'The Masked Singer' Finale Recap: The Winner Is Revealed!

Before the Top 3, the Monster, the Peacock and the Bee, perform, all 12 stars return to the stage to officially kick off the finals.

AceShowbiz - "The Masked Singer", a new TV sensation, aired its season 1 finale on Wednesday, February 27 with a special two-hour episode. The first hour was made to revisit all the clues which had been given by the Top 3 -- the Monster, the Peacock and the Bee -- so far.

Following the neat clue breakdown, all 12 stars returned to the stage to officially kick off the finals. The Hippo (Antonio Brown), the Deer (Terry Bradshaw), the Unicorn (Tori Spelling), the Raven (Ricki Lake), The Rabbit (Joey Fatone), the Lion (Rumer Willis) and others joined forces performing "Make Way".

The Peacock was the first performer that night. His hints included that he's a "perfectionist," as he said, "Winning would mean everything to me." He sang Ray Charles' "Shake a Tail Feather". Judge Jenny McCarthy believed that he could be Neil Patrick Harris, though she also thought he could be Donny Osmond. Meanwhile, Robin Thicke thought he was Weird Al Yankovic.

Next up was the Bee, who said, "I've been entertaining people for almost 70 years." She also said, "I came on this show determined to connect to a new generation." She took the stage to sing a rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt which almost brought guest panelist Kenan Thompson to tears.

Kenan was convinced that the Bee was Gladys Knight, saying, "It was unbe-Gladys Knight-able." Nicole Scherzinger and Robin agreed, though Ken Jeong begged to differ.

It was later the Monster's turn. "I've always been a monster, and that's fine by me,." he hinted. "I hope I showed there can be beauty in anything, even if it's a little bit different He sang Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It", making everyone excited. The judges threw several names including Tyrese Gibson, Tiger Woods and Terrence Howard.

The results were finally here, and it was revealed that the Bee was shockingly the third place finisher. She then removed her mask, revealing herself as Gladys Knight!

Things came down to the Monster and the Peacock now. The Peacock was named the runner-up, making the Monster the first winner of the show. The Peacock was the first to be unmasked among the two. The judges' guesses varied for the peacock's identity, though they eventually agreed that the Peacock might be Donny Osmond. And that was right, the Peacock was indeed Donny!

It was later time for the big reveal. Robin guessed the Monster as Jamie Foxx, while Jenny said it could be Michael Vick. Ken thought he was Darius Rucker with Nicole guessing it's CeeLo Green. As for Kenan, he believed the Monster was Tyrese Gibson.

Everyone was holding their breath as the Monster, the most mysterious celeb, unmasked himself. When the mask was removed, it was revealed that the Monster was T-Pain! The judges looked extremely stunned for a good few minutes as they processed the revelation before them.

Congratulations, T-Pain!

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