Two and a Half Men

Episode 6.23 : Good Morning, Mrs. Butterworth

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Episode Premiere

May 11, 2009





Show Period

2003 - 2015

Production Company

Chuck Lorre Prod., Tannenbaum Co., Wolf Films, WB

Cast and Crew


Mark Roberts


Mark Roberts, Eddie Gorodetsky

Main Cast


Charlie and Chelsea are on their way out for the night and Chelsea notices that Alan has sunken to an all time low, he’s brought out his ventriloquist doll. She invites Alan along and Charlie hesitantly agrees to let Alan tag along. Alan and Chelsea hit it off and Charlie realizes that he can have the best of both worlds. Alan is the perfect girlfriend for Chelsea as we see them going to the museum, watching a chick flick and going shopping. Between Charlie and Alan we have the perfect guy. Alan does all the girl stuff with Chelsea while Charlie gets to reap the benefits in bed. Things seem to go great up until Alan begins to feel used which throws the whole relationship between the three of them in an uproar. In the end Alan retreats back to his ventriloquist doll.

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