who said that are an ass hole!!! fucked up all of you! he's not gay! i dont care about him but his damn hot and awesome in prison break
posted by ish on Jul 26, 2012
OH my GOD, hope he's not :(((
posted by binks on Jul 25, 2012
how the fuck is schofield gay or should i say wentworth he is all over the show with sara tancretti on prison break
posted by courtney on Jul 15, 2012
Give the poor guy a break. He is not gay, he has said so in an interview. He is a shy person who likes his privacy and loves his career. All of the crap saying about him and his "boyfriend" is based on rumors and false assumptions. Spending the weekend with another male actor just means they're friends for all we know. I agree with eryn. Very irresponsible journalism.
posted by SHECKY NGWILIZI on Jun 15, 2012
Am starting to Hate u Miller from now on you will be my enemy
posted by korei on May 29, 2012
wat ever they say for me he is not gay!! i love him
posted by amin on May 20, 2012
for the GOD sake,please don't throw such allegation on him..he is not gay.he is the most attracting personality of the prison break.
posted by mummy on May 10, 2012
Tbh in some part of prison break he does look to pretty to be straight but my god if he is gay id have a dam good go at turning him, but untill I see a video of him actually saying yes he gay I won't believe it
posted by edward on May 04, 2012
if not heard from him. i can never believe he's. he doesn't even look like one.only quiet looking appearance but HE NOT A GAY.
posted by Nelly on Apr 24, 2012
It amazes me how 2 girls hanging out means nothing, but 2 guys hanging out means they're gay. He's an amazing guy who has his priorities straight - - move on! The people who care about where they're at before getting themselves involved, are apparently gay and the ones that say they're gay are looked at as normal people because they "came out of the closet". He's sexy and straight!
posted by kin on Apr 21, 2012
oh? really? you'd better nail your tongues on your walls senseless gossipers!! he's definitely not a gay! LOOK AT HIM!!! gosh even the president of the most glamorous smart girls would be intimidated to hook the attention of this hunky with brains MAN and DEVASTATING IF he's just an illusion, as i said he got brains and looks so i think he couldn't exchange that to be a person like you (the writer)!!!! so, to the person who wrote this : move on and get a life!
posted by Cate on Apr 13, 2012
WHO CARES! Gay or not, he's still HOT, and a GREAT ACTOR!! My female cousin is gay and married to a wonderful woman! It's Wentworths choice....... So STAY OUT OF HIS BUSINESS! Maybe it's like he said, "he hasn't found the right woman yet". You never know!
posted by Jude on Mar 26, 2012
who in the heck cares who Wentworth sleeps with besides him? Does he judge you and who you sleep with????He is beautiful, and who ever he is with is very lucky! I even watched him in active labour! I was not missing Prison Break to have a baby, haha!
posted by Lincoln Burrows on Mar 10, 2012
Wentworth Earl Miller, is NOT a gay .. so please stop this issue! To All people who hates Wentworth Miller, Please stop this Issue! You have no right to Accused him! so PLEASE stop this!
posted by okpor on Mar 03, 2012
is miller dead or alive?
posted by gay men on Feb 24, 2012
i love you miller and to all you that hate the "gays" you just hate yourself its sad that no one can be who they want to be in life we did not make a choice to be gay just like you did not make a choice to be straight so if he is gay or not just let the man be
posted by Sarah Wayne Callies on Feb 24, 2012
oh! are yoy sure?! He is my leading man in Prison Break! So how did it co0me that WENTWORTH is a gay! so please stop that issue! ITS ONLY A ISSUE OKAY! -SARAH WAYNE CALLIES
posted by Moyt on Feb 16, 2012
Well I guess 'Prison Break' should now be called 'Ass Break'. If he wants to bust his nuts in butts then fair play to him. But he could have creamed in so much more pussy, fuck it... more for me bwhaaahahahaha!
posted by Ttv on Jan 31, 2012
I can not belive this no wennyyyyy :((((((
posted by lizy on Jan 19, 2012
WHETHER he is or not, its no-one elses business as long as he's happy and if theres anyone that should be ashamed its everyone thats giving him grief and discriminating him for it. He's still a human being and still deserves respect and privacy, I am also a huge fan and it doesn't faze me one bit if its true i have enough respect not to make unfair JUDGEMENTS of others for how they wish to live their life and its not going to stop me liking him one bit!! Love you wentworth :)
posted by Claudia Luz on Jan 17, 2012
This is a big surprise!! It´s a shame! He is a beautiful man... :(
posted by cutepoison on Jan 17, 2012
posted by jher on Jan 14, 2012
i don't really care if he's gay... he doesn't even seem like one... just cause he's near perfect, insanely-jealous people who's got nothing better to do with they're lives, created this unbelievable rumor... sucks!!! so love wentworth miller!!! x
posted by Wentfan on Jan 13, 2012
Gay or not it's his choice! I'm a big fan, he really seems like a nice guy. I wish him only the best!
posted by jud on Jan 03, 2012
i real don't care whether he's gay or not; i just like his humbleness appearance.
posted by bulldogg on Dec 27, 2011
YES HE IS GAY! you can tell by the way he is..annyway, i could care less if he was gay or not..but why the fuck are these so called females upset that his gay?? sorry ladies.. but miller does not like pussies..he likes dick and butt fucking males .. LOL. sorry to bust you ladies bubble ..but this guy would not even piss on you ladies...
posted by vivianaa on Nov 30, 2011
hee iss nott qayy ok.,. thee quyy that he was hanqqinqq outt withh couldd juss' bee A Friendd..yhuuGuyss that even made thiss shouldd thinkk firstt &nnd then writee thee Truthh.,. ii amm a fann of Wentworth Miller!..<3'.
posted by vivianaa baez on Nov 30, 2011
huhhh., hee isntt qayy okk.. he couldd juss' be a friendd..! yhuuGuyss juss makee upp stuff so theyy couldd likee yhuuGuyss andd watchh youu"'ree stuff.,Ii"mm a huqqeee fann of himm andd ii dontt thinkk he"ss qayy ok.,.,
posted by taesabote! on Nov 18, 2011
His Michael Scofield..That's it!
posted by dale on Nov 02, 2011
whatever will u people say it is still wenthworth's decision....and whatever it is about him he is still a person who needs respect.....
posted by fred on Nov 01, 2011
Prison Break is the best TV show and Wentworth is the best actor but he is an asshole.
posted by ella on Oct 15, 2011
he`s not gay!I really love this man!!! TE IUBESC Wentworth
posted by Markie on Sep 11, 2011
Pictures, or it didn't happen.
posted by Alex on Sep 09, 2011
Miller is not gay! Since this is a regular watering dirt talented person, another duck yellow press, just envy ... just go hunting, they have a lot of normal people so hounded by their false statements ... so I can please you, he's not gay! So do not worry and do not pay attention to the ravings of the yellow press in America is constantly, and this is their favorite thing.
posted by MRS. MILLER on Sep 06, 2011
I dont think he's gay and i dont care anyway thats my baby he's sooooo fine
posted by ciara on Aug 31, 2011
posted by ciara on Aug 31, 2011
I love wenworth soooooooooooooooooooooo much.he is the hottest guy ever met, I love the prison break series.I totally disagree with the people saying he is gay
posted by Gina (again) on Aug 31, 2011
They don't look like "more that friends" to me... I hope he's not reciveing too much or any for that matter, harrasment. I feel sorry for him if he is.
posted by Gina on Aug 31, 2011
HE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! He did a Great job on being "Michael Scofield", by the way. And in that role, he KISSED A GIRL!!!!! If he was gay, he wouldn't have done that. My friend is obsessed with him and she has like, 4000000000000000000000000 pics of him. And even if he is gay, wich he is NOT that's fine. lots of other people are gay, too. I mean, they can't help it. And to prove he's not alone, Google adam lambert and you will se he IS gay, no offence, and he went public with it and people got over it.
posted by yang09 on Aug 25, 2011
posted by honey on Aug 18, 2011
posted by Fede on Aug 06, 2011
Mmm you girls can have wentworth, im in love with Luke not with him B)
posted by violet04 on Aug 01, 2011
i can't believe he's really a gay!!!!!!!! i am a dying fan knowing he's a "GurL".
posted by YASMIN on Jul 24, 2011
posted by Vika on Jul 08, 2011
Is it that impossible for the guy to be a friend?
