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Episode 3.04 : Everything Must Go

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Episode Premiere

October 19, 2008





Show Period

2006 - 2011

Production Company

After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


Michael Schultz


Michael Foley, Nancy Won

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Marty Ryan
  • Doug Purdy
  • Michelle Ongkingco
  • Tymberlee Chanel
  • Emil Beheshti
  • Barbara Allyne-Bennet
  • Gayla Johnson


Nobody does a garage sale quite like Nora. But as we find out, sometimes parting with cheap knickknacks doesn't come without a steep price for the Walker family.

Nora announces to Justin she's starting up a nonprofit agency, and that she's going to be running it from her home in her husband's old office. When the two of them go to the garage looking for somewhere to put the old office furniture, they're shocked to find a literal mountain of William and the kids' belongings. Bingo-garage sale time!

Holly calls the temp agency Rebecca's been working for and requests for her to come do filing at Ojai Foods. Is this the part where we finally get to see mom and daughter make nice after months of not speaking? Well, not exactly. While Holly admits it was all a ploy so she can see her daughter more, Rebecca tells her that she hates looking at her mom and only seeing lies.

With Kitty choosing to publish her book and resigning as Robert's communications director, she schedules interviews for her potential replacements-all of which we watch Robert pass over. "Get me somebody who'll wow me," he tells her. "When I hired you, I saw that thing. Get me someone with that thing." We're not sure Robert's being entirely fair, though, as that thing he likely saw in her was love.

Justin argues with his mom about selling William's old belongings, but Saul reminds him that Nora "doesn't need to live in a memorial for the man who betrayed her."

Tommy arrives to help sort items, only to have Saul and Kevin make excuses to leave as soon as he gets there. But if you think that's cold, check this one out-when Tommy finds a time capsule he and Sarah buried in the yard when they were kids, Sarah takes another dig at him for siding with Holly at Ojai Foods. "You're pathetic, Tommy. You're just Holly's little bitch," she chides him. Harsh words, but we're kinda with her on this.

Holly has a friend from the county clerk's office illegally bring her a file of information on William's illegitimate son, Ryan Lafferty. Later, Rebecca and Holly make a pact-Rebecca will come work for Holly full time, and Holly will never lie to her daughter again. Well, except for that whole investigation-of-Ryan thing.

Robert tells Kitty he's sorry for giving her a hard time, and that he's just worried that if she quits the campaign, they won't have anything in common anymore. Aww-we like when politicians are softies. Kitty reassures him they're relationship will be fine.

Sarah shows up at Tommy's house. We're surprised to see that she saved the time capsule. In a reconciliatory gesture, she asks if he wants to open it with her. They re-bury it in Tommy's yard, with each adding photos of their kids inside.

Before the garage sale, Justin suggests to Nora that she's only getting rid of William's belongings because she's still angry with her dead husband for cheating on her. She tells her son that his father was indeed a cheat, and in the end, that was his problem, not hers.

But we watch Nora sing a different tune after the sale, when it finally hits her that the last pieces of William are gone from her house forever. She breaks down and cries in front of Justin. Later, he manages to buy back a porcelain monkey of William's from one of the neighbors, and Nora places it on the mantle in the now-empty office.

In what we're calling as this episode's shocker, Robert offers Kevin a job as the replacement for Kitty after they have a heated argument at the garage sale. Robert says he needs someone who can challenge him the way Kitty always did. We're thinking, Kevin, buddy, your current job is in jeopardy-don't be too quick to turn down the offer!

And, we saw this one coming-in the final scene, Rebecca finds the file of info on Ryan Lafferty sitting on her mom's desk at work.

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