Asher Roth

  • Asher Roth
    • Famous as : Rapper
    • Birth Name : Asher Paul Roth
    • Birth Date : August 11, 1985
    • Birth Place : Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Single "I Love College" (2009)

Asher Roth Biography

Asher Roth grew up in the suburbs of Morrisville, a small town roughly 10 miles northeast of Philadelphia. Born in 1988, he spent his time in school, rhyming and battling his friends for fun. In his 10th grade, he began rapping, writing songs and recording them in a friend's basement before selling them at school. After selling 250 copies in two days, Roth felt that a career in hip-hop was a possibility.

When he was in college, Asher opened an account on MySpace and posted some of his verses there. He even sent a "friend request" to Scooter Braun, an Atlanta-based promoter and former VP of Marketing for Jermaine Dupri's record label So So Def. One week after making friends with Scooter through the social network, he flew to Atlanta and was immediately signed by Scooter, who subsequently became his manager. Asher then decided leaving college and focused on his career as Hip-Hop artist. He dropped an indie album titled "Believe the Hype" in 2006.

Asher Roth Biography

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