posted by John on Jun 29, 2011
If Wenthworth is gay or NOT, that's his own thing. The only one who can answer that question is himself and if he doesn't want to share that, no problem either. What is a problem is people who think it is a shame that he's gay or (also discriminating) that he is too handsome to be gay.. Beautiful and ugly are just words but my own experience is that gay-haters are often far from handsome... I am often told I'm quite handsome and unfortunately I don't like girls like non-gay men do... Do I have to feel sorry about my looks now? You might have to look at it another way: think about how difficult it might be for a gay person (who did NOT CHOOSE his sexuality) to deal with all the female attention only for his looks... My conclusion is that everyone is handsome... hopefully that solves the FRUSTRATION problem some of the posters seems to have with their own looks...
posted by mwah! on Jun 05, 2011
yes he is gay...........big time....honestly why are u guys hatin
posted by Kalynne on Jun 05, 2011
yes he is gay !!! don't worry????
posted by funnybeans on May 28, 2011
damn.. in the pacific news are not really update...and if they heard that he was gay...the gurls will not be happy and will eventually create world war turn, jst to prove the rumors ..
posted by Flirtass on May 11, 2011
Ohh what can nigga say.....all of dem hot guyz have to be gay? You can fuckn kiss ma ass.Let him live his life.Pricks!
posted by kimerald on May 11, 2011
i wonder who's the top and who's the bottom?
posted by Bambino on May 05, 2011
I love went prison break he is sooo hot!!!!! He is not gay in my head he is my hub!;)
posted by Jamie on May 04, 2011
Oh, god forbid he has a friend that's gay. If he hangs out with someone that's gay, he can't possibly be straight, right? This article is so ridiculous it made me laugh.
posted by Ama king on Apr 25, 2011
i lov the world no mater wht u say we wil be gay
posted by tiki on Apr 21, 2011
wentis a great guy, he is cuute he is so fine, and he looks like a good guy,the one who knows better, i do not want to sound rude but he is not the type to be gay, i believe he knows the Lord do not homosexuality. he is not gay. he is going to marry a beautiful lady and you will see that.
posted by T on Apr 19, 2011
posted by Hi from Md! on Apr 16, 2011
:DDD I can't fancy... why all the cutest boys should be guy??? unfair..
posted by leslie day on Apr 15, 2011
wentworth my be gay but not in my head
posted by hannah on Apr 05, 2011
whattttt!! there is nooo wayy!! he is not gay idont care what anybody says
posted by ketty on Apr 04, 2011
idont believe in those things he is not gay
posted by blanca on Mar 30, 2011
espero n sea sierto pero siges siendo guapisimo te amo wentworth
posted by c no on Mar 29, 2011
no way im bealivin dat its crap people
posted by c no on Mar 29, 2011
hes so nt gay hes so hot so cute hes a real man
posted by Narak on Mar 29, 2011
I still like you Went and what ever you are. I just the girl who want to let you know :)
posted by xxx on Mar 17, 2011
oh hell no.......... dont let other people to dump dea u
posted by coolguy on Mar 12, 2011
i luuuurve u wentworth!!!
posted by Maverick on Mar 10, 2011
u r always my man even after today , i found out that u r gay lol my sister told me that but i said no he isn't he is my man loooolz i hope u the best
posted by aliceinwonderland on Mar 09, 2011
NNOOOOOOoooooooooO!!!!!!! Ha! ha! lol.... Oh Man! REALLY?! Jeeeze (smacked my forehead) "Doh!" Ah man your still gorgeous. Lucky guy! I love ya!
posted by zinta on Mar 07, 2011
i love u went
posted by Lowden on Mar 04, 2011
Gay or not, he'd still get it if i had a chance :-)
posted by shermeem on Mar 04, 2011
Gay or not he's still Wentworth Miller,fuck off.
posted by olawale on Mar 03, 2011
guy you are fantastic,pretty fantastic !!!!!
posted by lovey rose on Feb 23, 2011
i do believe that Wentworth is not gay....I really like his movie series Prison Break...I LOVE U Wentworth
posted by golnoush on Feb 20, 2011
are you sure you dont have any pictures of them
posted by nyc4me on Feb 17, 2011
wow... first I would like to address the question of where the fuck did you people learn how to spell?? And also all you Bigot mother fuckers can die and rot in hell... with the devil fucking you all up the ass night and day :) I'm pretty sure its not 1952 anymore, and as a proud gay man I know for a fact that myself and most of my gay friends are hotter than the redneck uneducated piles of garbage who unfortunately graced this web page with their nonsense and babble. And if he is gay trust me its not a waste.... What is a waste is all of the trash i just read on this web page... Seriously I hope every person that wrote anything remotely bigoted on this page dies a horrible, slow, agonizing death you worthless scumbags. Oh and one more thing...use spell check or buy a dictionary you ignorant fucks!
posted by sara on Feb 16, 2011
it's doesn't important i still love him so much
posted by Katherine on Feb 14, 2011
I hope his not gay..
posted by nawal on Feb 14, 2011
i love u wentworth u are so sweat
posted by random arm spazzz on Feb 14, 2011
if wentworth is gay ( which hes not ) all i can say is im jealous of all the other lucky gay guys!
posted by lalalala:) on Feb 14, 2011
omg look! gorgeous wentworth miller is standing by a guy! that brings us to one conclusion..... hes gay! ok seriousley how dumb does that sound! who ever made up those rumors needs to stop and get a life! just because your jealous of wentworth and how hottt he is dosent mean you need to be a meanie about it! I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH! YOUR WAY TO HOTTTT TO BE GAY!!!
posted by kome on Feb 10, 2011
fuck u fruit cake...
posted by loling on Feb 09, 2011
I don't care.. I love wentworth miller...
posted by jezelof gemstor on Feb 09, 2011
.... i don keir... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
posted by NAJ on Feb 08, 2011
posted by sara on Feb 07, 2011
wentworth is sexxyy i give a shit if hes gay or not hes still mine k no one will tke tat away from me k got tat
posted by Nate on Feb 07, 2011
~it doesn't matter
posted by nate on Feb 07, 2011
it does matter what they say.. im happy for the both of you.. GO GO WENTWORTH!
posted by ENIGMA on Feb 06, 2011
I support him to have rights to choose his own partner!
posted by hmmm... on Feb 02, 2011
well i don't want to believe he's gay but the guy he's with isss openly gay so it doesn't look to promising.
posted by kevin on Jan 30, 2011
no wayyyyyy .... he's not gayyyy ........ DONT FALL PREY TO RUMOURS
posted by alicia on Jan 28, 2011
what the hell, "he's too sexy to gay", "what a waste"?! I hope you stupid bitches die in a fire
posted by tina who loves went on Jan 28, 2011
hey guys and girls dont belive this stupid report.i belive i know him and i know he is gay also because he was standing next 2 a boy is not a good means he cant have a friend?the reporters for hollywood actors think actors have 2 be just with a girl and when they are just friend with someone that is in their gender.they gossip that he is gay.but come on he is not and Wentworth Miller, star of the suspense-drama series Prison Break brings light to the surfacing rumors of his being gay. And after much noise, the promising actor attempts to put an end to these hearsay by stating, Im not gay.and i belive him.i love u went worth best wishes and be good
posted by dats it on Jan 25, 2011
wentworth cannot be gay... i wish he is not gay ..but he also has d rite to choose his partner so i support him even if he is .. love u wentworth n wish all ur dreams come true.. love u.
posted by KRISTINA on Jan 24, 2011
posted by ash22 on Jan 21, 2011
i dont discriminate against gay people but i think wentworth miller is way too sexy to be gay what a waste lol
posted by dimitris kokkinis on Jan 19, 2011
he isnt gay.he is so''BRISON BREAK''he play by man
posted by rolly on Jan 18, 2011
he's gay!
posted by Donkey Kong on Jan 17, 2011
posted by ABDULRAHMAN on Jan 11, 2011
posted by Anon on Jan 07, 2011
They are some pretty incriminating photos! They are standing next to each other!!!!
posted by Who Cares on Jan 04, 2011
Really People, if he is who cares, Do you think any of you stand a chance with him anyways. Keep dreaming. I hope he is gay... We need more of them so dic*kheads like yoursekves can learn that everyone is the same.
posted by Saudia Arabian Girl on Jan 04, 2011
Wentworth Miller is not gay who ever made this pathetic rumor needs to get a life and stop making rumors about other people. Wentworth you should come and visit Lincoln, Ne
posted by kc001aj on Jan 03, 2011
no his not gay.i have gay friends i know when i see one.these are just rumors.his the hottest guy alive. i love you wentworth. good luck and more power to your career.
