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Kate Nash

Kate Nash


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Kate Marie Nash

Birth Date :

July 06, 1987

Birth Place :

North Harrow, London, UK

Claim to fame :

Single "Foundations" (2007)


In this time frame, music industry is led by those with determination and pure talent, and Kate Nash is a perfect example of it. Having a single that jumped amazingly 185 places in U.K. Singles chart proved that she was a diamond in the rough. Thanks to its melodic and catchy phrase, 'Foundation' effortlessly was placed at #2 in the second week of its release and in the four following weeks, only a post away from Rihanna's mega-hit 'Umbrella'. Not wanting to be a one-hit-wonder, Nash has prepared a number of materials for her second album that she makes sure not going to suffer a sophomore slump. For the same reason, Nash also stated that fans may expect a different sound from her in the second effort, but still true to herself. Not blinded by her thriving career, Nash looks deeper on what she achieves today. Through the power of influence that she possesses today, the singer joined a number of other celebrities to perform a gig on August 9, 2007 to voice her concerns over redevelopment of Camden's Stables Market. Putting forward her performance as a form of protest, she wants the traditional market to remain as it is, instead of being rebuilt as another modern shopping mall. Apparently, the singer has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

Kate Nash, born July 6, 1987, never thought that one's fate can go very out of the way. Little Nash was brought up by a computer clerk father, a nurse mom and had always wanted to be an actress, a quite far-sight of what she attains today. Unlike many kids born in her nice neighborhood in Harrow, London, the middle child developed an attitude that most, arguably, won't accept. "I'm not a pretentious person - I was a bit of a chav, I wore trackies, trainers, hoodies, hoops," Nash recalled. "And I drank Smirnoff Ice and WKD. It was good! My youth! But the difference for me is that I am ambitious and I don't want to end up doing something boring and monotone and routine. And rubbish." This same attitude was later portrayed in her every song that refuses to sweet talk and discuss ordinary issues. Although she dreamed of being an actress, Nash was stuck in piano lessons at the age of eight and continued to do so until she reached Grade 6. Upon growing up, she hung out with friends in clubs that played R'n'B and various kinds of music. Still, she was on for acting, not singing.

Latest News

Kate Nash Launches Record Label

April 27, 2011 15:18:00 GMT

The Foundations hitmaker set up a trust fund to promote the arts after receiving her first royalties cheque, and she's now turned the organisation into Have 10p Records.

Kate Nash to Release Female Songwriter Scheme

March 21, 2011 08:50:37 GMT

British singer is launching a new scheme in the U.K. to encourage schoolgirls to take up songwriting. The "" hit-maker is worried about the lack of emerging female music writers, and she's spearheading the Rock and Roll After-School Music Club initiative in a bid to nurture young talent.

Kate Nash Pays Tribute to Late Ari Up

October 22, 2010 08:30:08 GMT

British singer has paid tribute to late The Slits rocker Ari Up, crediting the punk star with shaping her musical tastes. Up, rocker John Lydon's step-daughter, died on Wednesday, October 20 after suffering a "serious illness". She was 48.

Kate Nash Brings Back the 50s to 'Do Wah Doo' Music Video

March 05, 2010 08:23:59 GMT

British singer has premiered a music video filmed to support her new single called "Do Wah Doo". She plays a beautiful stewardess of British Air Ferrie which is about to crash due to its two drunken pilots. During the flight, she sets her eyes on one of her co-workers.

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Kate Nash in ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration - kate-nash-elle-s-21st-annual-women-in-hollywood-celebration-01 Kate Nash in ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration - kate-nash-elle-s-21st-annual-women-in-hollywood-celebration-02 Kate Nash Performs Live at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club - wenn3281932 Kate Nash in The British Music Experience to Celebrate The 20th Anniversary of The BRIT School - wenn5598315 Kate Nash in The 2010 Glastonbury Music Festival - Day 3 - wenn2904324 Kate Nash in The Brit Awards 2008 - Red Carpet Arrivals - LMK-002868 Kate Nash in 2007 Vodafone Live Music Awards - Arrivals - SPX-012739 Kate Nash stars as Carol in Smuggler Films' Greetings from Tim Buckley (2013) Kate Nash stars as Carol in Smuggler Films' Greetings from Tim Buckley (2013)