Episode 8.12 : 3:00 AM-4:00 AM

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

March 15, 2010


Fox TV


Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2001 - 2010

Production Company

Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time

Cast and Crew


Nelson McCormick


Chip Johannessen, Patrick Harbinson

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Stephen Root
  • Necar Zadegan
  • Nazneen Contractor
  • Mido Hamada
  • Rizwan Manji
  • David Gianopoulos
  • John T. Woods
  • Charlie Bodin
  • Julian Morris as Agent Owen
  • T.J. Ramini
  • Hrach Titizian
  • Matt Yang Kin


As CTU sends Jack to the hotel where the NYPD are already setting up a perimeter, Kayla stays in the bathroom, desperately trying to delay Tarin. However, Tarin gets a call from Samir, who tells him that Marcos may have compromised him. Tarin realizes that Kayla must know the truth. With Jack still eight minutes away, Tarin breaks into the bathroom and grabs Kayla.

Jack tells NYPD Sergeant Amis to hold his position, but Amis ignores him and leads his men in. They are quickly shot by Tarin, who takes the comm of one of the fallen officers and tries to impersonate him. However, Jack is onto him and warns the remaining officers.

Tarin and Kayla make it to a waiting cab. Chloe has just gotten satellite drones online, and the cab is tracked to an underpass where there are no cameras. Jack and Cole approach the cab... which is now empty. Jack realizes the terrorists will try to contact President Hassan next, now that they have his daughter as a hostage. Elsewhere, Samir calls Ahman, a bomb maker, who asks where the nuclear rods are. Samir says they're outside the city; they haven't disabled the radiation detectors yet, but he's got it taken care of.

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