posted by genius on Jan 02, 2011
miller, i think was not really a homosexual, they just only wanted to make an issue of him,,, to the man who thinks that hes a gay,, well stop it,,, never and ever,, miller really knows himself much better than us..... so it's really up to him wether hewill accept the fact or not,,,
posted by dennis on Dec 28, 2010
i was watching prison break and i for some reason it just came to me to google of hes gay not because he looked gay or anything just for no reason and i find this.... blows my mind... idc if is or not still is an amazing actor and i love prison break
posted by ohmy on Dec 27, 2010
he was wayyyy hot first season but seriously by the 4thseason i didnt even recognize him
posted by jewlz on Dec 27, 2010
yeah love u wentworth :) rumours really pissin me off to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by jewlz on Dec 27, 2010
hes not gay stop with the nasty rumours its all lies he is not gay such a waste if he is gay so what hes not aloud to have friends now if he walked down the street talking to a woman it means its his gf and if the next day hes talking to another girl it means hes cheating get a grip actaully get a better life instead of having to make stuff up too many men are gay yes and there is no way he is gay thats sick
posted by jen_ebeb on Dec 26, 2010
i like wentworth, ,i dont care if he's gay or not. .. if he's not a gay, that's great. . he then proves he's a real hunk if he's a gay than it'll be fun.. .sharing same stuff together , ,hahaha
posted by TMTW on Dec 26, 2010
To much man to be gay...
posted by jenny on Dec 23, 2010
he has a good look 1st time i see him in his movie of prison brick i amaze in his good acting
posted by kamshe kenya on Dec 21, 2010
i don give a fuck whether he is gay or not. i would still floss avin fucked em gewd...
posted by missbella on Dec 20, 2010
he is so not gay... trust me on that and i dont belive in rumers
posted by sam on Dec 18, 2010
posted by flower on Dec 16, 2010
and he is really sexy!!!i believe that many people are jealous of him and most of them want to hurt him.....
posted by flower on Dec 16, 2010
i forgot to add that if he is gay i like ''his boyfriend''and of cource i love prison break...
posted by gyol on Dec 16, 2010
posted by flower on Dec 16, 2010
come on guys,he can not be gay.the fact that he went a walk with a friend does not mean that he is gay.i went cinema with my,yes of course i am lesbia....and if he is where is the problem?
posted by smile8 on Dec 06, 2010
Hell is where you will burn for eternitiy and it's not just whatever god did not make man to love other man he made them to love woman. There is also no reason for all the swearing it's just discusting and annoing speak english.
posted by meow on Dec 06, 2010
him being gay makes me want him more!!!!!!!
posted by venus on Dec 04, 2010
y da fuck should u care if he is gay o yo own life n he will continue livin his if he is gay so be it..if he is not then let him be its his own goddamn life
posted by andrew on Dec 04, 2010
You know what, I'm gay so I'd be the happyest person to have him in my bed but I'ts no gonna happen. and neighter with you girls :D we does'nt have a chance anyway :D
posted by sexygurl123sexygirlq on Nov 29, 2010
Yes he's fuken fine if he's gay bisexuak or straight I'm still in love with the guys he just might be the hottest guy on earth andb those people who are talking shit that oh y do u care now like you'll have a chance with the guy how the fuk do u know sukaass suk it and ill have sex with the dude he's fukennnn finneee ughhh I'm in love with him hottest man on earthh illl fuk him to make hime straight
posted by dan woMAN on Nov 28, 2010
I LOVE wentworth miller and really trully hope and believ he's not gay. He's gorgus + has 1 sexy voice:( :-/
posted by Celzababe on Nov 25, 2010
Bahaha to the chick who said "no one cares" It kinda looks like every1 cares! lol
posted by STFU on Nov 19, 2010
Why hope he's not gay if he is? It's not like any of you people on here stand a chance with him anyways. So why waste your breath "hoping" he's not gay? You people are just plain blind and ignorant. The average stupidity that occurs on this planet will never cease to amaze me. Maybe some of you will find or grow some common sense and realize that.
posted by MissVengenZ on Nov 19, 2010
If he is...Why does it matter if he's gay? Seriously? Yeah, it puts him off the market for Women, big deal. He isnt any less attractive. And what the poop is this "I hope not, I will pray for him" bullshiz? First off, homosexuality is NOT a sin, nor a disease. Personal preference. You guys make me sick. All of you people saying you hope he isnt gay need to grow the fudge up. It isnt ANY of your peoples' choices, so GET over it, whether he is gay, straight, or bisexual. And to all of you little teeny boppers that are "massively in LOVE" with Wentworth Miller, WAKE UP! Stop living in a fantasy world. You will never get anywhere in life living in a dream world fantasizing about yourselves with him, or famous people at that level. So please, stop harassing the topic as to whether or not he's gay, STFU and grow up! If he is, oh well. If he isnt, again, oh well. It shouldnt matter. LIFE! GOES! ON! KTHXBAI
posted by Hans Henrik Heinrich on Nov 14, 2010
I have allways,if i hear about that man. He is bisex our gay. Now,i have right. Go´ for it,mister. It´s your´s life,not orthers.
posted by munchkins on Nov 13, 2010
whatever!!!! no matter wat they say i dont go for them..for me he is one of the actors that i admired most!!!i just dont undrstand y pipol would say for HOT & GORGEOUS MEN as gay? while those not-so-attractive r not? better twice guyzzz...
posted by blossom on Nov 12, 2010
i really like him a lot..he's gorgeous and has a sexy voice!!i hope he's not gay..
posted by lottie on Nov 12, 2010
gay or not gay he's still gorgeous... and i still have a crush on him...
posted by Amanda on Oct 26, 2010
He's Hot!
posted by anabel on Oct 24, 2010
I really hope he's not gay. I will pray for him.
posted by gabagaba on Oct 23, 2010
ikh,,,jijiek aqqooowhh loph u pull kang mill
posted by Kenny on Oct 21, 2010
I realy had a huge crush on him!isnt he bisexual or sumthn?coz i love hm!got everythn a woman needs!i stil hav a crush on hm still!im hs biggest fan.!
posted by lhynn on Oct 19, 2010
every people has different opinion for about being for you my friend just be what u want,as long as you do not stop loving god, he's still love you as his son....and i still admire is sexy and fun
posted by cahly on Oct 14, 2010
i still love him! ;)
posted by religiousfreak on Oct 09, 2010
No one cares! It is his life. And if he is, so what? Is he going to HELL? Wherever that is.
posted by shannonLOVE on Oct 08, 2010
READ!!: This article is so old! This article was created in 2008, and its upsetting to see people are still reading this in 2010. This article is a lie. WENTWORTH MILLER IS NOT GAY! The paparazzi, took a snap shot of him and his "gay friend" and put up some stupid assumptions. Isnt it funny, that these are the only two photos that they have together. Wentworth miller is not gay, stop listening to the paparazzi, and this article is so damn old!
posted by Mike on Oct 07, 2010
Fucking faggot!
posted by shanex on Oct 06, 2010
even if your gay went i still love you!
posted by WYETH on Oct 03, 2010
posted by 10coh on Sep 30, 2010
really..still..he's hot..and yummy
posted by Milla Jovovich on Sep 29, 2010
Go Wenthworth Miller! You deserve to be with an equally good looking man..
posted by emmy on Sep 29, 2010
am disappointed man,anyway i stil luv you.........
posted by STOP FEEDING PEREZ on Sep 29, 2010
CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!! This Article is 3 years old, it is as FALSE now as it was then. The rumor has been addressed many times by Wentworth, however rather than believing the source, people choose to listen to liar's like Perez who thrive off the attention and publicity he receives from the on going debates and reprinted articles, articles which become more exaggerated everytime a new blogger/website gets their hands on it. Perez's source was PROVEN false. Picture evidence has proved his so-called 'close' & 'reliable' source as wrong but Perez will never admit he was wrong he would rather manipulate and abuse his position instead, something which he has been caught doing many times over. What does Wentworth say about the ongoing rumors?     Reporter: The question that is on everybodys mind: Do you like girls or do you like boys?  Wentworth:First: They can gossip about it all they want, I wont respond to it anymore, not because it makes me angry but because I already have stated that I dont like boys. Apparently a lot of people refuse to believe that. I know how the rumours got started. Im not the kind of guy who scores every weekend. Im a romantic; I dont do one night stands.
posted by seriouslyspeaking on Sep 28, 2010
Oh, Lord!!! Do we still have handsome guys left in the world who are NOT GAY ... The ones left are either UGLY or short... joke joke ... WHY? WHY do they have to go that way, mannnn?
