Linda Nolan Fears This Christmas Will Be Her Last Due to Cancer Battle

The 64-year-old Nolans star plans to enjoy this coming festive season to the fullest because she's worried her days are numbered amid her serious health struggle.

AceShowbiz - Linda Nolan wants to make this Christmas "extra special" because she fears it will be her last. The Nolans star discovered she had stage three breast cancer in 2005 and earlier this year she revealed a secondary cancer found in her hip in 2017 had spread to her brain and liver - she's now determined to enjoy the time she has left.

"When I wake up, I try to think it's another day to enjoy, not it's another day closer. Sometimes it's hard, but I never want cancer to win. Sometimes I slide down the wall and cry my eyes out because I'm having a bad day, but 99.9 per cent of the time I'm OK," Linda, 64, told Woman magazine.

She went on to insist she's going all out this Christmas just in case she doesn't live to see another. She added, "[Christmas will be] extra special because I don't know if I'll see it next year. So definitely everything is more poignant. [My Christmas wish] is to be here. It's important now for me to make memories and to enjoy the time I've got left."

Linda recently revealed she has been battling memory loss and it's left her struggling to remember her loved ones' names. In a column for the Mirror newspaper, she wrote, "My memory seems to be getting worse ... What I haven't spoken about is the less fabulous moment of that day. The moment I had to turn to [sister] Coleen's son Jake's girlfriend and ask her what my niece, Coleen's daughter, is called. My memory has been lapsing for a while but that moment was as bad as it has got."

However, insisted some of her symptoms have been improving. She added, "My balance is still better than it was, I'm not having headaches. I have some scans arranged and I'll wait for them. I'm not going to live in fear, because it'll take over, and I have to concentrate on making the most of now."

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