Kate Voegele Biography

Kate Voegele grew up outside Cleveland in the suburban locale of Bay Village. She began singing in her church choir at age ten but it wasn't until she entered high school that Kate decided to learn music and guitar with serious intent. She began to write pop/rock songs while seeking musical guidance from her father, who then decided to record her work.

At the age of 22, Kate had reached fame and become a full-time singer-songwriter. She released his debut album "Don't Look Away" in 2007. With thirteen tracks listed in it, the album peaked at number 27 on Billboard Hot 200 and reached number 8 on iTunes Top Albums chart. She then re-released the record with three additional songs in 2008.

"For my first album, I somehow scheduled my classes around recording sessions," Kate recalled. "And still got a 4.0 grade point average. Then I took a break from school and went on the road, but halfway through, I got offered 'One Tree Hill' completely unexpectedly. That was when life got ridiculous."

Prior to dropping an album, Kate performed from one event to another alongside such musicians as Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp. She also released a mini album "Louder Than Words" as a precursor to her first full-length album.

Following his success with "Don't Look Away", Kate who was born on December 8, 1986 was billed as a supporting act for many established singers. She opened for Hanson, Natasha Beddingfield and The Veronicas among others in 2008 before headlining her own tour dubbed "Back 2 School".

From the unknown who used to write and sing songs in her dorm room, Kate was considered as one of the rising stars, but that didn't stop her from trying her hands at another career in showbiz as a part-time actress. "Multi-tasking has always been my thing," so she said.

Kate made an acting debut as a guest star in The CW's hit TV series "One Tree Hill" in 2008. She played Mia Catalano, a young singer and keyboardist for a rock band fronted by Jason (Kevin Federline). She was then narrated as a solo singer following the disbandment of Jason's band. During her appearance in the TV series, Kate managed to sing her own songs. She delivered several tracks from her debut album, including "Kindly Unspoken" and "You Can't Break a Broken Heart".

While starting to record another studio album titled "A Fine Mess" with producer Mike Elizondo, who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Pink, Kate spared her time to fly back and forth between Los Angeles, where she recorded her second album, and Wilmington, North Carolina to shoot new episodes of "One Tree Hill". Reprising her role as a singer/songwriter named Mia Catalano, she gave audience sneak previews of the album's songs "Manhattan From the Sky".

"I got all this inspiration and a bunch of ideas from a year and a half on the road," Kate explained of what mostly moved her to craft songs. "I've traveled to so many different places and had all these unexpected adventures with great people - that's where this body of work comes from." She finally dropped "A Fine Mess" in U.S. on May 19.