posted by on Sep 28, 2010
now you broke my heart miller :((
posted by joyax on Sep 28, 2010
whatever.. he's still my crush.
posted by adik on Sep 28, 2010
posted by SA Girl on Sep 28, 2010
Keep your chin up dude,and don't borther what all the bad people are saying about u...I like u! Even if ur gay.
posted by a fan on Sep 28, 2010
gay or not gay...he is still human...he has the right to do what he has to do and say what he want to say...went, coming out in the open is not an easy thing to do, but if u think its the best move for you to have the freedom that you are longing to, then go...i admired you even more..i will support you all the way...nothings changed...and i will never stop praying for you...:)
posted by JJH on Sep 27, 2010
GOOD FOR HIM! You GO WENTWORTH! I am glad he can finally be who God made him! LOVE WHO YOU LOVE! BE IT MALE OR FEMALE
posted by Ghelo on Sep 27, 2010
Nobody is perfect! Everyone must break out of prison, sometimes! ;-)
posted by margot on Sep 27, 2010
gay or not...he is still hot....OMG! Why would he be like that? What is there in a man that would like a man....I wonder what it is
posted by michelle on Sep 27, 2010
it broke my heart... but still wishing for your happiness....still love you no matter what....:)
posted by FRANCESFORBES on Sep 26, 2010
OMG AM HEARTBROKEN but each to there own
posted by selean on Sep 26, 2010
no way your still hot
posted by maps on Sep 25, 2010
gay or not the brother is stil hottttttttt damn.stil find u sexy wenty uuuuh
posted by t2n on Sep 25, 2010
no body is perfect... I wish the best 4 u Went!!
posted by SCREEN NAME on Sep 24, 2010
just because 2 men re together walking makes them gay...2 girls chatting make them gay too?
posted by vedelle on Sep 21, 2010
too bad to hear that he's a gay but if he really feels to be like a she, well then i think just be yourself..its the best thing to do..then i guess my ups for him and in his role in prison break will forever be imaginary..hehehe..i really admired him in the series prison break..if ill have another son, i would probably named it after him :-)
posted by cri on Sep 21, 2010
althought I will be sorry to find out that he is gay,and that only cause he is so good tasty for but that doesn't change my feelings. He is the most gorgeous actor....Love u baby
posted by Tempa on Sep 20, 2010
i thnk he is evil
posted by Joyce on Sep 17, 2010
I don't care about if he is gay,i still love him very much. He is handsome and clever,i fall in love with him.
posted by Luke25 on Sep 15, 2010
So what if he's gay?? Doesnt change who he is, just who he might be interested. Get over it and stop being closed minded! Good on you dude, just be yourself :)
posted by undertaker on Sep 10, 2010
i dont like she
posted by maja on Sep 10, 2010
fu..k that he is not gay he have girl sweet girl so suck oldthing....
posted by papi buddy on Sep 01, 2010
I realy love wentworth. He is the hottest man in the world 4 me. I hope he is not gay couse I would do anything to get him into beeeed!!!!
posted by Carly on Aug 29, 2010
I am shocked that wentworth is gay but he is still a babe. And i carnt believe they killed him off prison break what the fuck were they thinking i love you wentworth and if you ever want to become straight you know where i am xxxx
posted by Thr on Aug 29, 2010
I don't care if he's gay i have a gay brother and wentworth is gorgeous!
posted by Hellen Duke on Aug 29, 2010
I am a woman..and I can spot a gay when I see me people, Wentworth is not a gay..I love u Wentworth..f#k those who are trying 2put hm down!!!!
posted by carl bell ov darling on Aug 25, 2010
Wentworth miller you are one fit boyo....i would deffo bend over for you...ive got ginger pyabs too ;)
posted by i. on Aug 24, 2010
maybe he should make public his sexual orientation . it sucks when you're searching for an answer ...anyway , if he's gay ,i disagree .i think people gay are haveing mental problems . so wentworth , go to a doctor! i'm sure someone will help you .
posted by ct on Aug 23, 2010
if true it's disappointing...but well, I'm in love with Michael Scofield not Wentworth Miller and since Michael Scofield does not exist, I'm in love with no one :)
posted by tashi on Aug 21, 2010
gay or not gay wentworth miller is drop dead stunning!!! so get over it!!!
posted by zoe on Aug 19, 2010
fu*k he is not a gay!!!~
posted by Beatriz Knibel on Aug 17, 2010
I soooo want to be a MAN!
posted by lauren on Aug 15, 2010
if i was a man then i would soooo ask you on a date xxxxxxxxx loz xxxxxxxxxxxxx gay or not you are too fit to forget soooo keep on being fittest man in the world xxx
posted by Fnohro on Aug 15, 2010
If he is gay i love him, if he is guy i love him. I dont care, i love him he is the most handsome and sexiest guy or gay in the universe 4 me. Love you miller.
posted by maja on Aug 10, 2010
vi ste svi pateticne osobe...koga briga da je peder on je jednostavno najbolji...on je bio peder prije 3 godine a sad je u vezi sa marijom klaveno odete na internet ukucate njeno ime i uvjerite se!?!
posted by oops on Aug 09, 2010
GAY or NOT GAY....he's the best...i still like him..!!!
posted by sarah on Aug 07, 2010
I can't believe that u r gay!!! And I dnt care u r just toooo HOT people r jealous I ADORE U PAPPI xxxxxxx
posted by angie1 on Aug 07, 2010
i fu*king love you, how can you be gay?! :( but i dont really care, because i'll still have you :D xx
posted by Guillaume on Aug 04, 2010
Lovely...maybe if he is gay, it's just because he don't want to date you..
posted by Lovely on Aug 03, 2010
I am disappointed in the fact that he is gay.I always hoped to see him someday and if possible date him even if it is for a day or a month.How can he do this.......
posted by Jayneall on Jul 27, 2010
bro his not gay ............his the man of this world the humblest man and best acror.
posted by I LOVE WENWORTH MILL on Jul 27, 2010
oh my god!!i take to wentworth miller!!!!:X:X:X:X:X
posted by I LOVE WENWORTH MILL on Jul 27, 2010
oh,i fogot,but:WHAT EVER I DON'T CARE BUT I ONLY LOVE WENTWORTH AND HE DOESN'T GAY!!!!!i love u i love u very much:x:x:x:x:x
posted by I LOVE WENWORTH MILL on Jul 27, 2010
hey!!!i don't care it is true or not,WENTWAT MILLER NEVER GAY!!it is so crazy.even him and the guy in the picture don't handful.FUCK YOU-THE STUPID PAPARAZIll!!!!!!however,i always love and belive wenworth miller.i sure that guy in the picture may be is his friend.why some people still like LIES BOB!?!?!?i very very very HATE that people!!!!!!!wentworth is number one.I LOVE U
posted by stace on Jul 27, 2010
Wentworth miller is way toooo hot to be gay, it cant be true
posted by clem on Jul 23, 2010
i was devastated when i heard he was gay but he is still HOT!!!!
posted by mami on Jul 22, 2010
i fell in love wth michael scorfield who is NOT gay..lolest,m hurtin tho
posted by piya jebin on Jul 20, 2010
dear miller....i dnt knw if u read this txt ever...well ppl saying u r gay...staying in a small country i cant judge u.u knw what u was my first sight love.nd after knwing that u r a gay there was no affect!!coz i dnt trust them...hope u get a beautiful lady in ur life....nd hope its me lol....boss u r the StAr......
posted by shieryl on Jul 19, 2010
no way!! well who cares!! he's still the best!! iloveyou miller!! ;*
posted by im nahtt gayy on Jul 13, 2010
haha i newww its mayra was wrong hahaha
posted by davis junior on Jul 12, 2010
just mind ur own biznez,people!!! gay,not gay...fuck dis bullshit
posted by C star on Jun 27, 2010
even though i still adore him, he is an angle
posted by maja big fan on Jun 21, 2010
who care about for his gay...wenty is yust like as...i love his smile...
posted by rake on Jun 21, 2010
hij is geen homo
posted by pau on Jun 21, 2010 what if he's a gay?! he's still yummy.haha
posted by moshe garebamono on Jun 16, 2010
Um cumn 4 u Miller no matter what u du or what u r, coz i wanna be a movie star sumday and Jesus u r best inspiration.
posted by naomi on Jun 13, 2010
Gay or not (and I'm still hoping not...) he's still pretty damn sexy.
posted by Hmings on Jun 12, 2010
GAY or NOT GAY....he's the best...i still like him!!!
