CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Episode 6.07 : A Bullet Runs Through It Part 1

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 10, 2005




Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2000 - now

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Alliance Atlantis, CBS

Cast and Crew


Danny Cannon


Carol Mendelsohn, Richard Catalani

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • William Petersen as Gil Grissom (voice)
  • Jesse Warren
  • Josh Sinisterra
  • Daniel Arrias
  • Greg Anthony
  • Marco Morales
  • Brennan Elliott
  • Colby French
  • Steve Ryan
  • Daniel Bess


The team must investigate the death of a police officer who died during a shootout, leaving hundreds of bullets at the crime scene. The case grows controversial when it turns out that Sofia Curtis and Jim Brass were with the victim during the shootout, especially when it turns out the officer died from friendly fire. The team, as well as the police department, also contend with the city's enraged Latino community when a young boy is found shot and in critical condition along the path of a fleeing suspect from the shootout.

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