Brad Pitt Countersued for Misappropriating Funds From Chateau Amid Angelina Jolie Legal Battle
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The famous actor faces a countersuit over alleged misuse of funds from Chateau Miraval as the legal battle with his former wife and actress over the winery intensifies.

AceShowbiz - Brad Pitt is facing a countersuit for allegedly misappropriating funds from Chateau Miraval, the $500 million French winery he co-owns with Angelina Jolie. Tenute del Mondo, the company Jolie is trying to sell her shares to, claims Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo, have been using the winery as their "personal piggy bank."

According to court documents, Pitt spent over $1 million renovating a pool he used exclusively, and also funded a recording studio, cosmetics line, and gin brand.

Pitt's team denies the allegations, calling them "absurd and nonsensical," and arguing that the success of Chateau Miraval is due to his management.

The legal battle over Chateau Miraval is just one aspect of the ongoing saga between Pitt and Jolie. The former couple purchased the winery in 2008 with Pitt owning 60% and Jolie 40%. In 2014, Pitt gave Jolie an additional 10% stake.

Jolie sold her shares to Yuri Shefler in 2021, sparking a lawsuit from Pitt who claimed she breached their agreement by selling without his consent. Jolie countersued, accusing Pitt of physical and verbal abuse, citing the infamous 2016 plane incident.

In a recent court filing, Jolie's attorneys allege that Pitt's history of physical abuse began well before the plane incident. They say Jolie will provide evidence to support her claims, including testimony, emails, and photographs.

Sources close to Pitt dispute the allegations, characterizing them as a pattern of misleading and irrelevant information introduced to distract from the case.

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