posted by M1n13 on Jun 11, 2010
so what if hes gay, we fell in love with the character Micheal Scofield not Wentworth Miller!! no-one has a chance with him anyway, get over it and accept that hes GAY!!!
posted by Yorie on Jun 11, 2010
Well, I never believe he's gay but... I just look at the picture up there. He walked with his "friend" and he's wearing that kind of hats which is mostly for women... Maybe he's just wanna make a scandal. A gay can't have that manly face :-<
posted by Vboy on Jun 10, 2010
Great news for boys all over the world he is so hot. I hope it's true. Mmmmmmm love to get hot with him
posted by joe joe on Jun 07, 2010
such a waste :( he is sooo gorgeous :'(
posted by Viktoria on Jun 07, 2010
oti k an lene ego dn picteuo m tpt oti autoc o kukloc ine omofilofiloc auto apokliete akoma k an tc do mprocta m dn prokite n picte4o dn 8l n picte4o kt tetio gt dn ginete dn mpori n t xoreci t mialo m ine adianoito apicteuto 8 pe8ano auto dn ginete Miller I love you so much
posted by koko on Jun 07, 2010
you look like ashit
posted by shut_up_now on Jun 04, 2010
of course MILLER IS NOT GAY!!!
posted by no on May 29, 2010
He never said he was gay and never came out of the closet so what is this talking about
posted by shadows on May 29, 2010
It's not a problem for me... just let our life flow... it's no matter,people have their personality,, because God created us with the kind of abilities... so don't worry... and actually ,, I don't really care about
posted by Bringer/of/good/news on May 26, 2010
I have good news for all.. I have spent a few weeks Staying in West Hollywood (yes the gay area!) working and have dont a fair bit of investigation on this matter (personal interest!) - Miller is not gay! but could be bi-sexual. He did not however (and this is FACT!) have a relationship with Luke Macfarlane - they were/are just friends.
posted by lover on May 16, 2010
oh come on dont say his gay he is soo hot how come he be gay?
posted by jhae on May 05, 2010
being gay doesn't change the fact that he is sizzling hot!!:)
posted by Miss Angel on May 03, 2010
I dnt care if his gay or not!!!!!!!his mi\y man and will always be mine!Forever!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ANGELFACE on May 02, 2010
posted by contes on Apr 28, 2010
iam disappointed and hurt but i cant believe i still love you.Get off miller's back guys or bury ur selves he doesn't even know you.
posted by ANONYMOUS on Apr 26, 2010
posted by fuentes on Apr 26, 2010
WENTWORTH MILLER: what is the need of hiding such a thing! we have enough proofs that you are GAY oh come on you are so DAMN OLD AND CANNOT MARRY A GIRL AS YET, come on be a man and accept the fact that YOU ARE GAY BUDDY. we all know that YOU ARE A SHAMEFUL AND DISGRACEFUL MAN YOU SHOULS BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF...
posted by Eddie on Apr 19, 2010
1st thing - "his gay bf" - Well I should hope Miller has a gay bf or I have a feeling it may not last. 2nd thing - Why does anyone care? It's not like we're all ever gonna be the best of mates with him. Either way I love prison break =)
posted by massi maxxenc on Apr 17, 2010
well,he decide what he makes happy,and its not a shame he revelate about his new boyfriend,but en general who do sex with the wrong ones dosent matter if it s a woman o man----after recive at the face the---------and its called it is bad to fall of the first stood,so wentworth has to bee happy and recognice the true life and wish your fan massimiliano,maxxenc c.
posted by Hustla on Apr 15, 2010
Even if he wasnt gay...its not like any of you girls would have a chance! So really who cares....
posted by assefa on Apr 09, 2010
am sorry mico ! yekeled zena new ende ! weyne assefa !..betam azenkugn..min yhon endih yemyadergachew
posted by yon on Apr 08, 2010
Wenty cant b gay man...doz r wasted looks..his too hot a guy to be gay...
posted by sexy on Apr 04, 2010
fooooook you all he my man. got it.
posted by edyy on Mar 23, 2010
hey guys you are jelus on Wenty,becouse he is toooooo hooooot,and he is not gay.;))Sorry for my english is not gud,,,,and I lowe Miller.
posted by edyy on Mar 23, 2010
I mislim da ovi koji mu psuju mater vidjela sam komentare,da su jako ljubomorni na njega kao i vecina muskaraca.On je jednostavno najbolji;))))
posted by edyy on Mar 23, 2010
ma dajte ljudi samo jos fali da je on gej,to nije tacno dao je izjavu ni ne prilici mu to.A i da jest gej on je opet presavrsen,ali nije;))).Hey he is not gay 100%.Mozda sam malo zakasnila za komentar ali prison break sam tek sad pregledala pa tako da sad komentiram.
posted by sha on Feb 10, 2010
Well I think u guys all need to geta life bcause we will never b with a guy like wentworth millar anyways celebs always date their kind he'll never look down upon us so gay or gay not its his business don't study anyone who doesn't study you cause he doesn't know you and proberly never will sigh.....................
posted by prisonbreak on Feb 09, 2010
love prisonbreak and ill stil love it bcoz of micheal scotfield m a fan and dont care id his gay
posted by Someone on earth on Feb 09, 2010
Hmm..I kinda of smile while reading some of the comments..its quite fascinating when u read ppl's reaction towards a subject such of this..anyway,u gotta admit he's downright hot..
posted by Mark on Feb 01, 2010
U see ladies many of use r the reasons why alot of us hot men turn gay... u will find these days that men that r gay u wouldnt pick them anymore... & if wentworth is gay leave the poor guy alone he is here to entertain us on screen not off screen....
posted by fuckyeahstraights on Jan 26, 2010
(To everyone here: I'm new to PRISON BREAK so I know I'm quite late for this post. But here it goes.) If this Miller is gay, it's none of your business. He is an actor and people should go for his acting skills and not his sexual preferences.
posted by lucky j on Jan 19, 2010
i envy luke
posted by pato on Jan 18, 2010
he's no gay
posted by Andre Juandre Smith on Jan 17, 2010
I love him. he can get me anytime!
posted by BABY on Jan 13, 2010
posted by BABY on Jan 13, 2010
posted by JONNA on Jan 13, 2010
posted by Bapower on Jan 09, 2010
Ladies!!! the guy is interested on ur boyfriend nt u, go n fuck ur boyfrnd b4 Wenty takes him
posted by GGxx on Jan 04, 2010
He DEFO doesn't have that gay look about him.. I dont think he is gay.. He will be mine lol x
posted by emily on Dec 30, 2009
is gutted my wana be boyfriend is gay
posted by Zax on Dec 28, 2009
I'm simply heart broken... God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve...
posted by kerie on Dec 21, 2009
i had jst strted on seasn 4 o prison brk wen i found out he's gay..well,my dreams r squashed but den m happy 4 him..i love u wentworth!!!
posted by VERO on Nov 28, 2009
posted by diva on Nov 22, 2009
what the fuck is wrong with u ppl hes not gay he said in a n interview he wants a wife and kids in the future just because e doesnt talk his personal life too much doesnt mean hes gay just because he has a gayfriend who he is seen with most of the time doesnt mean hes gay he said hes a workaholic eventhough he tries 2 fit a few dates in what the hell GET OVER YOUR SLEVES weirdoes u guys chat a load of crap u doont eve know him..
posted by SERBIA on Nov 16, 2009
posted by srb on Nov 14, 2009
peder jedan ...MAMU MU JEBEM
posted by iamawinner on Oct 28, 2009
His personal life if his own! And it is PERSONAL AND PRIVATE! I have purchased all four seasons of Prison Break. He and all the other actors are brilliant.
posted by little girl on Oct 26, 2009
I don't care if he's gay i'm still love him.I'm gonna love him 4 ever And if his is gay a dont care
posted by smokie on Oct 13, 2009
stop being bothered by Miller being gay or not. what you should worry about right now are effects of global warming and the disasters and destruction that's happening right now. think about it. the end is near
posted by david on Oct 09, 2009
i dont mind whether he is a gay or not,but i'm still his fan.
posted by Helga on Oct 04, 2009
You are so young and so appealing, And loneliness is not your feeling. You are so many miles away... My words won't reach you in one day... And I am here in the blue Of fairy-tale dreams unlikely to come true. Why is the world created in such way That we're attracted by mysterious far-away? I may be little too naive To hope, to dream and to believe That we could get the distance short And have the happy moment shot... Two lives, two souls Could be like one forever... My dreams are all about you Close by... If ever...
posted by Mike19 on Sep 27, 2009
Trash the labels. He belongs to no1. Gay. Str8. Bi. Watevr. Get a life girls, get a dildo. Fly a kite 4 all we care. Str8 is a waste of time. Hw many hott holywood men get treatd ryt by women? Ur kind lets u down. Only a man knwz hw to luv a man. Nd i said luv, nt f_ck. U girls wil nevr undrstand. U just want ramrods. U juz wana use him. Pathetic.
posted by wentworthhtut on Sep 22, 2009
mind your own business, guys. he can b what he wants.
posted by jane on Sep 19, 2009
this is tooooo stupid, no body will believe this, and i have already read the interview of him, and he clarified that he is not a gay
posted by keel on Sep 17, 2009
hes not gay!!!! whoever wrote this is the one whose gay!! i love you wentworth miller! and thats all that matters!! these press are full of shit, they just want to see your downfall coz your so famous right now.. DONT MIND THEM THEY'RE JUST JEALOUS COZ YOU'RE SO DAMN GOOD!!
posted by chepie on Sep 15, 2009
WHAT??? OMG!!! but i still love Micheal Scofield though.... =P
posted by ebo on Sep 13, 2009
my advice for everyone don't watch at his serial again.
posted by gerald on Sep 12, 2009
how the hell on earth is he gay, fuccck you all and your editorial crew and you americans too. in case you want to go down with him,FUCK YOU TOO.
posted by Tohnia on Sep 05, 2009
Hey I do not know how my email endedup up with a whole website. I am Tohnia the zero1-9@ email girl. Went, I am serious, I would like you to be a part of my movie out of all the men, I do not know who the gals gonna be, we will see?
posted by dina on Sep 04, 2009
noooooooo cant say that him being gay didnt break my heart but he`s still a great actor and has d maost amazing charmin` eyes i`ve ever seen in my gonna have a terrible day
posted by lc on Aug 23, 2009
gay or no gay he's still hot. i too am lesbian but i still find him hot...that's it.
posted by moe on Aug 17, 2009
i like you so very much first time in my life. I wish I could meet and speak in person. Let me know when you visit to Canada. I'll come see you. I will not change my feelings whatever you are.Wish you have very long lasting good looking and shape n success...
posted by kakaa on Aug 17, 2009
yay yay yay ! they look so cute together ! :) he's gay ! yay !
posted by hotness on Aug 06, 2009
hes tooo or not i still want him...i still want him..
posted by LiLChiik.. on Aug 05, 2009
Lol i just found out he's gay. He's gorgeous but it's his choice if he's gay init. Ah well. I love ya wentworth :P Good on ya bab.
posted by flower on Aug 03, 2009
Oh my god people, get a life you idiots!
posted by becki on Jul 28, 2009
aww no plz.i rele think hes so hot and gawjus.if he is its such ashame :(
posted by Nat on Jul 28, 2009
he is hot, what can u say, no one can say, they would not fuck him
posted by Nathan on Jul 28, 2009
He was a great actor and did awesome throughout the whole show. Even though he is gay thats his desicion so I dont care. When I come to LA I would love to meet him.
posted by MAjohnNA on Jul 27, 2009
RiGHT PEOOPLE,,, da ones who are being PATHETiC!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>> you are ALL just SAD Lil FUCKERS with NO Lives!!!!! AND 2 ^ALL^ da WOMEN who are saying "its a WASTE",,,, yor ALL FUCKiN SAD and PATHETiC,, cos you are NEVER gonna get 2 FUCK him anyways,,, so WHAT da fuck does it MATTER if he is GAY?????...... AND Why da FUCK does him being GAY Change da ^FACT^ dat he is HOT!!!!?????....... Why da FUCK cant you WOMEN Still DrooL Over him anyways if he is GAY?????,,, he is still Beautiful & your only GONNA EVER get 2 DrooL & Do NOTHiNG ELSE Anyways!!!!.... SO "FUCKiN GET OVER iT" you RETARDS!!!! You make me so ANGRYc ;-D He is Beautiful even if he is GAY..... AND i am Not just saying it cos i am Gay,,, i am saying it cos its the TRUTH,,, & i Know i will NEVER get 2 be with him,, so WHY CANT YOU SAD WOMEN Accept dat YOU wiLL NEVER be with him Either??????? Grrrrrrrrrrr ;-S
posted by the master on Jul 18, 2009
if he was gay its a shame, good actor wasted, it should be the gays doing the suicide!
posted by WENTWORTH \' S FAN F on Jul 16, 2009
posted by Honestyfox on Jul 08, 2009
You all sad lol He is a great actor and a great looking bloke. He not camp as many of you say he is!! and If he wants to stay out of the lime light good for him. Who wants to know any way lol "GAY PEOPLE RULE"
posted by Tohnia on Jun 28, 2009
??????zero1-9@hotmail, get in touch we'll talk about my creation I'd like you to be a part of.
posted by Tohnia on Jun 28, 2009
He is not gay. zero1-9@hotmail, get in touch we'll talk about my creation I'd like you to be a part of.
posted by SA Girl on Jun 22, 2009
Why?he is soooooooooooooo good looking!its such a waste!its true what they say if you that good looking you either taken or gay!!!!!!!
posted by Went\'s Soulmate;) on Jun 22, 2009
He will be mine....oh yes he will be mine...
posted by retard on Jun 20, 2009
u`re fucking disgrace of the world go and suicide all of u plz.!!!
posted by SABEENA on Jun 15, 2009
posted by millerporwmeni on Jun 13, 2009
gay or not, we steal love him
posted by sex fuck on Jun 12, 2009
he not gay...he n i goin out
posted by Edin on Jun 11, 2009
Hes Not gay The site can lie how easy they like
posted by Katie on Jun 05, 2009
I don't care if he's gay! He just shouldn't hide it! It's nothing to be ashamed of!
posted by ASHEE on Jun 04, 2009
I really don't care about him being gay!! The fact of the matter is that he is one hella of a hunk and ooooh boy that body is awesome. Why put him "down" cos he chooses to be different. He is a great actor and does it for me!!!!
posted by lucky j on Jun 03, 2009
i loved him from the start i started watching prison break he s reason why i love the series so much but dont worry guys i will make him mind using my gay methods i was always suspicious of him being gay.........I LOVE HIM CAUSE HE'S HOT....
posted by sarah on Jun 03, 2009
gay or not!! he's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally handsome i dont beleive he's gay.. losers
posted by runner on May 31, 2009
Hooray he's gay! All good looking men are turning gay cos they realise the girls today are getting uglier, more self-centered and less intelligent! It's more exciting to hang out and have fun with your bros, with no strings attached! Bitches, ya all in trouble! LOL
posted by V V on May 31, 2009
my miller my miller , u r my life, come on don't be gay. love u love u. oh god........................I CAN'T TAKE THIS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_(
posted by xuanqiang on May 22, 2009
Like a chinese old saying:"ai wu ji wu",it means if you like someone,you shall like everything related to him or her.well,so i definitely like him and his everything ,including gay-or-not thing.Love him and pray for him.
posted by xuanqiang on May 22, 2009
gay or not,does it really matter?i don't think so.He is a good actor just like many other chinese people said.I love him,and just hope he's happy without caring about gay or not.
posted by rdancing on May 19, 2009
Christ its like when Princess Diana died all over again!
posted by jaybeez on May 14, 2009
No one don't even know who this men is
posted by jaybeez on May 14, 2009
No one don't even know who this men is
posted by Jeremy on May 08, 2009
Okay I'm gay and even I agree with You Losers on this. Girls, don't you realise how incredibly many straight guys there are in the world? For us theres a very limited number. Do you know how great a priveledge you have to even be able to go up to a random guy and hit on him. If we were to do that 90% of the time we'd be guaranteed a fist in reply. If he's gay GET THE HELL OVER IT! If he's straight GET THE HELL OVER IT! I hate how snotty fangirls are always clinging on to the next big thing, from JT to Robert Pattinson 10 years later, it's always the same. Just give it a rest and get real lives.
posted by q,yfriend on May 07, 2009
gay or not! I don t care. Does He Not a Good actor. What I know is that He makes me love P-B.
posted by You Losers on May 04, 2009
He is totally gay, get over it. Have you seen him run on Prison Break? So totally camp. I nearly cried with laughter reading all the comments from stupid girls saying 'he can't be gay'....'nnooooo'...'i dont believe it, he's too hot'. The best one by far was 'i'll pray for him'...classic. Bunch of losers. Get over it, he's gay as a window.
posted by Mark on May 02, 2009
TO hell with u,losers!
posted by Mark on May 02, 2009
TO hell with u,losers!
posted by Cocotte on Apr 30, 2009
I saw Iron road many times, Luke Macfarlane was very sexy in this movie.But when I know he is gay, I never thing about this movie, It make me lost all imagination about him.
posted by thegreatcandy on Apr 25, 2009
He is definitely not gay at all... losers...
posted by thegreatcandy on Apr 25, 2009
He is definitely not gay... losers...
posted by thegreatcandy on Apr 25, 2009
He is definitely not gay... losers...
posted by thegreatcandy on Apr 25, 2009
He is definitely not gay at all... losers...
posted by thegreatcandy on Apr 25, 2009
He is definitely not gay at all... losers...
posted by iloveWWM on Apr 25, 2009
please dont let him be gay
posted by papi on Apr 23, 2009
why dnt we just concentrate on the film and live wentworth millar alone..
posted by chelsea on Apr 18, 2009
He should find a g/b-friend and state his sexuality by selling the story to the press on his g/b-friend. I would like to give him some action inbetween his busy meetings and acting. AND we shud all stop outing him if he is gay and doesnt want to come out yet.
posted by liu yi on Apr 18, 2009
he's not gay!
posted by angelwings8 on Apr 11, 2009
pity pity pity.. he had so much potential, but he's still hot, its true, all hot guys are gay, heterosexual relationships are near extinction
posted by = =! on Apr 08, 2009
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posted by aoyanming on Apr 08, 2009
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posted by mrspurcel on Apr 03, 2009
Went gay? Who cares! Has no one noticed how gorgeous Dominic Purcell is? Please tell me someone has? Dont get me wrong Went is good looking and i wouldnt kick him out of bed but Dom is by far super sexy. He gets my vote over Went anyday!!!
posted by prison break on Apr 01, 2009
posted by dude!!!!! on Mar 16, 2009
wentorth amazing miller is blatesssss not gay - he is my future husband so, why lie???? thank you xxx
posted by pardis on Mar 15, 2009
Even though I dont beleive that wentworth is gay, I can definitely say that even he is gay, I dont care at all. I love him however he is.
posted by pardi on Mar 15, 2009
Even though I dont beleive that wentworth is gay, I can definitely say that even he is gay, I dont care at all. I love him however he is.
posted by M...A on Mar 13, 2009
posted by millerlover.... on Mar 13, 2009
look people havent u realized? that all the hot guys are gay... i kno its bad news but we have to admit it... i kno i cudnt believe it the first time i heard it but yep hes gay... but hes still my hot star :P
posted by maedeh on Mar 09, 2009
never , never , never, i think wentworth miller shud not be gay, I will support him forever
posted by siddy on Mar 07, 2009
i think wentworth miller shud not be gay i really love him to bits hes the most honsome and sexiest and fittest person i have ever seen dnt u think plz contact me i live in united kingdom ipswich
posted by siddy on Mar 07, 2009
i think wentworth miller shud not be gay i really love him to bits hes the most honsome and sexiest and fittest person i have ever seen dnt u think plz contact me i live in united kingdom ipswich
posted by pruddy on Mar 05, 2009
i'm veri disappointd.hw can he go 2 waste like dat.i like michael scofield but i dnt think i like wenty anymore.i'm prayin 4 him dat he changes
posted by miller\'s angel on Mar 05, 2009
i love him as he is.. eventhough he is gay i love him.. if miller see this one contact me.. i will accept u as you are.. luv u madly =]
posted by curlygirl on Mar 03, 2009
why is it that the issue of sexuality is so polarized? gay or straight, there seems to be no in between -- at least not when people discuss men. it seems like the thought that he *might* be bisexual seems to be an even bigger taboo than being gay. whatever his orientation, does it really matter? i doubt anyone posting in this thread will ever meet him, much less date him, therefore his sex and intimate life really isn't our business. lets just enjoy the eye candy and let him live his life however he chooses to : )
posted by baxs on Feb 28, 2009
posted by lilrose on Feb 23, 2009
WEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND WENTY IS NOT THERE BY MY SIDE, I DIE A THOUSAND TIMES,i will still have ur baby,i love u wenty,dont mind ppl, u cant be gay!! ppl r jealousy U'LL STILL B THE STAR ALWAYS!!!
posted by whatever on Feb 20, 2009
even if he is gay i don't think that affects any of us..... we love him and he is a great actor. what he does in his bed is not of our busines. so just let him live his life already!!!!!!
posted by chicky-d on Feb 20, 2009
bein wid a gay frnd dsnt mean he's gay...i mean u cn hv a drug addict frnd but not b 1 urslf, so dnt cme 2 conclusions.if he said he's not, then why cant v jst trust him?!!?by da wei,h quote wat he said,'...I M NOT GAY.BUT WATEVA U WANA THINK ITS FINE.B IT WITH A GAL/A GUY,SO LNG AS U WATCH DA SHOW.ROMOURS R ALWEIZ DEA..'
posted by Andrew Venter SA on Feb 20, 2009
You go Wentworth. There is so nothing wrong with being Gay i am too and am proud of myself. You are by far the hottest man on earth and you make me num every time I see you....
posted by Clytaimnestra on Feb 09, 2009
Luke MacFarlane is officially gay (self outing in a canadian newspaper) and if Wentworth Miller does'nt want heat up the rumours, he wouldnt appear together with him in public. So as a result, he must be gay. That's simple logic. But do no longer waste time with being upset about that, no one of us - female or male - will get him...
posted by glitter on Feb 04, 2009
no way he is to HOT to be gay
posted by mc on Jan 31, 2009
hey,guys cool it.He is such a guy, look at him
posted by Me on Jan 27, 2009
Yeah i think i have the same view as most people here, i certainly wouldnt kick him outta bed for fating :) Oooooooh the big sexy beeach lol :) YUMMY!!!
posted by Calypso on Jan 27, 2009
I trust him. I will support him forever.
posted by Spm1 on Jan 25, 2009
Im gay even if hes gay or not the press + others should leave him alone he is well fit thou lets just say i would not kick him out of bed
posted by Zoh on Jan 24, 2009
posted by daNNy on Jan 21, 2009
he is not gay i dont believe that his gay! i think that person inventing story just to destroy ed the name of hunk actor. to see is to believe. so went keep it up! i love prison break..
posted by I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH on Jan 21, 2009
NO WAY OF COURSE HE IS NOT GAY !!!! i mean it s just impossible right??? i m like upsessed with him i love hiiimmm he can t break us females like thatt !!!!! PLZ WENTYYYYYYYYYY DON T BE GAAAAAAAAY :'(:'(:'(
posted by random on Jan 20, 2009
lol... gay actors are always the best! i guess its something with being girly and into ur emo(stion) and shit that makes you a good actor ;)
posted by Bush on Jan 17, 2009
Whos care he is gay or he is not,let him live his life
posted by Africa on Jan 14, 2009
Freaks! What differnece does it make if he is gay or not. He isn't about to shag any of you. Give the guy a break. It's got nothing to do with anyone but him what his sexual orientation is.
posted by Betz on Jan 12, 2009
I hope the stories are not true. Miller is so hot, any female would want him in bed with them. Oh come on Miller you can't be gay. All the females love you, you sexy thing. Love you lots.
posted by whtevr on Jan 03, 2009
girls dont you hate on the guys just because this guy dont swing you way... lol hes hot..lucky for the guys right?? but yah there is more guys out there..
posted by jessie. on Dec 29, 2008
not ebing funny but, i love wentworht miller if hes gay hes gay. end off so leave him alone its only koz u lot are jealous koz ur ugly nd hes OVARLY sexyyy. i love you, biggest fan ever. i swear im gonar meet you one day ;)
posted by lulla! on Dec 20, 2008
ewww..for real?
posted by abcd on Dec 19, 2008
nope....he s not gay...
posted by goo on Dec 18, 2008
gay or not gay you are the best you make me see the Prison Break i love you mwwh big kiss 4 u
posted by goo on Dec 18, 2008
gay make me sike that bad ewwwwwwwwwww
posted by alice on Dec 13, 2008
just because he's been spotted with a guy doesnt mean he's gay! and so what if he is, its his life!
posted by bex on Dec 12, 2008
I thought he was gay when i saw him in the Maria Carey video, but then when he went into PB i changed my mind ... the thing that baffles me most is how many people have made it their fanatasism about his sexual gender...personally i hope he is then it wont crush all us ladies if he isn't and gets with a woman.... anyway stinky love the show and yes you are hot hot hot.
posted by Adam on Dec 12, 2008
People, just be quiet. I don't think that being gay it is very horrible. i don't think so. I like prison break, i like him as an actor and i will continue to like him and the show. It is his personaly life. and we don't have power to mix in his life. just understand only one thing, that it doesn't matter person's sexuality orientation, the matter is being really good man, good actor. that's the only important thing. WENT MILLER YOU ARE GREAT ACTOR.
posted by omg on Dec 08, 2008
what the hell have just looked at all the posteds how sad r you lot its not like 1 ov you will ever get within 5ft ov him letalone get to do ewt with him you all need 2 get a life if he is gay its his live all we will ever get 2 do is look n if he dos men or wimen you still get to look its not goin 2 stop me hes fit thats all ther is to it im gay n if he is its not goin 2 make me look at him like oh yea i can have him coz i know gay or not i cant have him. just live your live n be happy in your self.
posted by went [h] on Dec 08, 2008
he's not gay.. of these comments my opinion is that he's not gay ... But ever if he is I'll still like him ... It's not at your job to think about it but I'LL STILL LIKE HIM !!
posted by ak47 on Dec 07, 2008
hey,gay or not gay, still like p.b and Miller in yo thing man!
posted by kv on Dec 05, 2008
no way............. he is not a gay..
posted by anon on Dec 04, 2008
I think it's horrible that people are so quick to judge someone on the basis of their sexual orientation. If you like the series, Wenty's personality should have nothing to do with it. If you're one of his rabid fangirls who can't accept the fact that he might be batting for the other team, one might draw the conclusion that you were only interested in him for your own deluded fantasies to begin with. End of story. I wish Wentworth the best of luck no matter who he's seeing and I hope this won't affect his professional life too much.
posted by not gay on Nov 27, 2008
he made me hate the movie I really don't know why people become gay we may have a devilish feelings but we have to fight them they are there for a reason to prove that the devil has a power over God he you gay peoples proved him right
posted by Went! <3 on Nov 26, 2008
He is not gay! I live in sweden and he was in stockholm and he said he wasn´t gay and the magazines do whatever they have to to get money! And he said the truth!
posted by Steve Dixy on Nov 20, 2008
Wentworth Miller is a gaylord
posted by hawy on Nov 19, 2008
gay or not. his still cool!!!!
posted by mimi on Nov 19, 2008
he is perfect no matter what he is
posted by fagphobic on Nov 09, 2008
And liban or whatever your names is go learn some english .You're such a retard
posted by fagphobic on Nov 09, 2008
At least half of the european and american men are fags.It's just the new trend.
posted by bonix on Nov 07, 2008
i dont believe that his gay! i think that person inventing story just to destroy ed the name of hunk actor. to see is to believe. so went keep it up! i love prison break..
posted by Liban on Nov 07, 2008
I think he is not a gay plz stop this pollshit
posted by shawn on Nov 04, 2008
Mr miller,i think its not their business if you're gay or not,as the matter of fact,i'm gay,but i dont care anybody says,i just know i want my life beautiful,you are a amazing actor,i like you and i'll always hold your back in spirit.
posted by Becky on Nov 04, 2008
me and my brother are laughing at some of the shit people have wrote, it doesn't exactly matter if he's gay, i can still look at him, not like any of yous would shag him anyways. LOL
posted by evans on Oct 31, 2008
we dont care about his facken damn private life.what we care about is that ,gays are stupid and are alians on earth
posted by simplicist on Oct 30, 2008
Yeah who cares if he is. It's his fuckin life. Great show !!!
posted by dee on Oct 30, 2008
I think the photos are fake.. It's been edit. Anyway..good movie.
posted by sophia on Oct 27, 2008
posted by sophia on Oct 27, 2008
what a waste,really!did he really confess? im so dissapointed! why wentyyyy!
posted by G MAN on Oct 19, 2008
What is so special about this guy anyway, gay or not? Without sounding gay myself, there are a lot better looking blokes out there than him!
posted by lil spinash luv on Oct 15, 2008
for i know the fact is that he is not gayyyyyy deal with if you can.i know his girlfriend live in north-ways/hillbrow 403 muleya's nephews
posted by lil spinash on Oct 15, 2008
who damn give a fuck.he is a fucken bitch.
posted by claire on Oct 14, 2008
amazing! but anyway his gods gift.
posted by MAGA on Oct 14, 2008
posted by AussieStud on Oct 10, 2008
Whatever label you want to put on the guy. He is an awesome actor personally who gives a rats what soceity thinks.
posted by AussieSTUD on Oct 10, 2008
Ladies and gentlemen, who cares what the bloke is if hes gay, str8, bi. People are just so worked up about sexuality. And even if the guy was, he is not a fag, because a fag or poofter is some one who acts like a women the "gay sterotype". He is just another guy like every other bloke on this planet who likes to do guy "stuff" example fishing, surfing, football, boxing.He probably just prefers the same sex SO WHAT!
posted by Sucre on Oct 10, 2008
Went is not gay. Fags only say that coz prison break season 4 is now kickin...
posted by jOHN on Sep 27, 2008
enough with this crap already!!! He is not gay and everyone knows it except from fags in denial!!!! i am straight and i hang out with my gay friends all the time, i guess that says a lot about me being gay than me being a person who don't discriminate!! what do you fags want us to do really?? when we don't want to hang out with you , you call us homophobes and when we do, you call us gays!! make up your mind already!! by calling every gay friendly guy like Wentworth gay, you are pushing us to be gay unfriendly and homophobes, you fags are too confused to even know what you want!
posted by fghjgd on Sep 27, 2008
posted by souron on Sep 27, 2008
No one has the right to choose a life for us, worst if it is how you feel, I don't get it, why it is good but not really good? Its sad that we see being gay is bad.
posted by lucy on Sep 26, 2008
dint come as a surprise to me...these hunks they're always gay...ahh well such a waste such a waste
posted by Glitteringstar on Sep 24, 2008
Hey ladies and gentlemen, open your eyes and see what is before you. He is GAY!! There is never a smoke without a fire. Sooner or later, he will definitely come out of his closet and declare that he is actually gay. If there are rumours, there is an element of truth in it. In April 2008, a close friend of his said he is gay.
posted by Liz on Sep 20, 2008
Lucky Guys
posted by paris on Sep 15, 2008
i am in shock to learn that this awesome guy is gay , what a waste, i just hope that is just a rumor and it's not true. i am lack of words, it's a shame.............
posted by kathy on Sep 10, 2008
i would fuck him anyway even if his gay
posted by tiger on Sep 08, 2008
posted by florencia on Sep 04, 2008
If he is gay i am going to junp from the last floor of a skycrapper Hugs from Argentine
posted by gorgie-bum on Aug 26, 2008
Fuck Yeah!!!!!! The best news EVER!!!!
posted by no no on Aug 20, 2008
if hes gay hes gay but hes still hot just not in the same way he was before
posted by stiroiul on Aug 11, 2008
Suck! han e inte bög! alla säger att han e det, men han är inte det! får man inte umgås med killpolare? Man ser juh för *** att dem bara umgås! dem e polare och ingenting annat...! det e bara för att han e känd så skriver folk en massa saker när dem ser en med någon annan..! dem hade säkert skrivit ett massa skit om honom om han hade varit ute med två! så det så, han e inte bög! det vet jag..! jag har träffat honom och ja..:P
posted by COOLBEANS on Aug 08, 2008
He didn't come out, yet! But he probably IS gay...
posted by marc on Aug 06, 2008
no wayyyyyy .... he's not gayyyy ........
posted by Fridoh on Aug 02, 2008
Come on wenty tell us the truth. We'll still like u anyway
posted by shelle 72 on Jul 25, 2008
oh well if he's gay i'll buy strap on LOL
posted by omg on Jul 18, 2008
tats so gay
posted by chrissie on Jul 10, 2008
plz dont be gay ur way too yummy to be taken away from us females
posted by bri-25 on Jul 09, 2008
who the fuck cares
posted by vidanezz on Jul 06, 2008
OMG. I really pray to god he's not gay. or else, that would be Another good specimen of male anatomy gone to waste.
posted by alecia on Jul 03, 2008
i wouldnt fuck him
posted by tommy on Jul 02, 2008
he is hot what can u say no one come not say they would not fuck him
posted by Counney on Jun 29, 2008
i can't believe it is true.i support wentworth.i hope he can have a happy life and do the things he likes.
posted by eryn on Jun 29, 2008
He has NOT come out of the closet. Very irresponsible journalism.
posted by bambi on Jun 25, 2008
no way! he's not gay...

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